Acting Skits - General

These skits are more like plays than the previous group. Each of the characters has lines and perhaps some
action to perform. They will need a little more practice and it may be a good idea to give the boys a little
help. You may want to write each part on index cards, to help them remember their lines. Since this is
hardly professional theater, encourage the boys to take their cue cards with them on stage. Even
professionals forget their lines on occasion.

I know it’s hard to believe, that those same kids who can’t stop screaming at den meetings may become
quiet as church mice on stage. Never underestimate the power of a crowd to silence kids. Since the point of
these skits is conveyed verbally, it’s critical that the boys speak up and be heard. Depending on your
group, here’s a couple of things you may want to try.

Many of these skits call for each boy to speak once, in sequence. This is where a
microphone comes in handy. Have each boy step up to the mike when it’s his

Another idea is to record each boy’s lines and play the tape on a good, loud tape
player such as a boom box. If timing is important, have an adult backstage who
can turn the tape on and off at the right times.

If you decide to record the lines ahead of time, the boys can still “lip-synch” to their
own voices. Put a small audio cue in so they know when to start moving their lips.
This works especially well if you have a song in your skit.



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