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I know its been a long time since I last sent out a newsletter. Sorry about that. Hope you enjoy this issue.

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Scouting Collections

Many of you have had the chance to get access to this amazing collection of resources. It has taken me many years to assemble this collection. If you donate $5 or more via paypal - I will send you a link to download everything below, as my thank you!

Here are the collections:

  • clip-art
  • over 6,000 fonts
  • Baden Powell (historic photos, books he wrote or was written about him, clip art, audio / video, BP Comic Book, etc),
  • old boy scout sheet music
  • blue prints (chuck boxes, tables, etc)
  • Handouts (these were handouts that I was given as a youth leader including pioneering projects, cooking gadgets, qualities of different firewood, etc)
  • Patrol Challenges created by my Dad (3 business card size games that have odd things for Scouts to do as a patrol – fun and spurs team building)
  • Historic E-Books
  • Various Scout Comic Strips


Thanks everyone for your help and support!


New Content


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout


Beginning Of the Year

PROPS: Cubmaster (CM), Assistant CM (CA), 6 Cub Scouts in uniform; they enter stage, one by one, saying their parts. All remain on stage to sing with audience at end. Cub #1: Another year is starting and we'd like to welcome you. And tell you what our purpose is and what we hope to do. Cub #2: The Cub Scouts are a group of boys; they help us grow up strong. They teach us to do what's right, and fight...


Home > Resources > Leaders > Leader Tips

Tips For The New Cubmaster

The best (and funniest) advice I ever received on being a Cubmaster was: "You're nine. Think like it. Act like it." While a great method, and a valuable planning tool, this doesn't give much insight on how to run your monthly Pack meeting! To that end, I've written up some helpful little hints to add a little spice to your meetings, or revive a tired program!First, don't think of your meeting as a 'meeting'. Start to think in terms of a...



Home > Resources > Leaders > Leader Tips

Theme Midway Advice on Games

On a cold winter den meeting night, you might try some of these ideas to keep the boys warm and dry. At, you can print out a variety of word search puzzles, dot-to-dots, and mazes. Information on how to play board games can be found at www.boardgamescentral. com. Old and new games can be found on this site, along with the instructions on how to play games such as checkers, Monopoly, Life, and dominos. At, you will find...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

Charlie On The MTA

Let me tell ya of a story 'bout a man named Charlie, on a tragic and faithful day. He put ten cents in his pocket, kissed his wife and family, went to ride on the M.T.A Chorus: But did he ever return? No, he never returned, and his fate is still unlearned. (Poor old charlie). He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston, he's the man who never returned. Charlie handed in his dime at the Kendel Square Station...


Home > Resources > Leaders > Leader Tips

Understanding Boys

To a boy, Scouting is a game, a magnificent game, full of play and full of laughter, keeping him busy, keeping him happy. A boy becomes a Cub Scout for the sheer fun there is in it. The action in Scouting appeals to the boy's impulse to do something.The basic principle in Scouting is "learning by doing". There is nothing negative in it. There are no "don'ts." Scouting doesn't say "Don't rob a bird's nest", but instead, "find out about...


Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Pioneering > Knots

Loops Nooses The Bowline

The Bowline If you just need a loop, use a Butterfly Loop. But if the task isn’t critical, and you need to thread the loop around or through something before closing the...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Nature Is Gods Handiwork

MATERIALS: 6 Cub Scouts 6 pieces of paper with a letter of NATURE printed in itEach Cub Scout holds up his letter and read the following (glue to back of letter card)N - N stands for naturalist - All of us who love and seek to preserve nature in its purist, undisturbed state.A - A is for animals - The creatures who make their homes in the great woodland and wilderness areas of our world.T - T is for the...


Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Den Safari

For the third den meeting this month, it is suggested that the den go on safari within your community. Your destination could be a nature center, wildlife refuge, or large park where local wildlife might be spotted. Or safari could be a nature ramble....


Home > Resources > Activities > Skits

Scoutmasters Saw

Announcer: This scene takes place in a hardware store near Camp _______ home of the oldest surviving Scoutmaster. Scoutmaster (very old man): "My old crosscut saw is worn out, and I need something that will let me cut more wood for camp!" Owner: "Yes, sir! For only one hundred bucks you can be the proud owner of this chain saw. I guarantee that it will cut twice as much wood in a day as your old crosscut." Scoutmaster: (Handing over...


Home > Resources > Leaders > Leader Tips

You and the Boys

Your responsibilities to boys are to:Respect their rights as individuals and to treat them as such. See that they find in Cub Scouting the stimulation, fun, and adventure they expected when they joined. Develop among them a feeling of togetherness and of team spirit that gives them security and pride. "Do Your Best" as a leader. You will find the boys full of anticipation and enthusiasm. Their viewpoint is fresh and sparkling. Any adult who works with such raw materials...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening

Six Ships of Scouting

Six Cub Scouts appear in sailor's hats. They carry pieces of poster board cut out in the shape of ships. In large print are the words representing the six 'ships" of Scouting.Cubmaster: Tonight, we are going to tell you about the six ships of Scouting. These are the ships that guide us through life. 1st Mate: SCHOLAR-SHIP. This ship is very important on the sea of education. Her flag bears the symbols of the letter "A!', and a plus sign...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Undiscovered Secrets

No matter where you live, there is a world of undiscovered secrets of nature waiting to be explored. Farmers and naturalists are students of nature. During this month, Pack __ has studied farms and farming life and learned more about the nature of our world.A naturalist stands like Columbus on the prow of his ship, with a vast continent before him. Except that the naturalists world can be at his feet. It is as near as your back yard, a...


Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

Girl Scouts Together
Girl Scouts together, That is our song. Winding the old trails, rocky and long. Learning out motto, living our creed. Girl Scouts together in ev'ry good deed. Girl Scouts together, Happy are we. Friendly to neighbors, far o'er the sea; Faithful to country, loyal to home, Known as true Girl Scouts where-ever we roam....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Wildlife Pledge

(Provide copies of the Wildlife Pledge below to each person in audience, and ask them to repeat it together.)I pledge to use my eyes to see the beauty of all outdoors.I pledge to train my mind to learn the importance of nature.I pledge to use my hands to help protect our soil, water, woods, and wildlife.And by my good example, show others how to respect, properly use, and enjoy our natural resources. ...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Outdoor Festival

As the dew dries on the ground; the birds start their morning songs; the animals scout for their morning meals; the trees sway with the breezes of nature; the waters reflect the morning sun; while the sun is rising and leaves are falling. Please rise and join with me in the Pledge of Allegiance. ...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

I Am An American

ARRANGEMENT: Flags are presented in the usual manner. 12 uniformed Cub Scouts have speaking parts.1ST CUB: My country gives each one of us the opportunity to advance according to his ambition. Education is for all. I am an American.2ND CUB: My country means love of freedom, faith in democracy, justice, and equality. I am an American.3RD CUB: My country believes in the moral worth of the common man. I am an American.4TH CUB: My country gives us the privilege of...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening

America Is Special To Me

Arrangement: Eight Cub Scouts in uniforms stand in a straight line. Seven boys hold poster boards, each with one letter of AMERICA on one side. The other side shows a colorful drawing by the Cub Scout that corresponds to the description or of what...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Cub Scout Garden

As a leader reads the narration, five Cub Scouts enter in turn, carrying posters showing peas, lettuce, squash, turnips, and garden tools.NARRATOR: Here is how to plant one of those thriving, productive Cub Scout gardens that every parent wants his son to grow up in.First, plant five rows of Peas - preparedness, promptness, perseverance, politeness, and praise.Then plant five rows of Lettuce - let us be faithful, let us be unselfish, let us be loyal, let us be truthful, let...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

A Naturalist Is

No matter where you live, there is a world of undiscovered secrets of nature still waiting to be explored.A naturalist is a student of natural history which includes the many things found in nature, such as plants and animals. This month, our dens have (briefly review some of the den activities an the theme)... There are many more interesting activities to help you Cub Scouts learn more about the world of nature and to develop an appreciation of it.A naturalist...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Den Candle

Boys are seated in a semi-circle around the den ceremonial board.Den leader begins by reminding the boys that we use a candle to symbolize Akela, the good leader.She then lights a candle.DEN LEADER: Boys of Den ____, this light means we will follow a good leader. It even means that we will do the right things when our leader isn't present because if we don't, our leader will lose faith in us. We will lose faith in ourselves, too, because...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Flag Scout Oath And Arrow Of Light

EQUIPMENT: 3 Candles in a holder with the Arrow of Light symbol, 1 red, 1 white, & 1 blueWEBELOS LEADER: Have you noticed the strong bond between our flag and the Scout Oath? Let me show you. (Light White candle in center)One of the colors on our flag is white. It's the symbol of purity and perfection. It is the first point of our Scout Oath, our duty to God.(Light Red candle)The color red in our flag denotes sacrifice and...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Outdoor Code Closing

Leader: As a citizen of the United States, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners.Pack: I will treat the outdoors as a heritage to be improved for our greater enjoyment. I will keep trash and garbage out of my country's waters, fields, woods, and roadways.Leader: Be careful with fire.Pack: I will prevent wildfire. I will build my fire in a safe place and be sure it is out before I leave.Leader: Be considerate in the...


Home > Resources > Leaders > Scoutmaster Minutes

The Smallest Factory

(Show a leaf of a tree or plant. )Tonight we've been discussing the oxygen and water cycles and how food chains support life on earth. We've learned that this little leaf can work a miracle. Who can tell me what the miracle is? This leaf is a food factory - it can make food by using the sunlight to turn nutrients from the soil and carbon dioxide into food. And at the same time,...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

I Am The World

NARRATOR: I am the world - Some call me mother nature. I am the mountains and the valleys and the land and the seas. All living things exist in me from the birds of the air to the fish in the waters. You see me in the beauty of the flowers and in the glory of the trees. When ever you roam to see the wonders of the world, the animals, the plants. the moon, the stars -- All that...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Eagle

Lighting The Eagle Trail Ceremony

SETTING:Two lecterns, with lights, placed on either side of the stage, will simplify the presentation. A single lighted candle is placed on a table in front of the moderator.. Rank symbols are placed on low tables between the two lecterns. An unlit candle is placed in front of each symbol. Twelve small candles are set on a table to one side. Three large candles are set on a table on the other side. Lights are dimmed.PARTICIPANTSModerator Eagle Candidate Mother Father...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Eagle

Eagle Scout Challenge II

The foremost responsibility of an Eagle Scout is to live with honor. To an Eagle Scout, honor is the foundation of all character. He knows that "A Scout is trustworthy" is the very first point of the Scout Law for a good reason. An Eagle Scout lives honorably, not only because honor is important to him but because of the vital significance of the example he sets for other Scouts. Living honorably reflects credit on his home, his church, his...



Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Outdoor Opening

Personnel: Cubmaster or Den LeaderAs the dew dries on the ground, The birds start their morning song, The animals scout for their morning meals, The trees sway with the breezes of nature, The waters reflect the morning sun. While the dew is rising and the leaves are falling, Please rise and join me in the Pledge of Allegiance to our country's flag....


Home > Resources > Leaders > Scoutmaster Minutes

Being Honest by Peter Van Houten

I'd like to share an experience I witnessed last night that exemplifies the virtues of honesty and the principles of being a Boy Scout!Beyond my role of Scout leader I am also a little league coach for the minor league. I was scouting (interesting choice of terms here) the team we'll be playing tomorrow and noticed they had a very talented first baseman. He was older than the rest and already a good 5'5" tall. Unfortunately, he'd had the misfortune...

Home >

Flounder And Fluke

The Flounder and Fluke belong to a family known as "flatfish" because they swim flat on their sides, horizontally, like swimming "doormats" as they are sometimes affectionately called. They're scrappy fighters and plentiful most of the year; you can catch Flounder off New England when it's so cold that icicles sprout from your fishing rod. They're a prized food delicacy, too. The "fillet of sole" you see on restaurant menus is usually our friend the Flounder. The true Sole, found...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

Gods Handiwork Closing

Props: Posters of scenes in nature for each Cub Scout to hold as he reads. C.S.#1: We’ve learned a lot about taking care of this wondrous planet of ours. C.S.#2: We will protect and clean up the air so we all can enjoy the stars. C.S.#3: We won’t litter our fields and streams or throw our trash on the roads. C.S.#4: We will enjoy all the sun’s beams and protect the homes of the toads. C.S.#5: Nature is truly a...


Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Patriotic Opening 1

PERSONNEL: Narrator and 6 or more Cub Scouts.EQUIPMENT: American flag, tape player, recording (such as America the Beautiful or This is My Country), Pack flag.ARRANGEMENT: The color guards advance the flags in the normal manner while the patriotic tape is playing.They come to the front and stand at attention, facing audience while narrator reads the ceremony. The tape player volume should be turned down to provide background music during narration.NARRATOR: The heritage of freedom that is ours today was won...



Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

Lost Election Closing
A merchant in a small town ran for an office and was overwhelmingly defeated. He polled so few votes that he appeared ridiculous in the eyes of his neighbors, and both his social and business standing were in danger. It’s hard to be laughed at and still hold your ground. But this merchant was a good sport. What is more, he knew the perils of becoming the town joke. So he beat the town to it! The morning after the...


Home > Resources > Leaders > Leader Tips

Advancement is one of the methods we use to achieve Scouting's aims of character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Everything a Cub Scout does to advance is designed to achieve these aims and aid in his personal growth. Advancement is a process by which a boy progresses from badge to badge, learning new skills as he goes. We should remember that badges are simply a means to an end and not an end in themselves.Cub Scout advancement is not...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

An Eagle Closing
There are 48 kinds of eagles in the world. Only the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle breed in the United StatesMany Bald Eagles have been killed by hunters and trappers. There are now only about 15,000 left in the United States.Many people fear that the eagle will become extinct. In 1940 the Bald Eagle was protected by Federal laws, but not until 1962 were Federal laws protecting the Golden Eagle enacted.Before the laws were passed protecting them, many Eagles...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

Save it for Us
The next time you’re outside, pause a moment to look at the old trees. They have sheltered countless generations of wildlife and have withstood years of extreme weather and the abuses of man. They’ve seen children playing at their roots and climbing in their branches. They’ve heard the conversations of war and peace of the men gathered in their generous shade. Listen to the brook as it whispers of its secret travels nurturing the earth along the way. Look into...



Crunchy Granola Suite

2 cups rolled oats

2 cups flaked wheat
1 cup bran
1 1/2 cups chopped nutmeats -- your choice
2 tbs brewer's yeast
2 cups dry milk
1 cup honey
1/2 cups oil
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp cloves
1/4 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Combine the dry ingredients. Over low heat combine dry ingredients with honey and oil. Mix until ingredients are warm and sticky. Spread in a thin layer in a large pot lid and bake in a Dutch oven at low heat for 45-60 minutes or until brown but not burned. Let cool slightly, then cover with wax paper and press into solid cake. Let cool and cut into bars or squares. Wrap in waxed paper and store in zip-lock bags until ready to eat.




Thoughts to Ponder


Be Proud

You can't watch TV or read a newspaper today without hearing the word "community." Theres talk about the black community, the Hispanic community, the business community, and the scientific community. Wherever there are people with the same interests, they're a community.

You're part of a community, too. It's our neighborhood (or town). As a resident ofthis community, you have some common interests with everybody else who lives here. You want it to be clean and safe with pleasant streets, good schools, and friendly people-a place you can be proud of.

Well, there's something you can do about that.

In fact, were going to do something about it next week with our Good Turn. But you can do more. You can avoid littering, for example, and it won't hurt you to pick up other people's litter either. You can be a good citizen in school and thus make your school better.

Be proud of your community. And let's all do our part to make it a place to be proud of.


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Letter From Scott - Founder of InsaneScouter
Hi Scouter’s,As many of you know I run which is a resource site for Scout Leaders. What you may not know is I have servear ADHD combined type. Which impacts my daily life. Thanks to Dr. Horne of the...

SM Tip - Philmont for Procrastinators
Philmont for ProcrastinatorsReceived wisdom says that getting a crew slot at Philmont Scout Ranch is harder than getting a parking space at the mall on Black Friday. But that's not the case for 2015. As of late last week, there...

SM Tip - Making New Year's Reservations
Making New Year's ReservationsAs you may have noticed, Christmas is just around the corner. But another looming holiday—New Year’s Day—may have more impact on your troop operations.Although a lucky handful of troops have their own meeting places, the vast majority...

SM Tip - A New Scouting Position: Nozzle Control Officer
A New Scouting Position: Nozzle Control OfficerOkay, the BSA hasn't really created a new position, but maybe it should.We live in an information age, when all sorts of information is coming at us like water from a fire hose. Just...

SM Tip - Why We Do What We Do
Why We Do What We DoThis past Saturday, my daughter Lesley got married. It was a lovely wedding on a picture-perfect fall afternoon, and we were thrilled to share the celebration with more than 250 friends and family members from...

SM Tip - Ten Essentials of Scoutmastership
Ten Essentials of ScoutmastershipWhat does it take to be a good Scoutmaster? Many years ago, legendary Scouting author William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt suggested 10 attributes. Here they are:1. A belief in boys that will make you want to invest yourself...

SM Tip - Put Down That Firewood, and Nobody Will Get Hurt
Put Down That Firewood, and Nobody Will Get HurtHere in Kentucky, we’ve been entertaining an unwelcome visitor in the last few years: the emerald ash borer. This Asian invader has killed more than 25 million ash trees in the eastern...

SM Tip - What Really Attracts Boys to Scouting
What Really Attracts Boys to ScoutingSeveral years ago, I chaired my church’s youth minister search committee, and in that role, I thought a lot about what makes a successful youth program. In the process, I read a book (Choosing Church:...

SM Tip - Facts and Filmstrips
Facts and FilmstripsBelieve it or not, YouTube is good for more than cat videos!In planning a session on the patrol method that I’ll be teaching at the Philmont Training Center next week, I came across a gem: a YouTube version...

SM Tip - Let's Hear It for Columbusing
Let's Hear It for ColumbusingNPR’s Code Switch blog ran an interesting article recently on a phenomenon called columbusing, which it defines as “discovering something that’s existed forever.” Often, these discoveries happen across cultural or ethnic lines, and some meaning gets...
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A cow you can’t see
Nick: What do you call a cow that you can’t see?Camden: Beats me.Nick: Invisibull....

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Tuesday Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter March 29, 2016
So a funny conversation I've been having with myself this week (as I break down my current home office) is what could I get by with in Charlotte when we...

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Cub Scout Wood Projects: Build a Chest
I love that we build Cub Scout wood projects at our day camp. The boys get to use tools that many of them have never used before. And they are...

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Update: Buying the Farm
The last month or two have brought a lot of changes for the Adventure family. Did you miss us? Probably not, but in case you did, here’s a little update. We...

hike our planet
Subtle Beauty of the Wild Indigo Duskywing
HSNP Goat Rock Trail Wild Indigo DuskywingHSNP Goat Rock Trail Wild Indigo DuskywingThe lovely Wild Indigo Duskywing (Erynnis baptisiae) is a genus in the Skipper family. Often missed in the...

BSA Cracker Barrel
Let’s get a Scout or Venturer on Keep America Beautiful’s Youth Advisory Council
Keep America Beautiful is a nonprofit group that’s trying to end littering and improve recycling to clean up our communities.So when they turn to young people for guidance, it makes...

Issue 480 – March 29, 2016
________________________________________Dear Andy,Do we have to have at least one CPR-certified person if we’re taking a troop on an overnight camp-out? I can’t find any reference that says if it’s required...

BSA Cracker Barrel
What’s your favorite jamboree memory?
Maybe it was the time you tried whitewater rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, skateboarding or scuba diving for the first time.Maybe it was hours spent swapping patches — and stories — with Scouts from...

BSA scout cast
April 2016 - Summer Community Activities
A lot of troops and crews think that just because they have some kids going to Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier, or the Summit, they can take the summer off....

BSA Cubcast
April 2016 -The Active Summertime Unit
You had a great spring recruiting effort, right? But why wait until the fall to have the boys begin the adventure? An active summertime Cub Scout den and pack will...

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Former Strongsville Schools Employee Pleads Guilty to Rape of Minor
He was employed by the school district from August, 1996 until July, 2004, according to Youngstein had also served as a scoutmaster for the Boy Scouts of America, reported...

Seaton Scouts win top award
The presentation was made by Daniel Knapp, the 1st Seaton Scouts’ group leader, who has also recently been presented his Leaders’ Wood Badge at the young age of 20, which...

Brownie Girl Scouts present 'Bug Extravaganza'
LONG HILL TWP. – Girl Scout Brownie Troop 5669, who are third graders at Millington School, presented a “Bug Extravaganza” on Saturday, March 5 at the Long Hill Township Library...

LMHS senior has global adventure on high seas; returns to complete his Eagle Scout project
Lower Merion >> The Ramsey family set off in their 38-foot catamaran, Folie a Deux, for an around the world trip in December 2013. “We joined a rally of 44...

LMHS senior has global adventure on high seas; returns to complete his Eagle Scout project
Lower Merion >> The Ramsey family set off in their 38-foot catamaran, Folie a Deux, for an around the world trip in December 2013. “We joined a rally of 44...

Sheldon H Talbot
He was very involved in the Boy Scouts of America and earned his Wood Badge, Silver Beaver and the William H Spurgeon III Award. Recently, he was honored by the...

Girl Scout reconditions Pine Island Lions Park
Pine Island resident and Girl Scout Brittany Newman visited the Greater Pine Island Lions Park next to St. James City Civic Association a few weeks ago and was disappointed that...

Girl Scout reconditions Pine Island Lions Park
I decided to make it a part of my Girl Scout Gold Award project." The Gold Award, the equivalent of the Boy Scout Eagle Award, represents the highest achievement in...

LETTERS FROM MY HOMETOWN: Cub Scout Pack 173 turns 30
When Rudyard Kipling wrote “The Jungle Book” in 1894, he never could have imagined the Disney movie or the many adaptations that would follow. He did see his collection of...

LETTERS FROM MY HOMETOWN: Cub Scout Pack 173 turns 30
The most famous tale from the book, “Mowgli’s Brothers,” tells the story of a young boy who is raised by wolves in the jungle, along with Akela and Baloo the...


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