Milk Jug Catch

Prepare ahead of time several empty plastic one-gallon milk jugs by cutting them in half
horizontally. Discard the bottom of the jug. The top half is the “mitt” which you hang onto by
turning the jug upside down and grabbing the handle. Have the scouts try catching and throwing
a bean bag or a small ball with just the mitt. Don’t use your hands!

Pitching Ace

Make the “ball” by rolling together two socks and then enclosing them within a third sock that’s
tied shut with a rubber band. You may want to make several of them. The “target” can be a big,
fluffy pillow or a laundry basket tipped on its side. Have the scouts practice their pitching by
throwing at the target from at least fifteen feet away. If they hit the target, it’s a strike; a miss is
a ball. Have a scout play as the umpire, if you dare!

Officials’ Signals

Enlarge and copy the officials’ signals for baseball found in the Sportsman section of the
Webelos Scout Book or find the signals from another favorite sport of your scouts. Whiteout the
meanings of the signals and make several copies. See how well the scouts can write in the
correct signal meanings.


Leave No Trace

There are rules that need to be followed when you go camping or on
a hike. Learn the basics of keeping our land clean and in good
condition. Leave No Trace is a plan that helps people to be
more concerned about their environment and to help them
protect it for future generations. Leave No Trace applies in a
backyard or local parks (frontcountry) as much as it does in the
wilderness (backcountry). We should practice Leave No Trace
in our attitude and actions - wherever we go. Understanding
nature strengthens our respect toward the environment. One
person with thoughtless behavior or one shortcut on a trail can
spoil the outdoor experience for others. Help protect the environment by remembering that
while you are there, you are a visitor. When you visit the outdoors, take special care of the area.
Leave everything just as you find it. Hiking and camping without a trace are signs of a
considerate outdoorsman who cares for the environment.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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