Cast: Doctor, three Dads
Setting: Hospital
Doctor: Mr. Thompson, congratulations. You're the proud father of twins!
Thompson: What a coincidence, I come from Two Mountains in Summit County!
Later --
Doctor: Mr. Smith, you now have triplets!
Smith: That's quite astonishing! I come from Three Creeks in Sevier County!
Third father faints; the Doctor revives him.
Doctor: Mr. Smart, what's wrong? Your wife hasn't even given birth yet!
Smart: We just immigrated here from one hundred islands in the Philippines.


1. What American has the largest family? (George Washington, the Father of our country.)
2. Why does the Statue of Liberty stand in New York Harbor? (Because it can’t sit down.)
3. What travels all over the country but still stays in one corner? (A postage stamp.)
4. What does Arizona have that no other state has? (The letter Z in its name.)
5. Why did Abraham Lincoln grow a beard? (He wanted to look like the guy on the $5 bill.)
6. Why is impossible to send mail to Washington now? (Because he is dead.)
7. Why can you still send mail to Lincoln? (Because he left his Gettysburg address.)
8. Why are American kids so healthy? (They have a good Constitution.)

ARMY – Be all you can be! AIR FORCE – No one comes close!
NAVY – Can do! MARINES – Semper Fi!
COAST GUARD – Always ready! CUB SCOUTS (All) – Do your best!
This country is unique in that everyone came here from somewhere else. People are still dying
to get into this country. When they get here, they have to agree to be Americans, and they have to
love the country and also defend it. Many of our ancestors served in some branch of service
after becoming citizens. There are several different branches of the military, and all are prepared to
defend our freedom. There is the ARMY, the NAVY, the AIR FORCE, the MARINES, and the
COAST GUARD. After our country was attacked on 9/11 and President Bush declared war on
Afghanistan, where the terrorists were, the ARMY, the NAVY, the AIR FORCE, and the
MARINES went to Afghanistan and in a very short time destroyed the enemy there that had
supported the terrorists. Russia had been trying to take over Afghanistan for 20 years without
success, and it only took us a few weeks to win with the AIR FORCE bombing and the MARINES
and ARMY on the ground digging the enemy out of caves and bunkers. That country was
under a terrible government that allowed no personal freedoms for anyone, enslaved women,
and supported terrorist activities. We went to war against Iraq, and now that country has
established a democratic government that will give the people freedom. As CUB SCOUTS,
we take pride in being good citizens, honoring our flag, and in helping others. One day, some
of you may choose to join the ARMY, the NAVY, the AIR FORCE, the MARINES, or the
COAST GUARD. But, for now, we give thanks to those who help protect and defend our

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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