Back to the Future in a Time Capsule    By Carol Shaw Lord

Before the meeting place the awards for
each boy in a little “Time Capsule” (plastic
The curtain opens to show a big Time Capsule
Machine made from a big appliance box
with Christmas lights, knobs and etc.
Boy 1: What in the world is that?
Boy 2: It looks cool!
Boy 3: Whatever it is, I want one, too!
Boy 4: I got my grandma to help me and
we invented a back to the future
time capsule. That old lady is sure
one smart cookie! There’s a lot of
gray matter under that gray hair.
Boy 1: You invented a what?
Boy 4: A back to the future time capsule!
Boy 1: What does it do?
Boy 2: How does it work?
Boy 3: I want to try it!
Boy 4: It works really slick. You just get
into it, I enter a few instructions
into the modem’s programming
sequence and it will take you into
the future.
Boy 1: I’m not sure I’m ready for the
future yet.
Boy 2: Can we ever get back?
Boy 3: What happens if I turn this knob?
Boy 4: Sure you can come back. That’s
the genius of it. You go way off
into the future, see what life will be like for a few
years, and come back to just a few
seconds after you left.
Boy 1: Sounds really interesting.
Boy 2: Are you sure it’s safe?
Boy 3: Me first! Me first!
Boy 4: (Boy 1), you can go first.
Each boy goes into the time capsule, the
inventor turns some knobs, lights flash and a
funny noise is made. Then the boy in the
machine comes out with a simple costume
showing what he will be in the future. When
they come out they say:
Boy 1: Oh, boy! I always wanted to be a
Boy 2: A computer programmer makes
lots of money.
After boy 3 goes in and the effects are seen
and heard, the door opens, and out comes a
big frog. Close curtain.
Cubmaster: Boys, that was a really funny
skit. I am glad that we don’t have to worry
about any of you turning into a frog. You
will all be great men because you are
making good choices now. Your future will
become what you make of it by the things
that you learn and the choices you make.
Tonight we want to honor some boys who
have made good choices and worked hard.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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