Scott Robertson

Trail Scavenger Hunt

By: Posted On: 2009-12-14

Here is a list I came across that may give you ideas of a scavenger hunt you can do when on the trail. Please respect the leave no trace principles, take pictures not nature, leave foot prints not trash and kill only time.


Look For:
__Wild Flowers
__Dead tree
__Pine cone
__Poison ivy(oak)
__Stream or creek
__Blade of grass
__Clover leaf
__Pine tree
__Seeds or seedpod
__Eroded soil
__Smooth/shiny rock
__Grain of sand
__Y-shaped twig
__Pine needles
__Acorn or other nuts
__Tree with blossoms
__Hole in a tree
__Pond area in a creek
__Dark or light green leaf
__Small pebble
__Unusual shaped leaf
__Rocks with many colors
__Different shades of green or brown
__Dew on a flower or leaf
__Fungus on a tree
__Shows next season is coming
__Animal tracks
__Butterfly or moth
__Spider web
__Birds nest
__Insects on a tree
__Deer tracks
__Animal hole in the ground
__Leaf with insect holes
__Evidence of the presence of animals
__Evidence of the presence of people

Listen to:
_Leaves under your feet
__Wind in the trees
__Sound of a bee
__Birds singing
__Water running in a creek
__Noises in the woods

__Tree bark
__Prickly plant
__Wet mud
__Rotten wood
__Wind blowing on face
__Texture of various rocks

__Pine tree
__Green grass
__Fresh air
__Cedar tree

__Animals eating
__Leaf falling to the ground
__Spider web w/insect
__Ant moving something
__Wind blowing the leaves
__Fish jumping
__Clouds going by
__For something funny
__For something unusual
__Sunlight coming through trees
__Sunrise or sunset
__Stars in the sky
__Lightning Bugs
__Reflection in the water
__Trail markers
__Animal homes or shelters

Other related ideas
Draw a picture of a:

Identify different types of:


I would like to hear about your thoughts ..


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