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The Insanescouter January 2013

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Greetings fellow Scouters

I've Moved
Just as an update I have now moved to the other side of Las Vegas and now living in a house. I am still renting a room from the same lady and her 2 young kids. The weather here is warming and getting nice.

Historic Ebooks
The collection is made up of 63 ebooks that relate to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, cook books, Christmas, Children's Stories, and Woodlore. The collection is only $14.99 order now! There is a list of all the books and a paypal link at

BSA 2013 Boy Scout Advancement Changes
BSA makes changes to the advancement requirements, through out the year. At the start of every new year they release the new Requirements Book and our friends at go through it to let us know what changed. You can find this years changes at

Welcome Back
I would like to take a moment to thank for agreeing to be one of our sponsors for another year. For those of you who don't know, ScoutManage provides an easy way to track Cub Scout and Boy Scout advancement online.

Save Money – Rent Gear

Did you know that it is often possible to save money renting gear rather than buying it. Maybe your Cub Scout only goes camping once a year and by the time the next year rolls around they already out grow the previous years gear. Maybe you just need certain gear for a special trip, or maybe your flying and the airline is giving you a hard time about stoves and such.

Another good reason to rent, is to test out different types of gear. For example, does an internal or external backpack work better for you? Personally I prefer internal frame packs and discovered this by renting different packs when I was a teenager.

Regardless of your needs I highly recommend you check out my friends at Outdoorsgeek rent camping gear

"60 Scoutmaster Minutes"
A cool piece of news: we have released our first ebook called "60 Scoutmaster Minutes" it is a kindle book. It is loaded with our favorite Scoutmaster Minutes and we are sure you will love the portability and ease of having it on your phone. You can buy it on amazon for $2.99.


New Content

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

The Little Chap Who Follows

CUBMASTER: This poem I'm going to read, is a great reminder to myself, Scout leaders, parents, and all adults that what we do and how we do it, often times greatly influences our children. Give this some thought as you go home tonight.A careful man I want to be. A little fellow follows me. I do not dare to go astray. For fear he'll go the self-same way.I cannot once escape his eyes, What e'er he sees me do, he...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

Exploring Alaska Theme

(Den leader uses as introduction to theme) Many years ago, the part of the world that we now know as Alaska was a vast frontier. There were very few people there - only the Eskimos. As Americans became restless with the everyday life, a few brave men began to explore the unknown and unpopulated areas of the U.S. -eventuallyAlaska! Here they found a beautiful land with bountiful resources. There were huge herds of caribou, deer, bears, fish and other wildlife...

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Dutch Oven

Trail Drive Beans

12 oz package dry red beans 2 1/2 cups water 1/3 lb salt pork, diced 2 lbs beef cubes 1 cup chopped onions 1 can tomato paste 2 tbs garlic flakes 4 tsp chili powder 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp dried red pepper 1 bay leafWash beans and soak overnight in cold water; drain. Put beans in Dutch oven, add 2 /12 cups water and simmer 1 hour. Render salt pork in skillet; add beef and brown....

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

An American Tribute

PERSONNEL: 7 Cub ScoutsALL: America is my country. How glad I am that this land is my land, prairie, forest, snow-capped peaks, mighty canyons, cities of steel and farms with red barns. How glad I am that this land is my land. My country is young, but it has a wonderful history.CUB 1: It is Columbus, Plymouth Rock and Davy Crockett.CUB 2: It is the Boston Tea Party and "Give me liberty or give me death".CUB 3:...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

The Ash Grove

The ash grove, how graceful, how plainly 'tis speaking The harp thro' it playing has language for me Whenever the light through its branches is breaking A host of kind faces is gazing on me The friends of my childhood again are before me Each step wakes a mem'ry as freely I roam With soft whispers laden its leaves rustle o'er me The ash grove, the ash grove alone is my Downhome yonder green valley where streamlets...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

Summer is a good time for the family to do many thing together and enjoy the beauty about them. A family that shares a lot of experiences is one that will always be a "together" family, even in later years when you are miles apart. Think about it! There's no better feeling than that of belonging. I am happy to see so many here tonight taking advantage of this summer Pack meeting. Good night and see you next month....

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits

The Parachute
Two scouts "on stage" First Scout showing the other a backpack. First Scout: This is our top of the line parachute, guaranteed to work. Second Scout: What is this cord for? First Scout: That's the rip cord, you pull that and the parachute opens. Second Scout: What's this other cord for? First Scout: That's the reserve chute, if the first one fails to open you pull that cord and the reserve chute opens. Second Scout: What if that one fails...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits

Turkey Contest
Four guys dressed up like turkeys waiting for the Best Turkey Contest with one turkey really strutting his stuff. Feathers can be made from construction paper and brown type clothes worn. The one turkey who is strutting his stuff, really wants to win, he preens, even leaves for a minute coming back with additional stuffing sticking out. Comments are made about this turkey by the others. The contest begins and the strutting turkey wins only to find out that the...

Home > Resources > Activities > Cheers

Pretend to get a piece of lumber, measure it, pretend to draw a line, place pencil behind the ear, pick up your pretend saw and begin to saw holding your lumber with one hand and sawing with the other, while making your best sawing impression....

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

A Balancing Elephant
An elephant stood on the web of a spider. She felt it was strong, it couldn't be tighter. Along came her friend. She called to invite her. Two elephants stood on the web of a spider. Two elephants stood on the web of a spider. They felt it was strong, it couldn't be tighter. Along came their friend. They called to invite her. Three elephants stood on the web of a spider. Three elephants... Four elephants... etc.......

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Feather Race
Materials needed: Large package of feathers, large mixing bowl, 2 plastic containers, and 2 spoons. Divide the boys into teams. Place the feathers into the mixing bowl and put the plastic containers at the other end of the room. When you say “go” a person from each team will dip their spoon into the bowl of feathers. They will then walk down to the plastic container as fast as they can, keeping as many feathers on the spoon as possible...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits

The Nutty Fisherman
Center stage is a lad fishing from a billy can or bucket, he keeps pulling the rod as though he has something on the line. A passer by looks at him as he walks by and then walks on, after a few steps the passer by comes back to the lad. Passer by: "What are you doing there then?" Fisher: "I'm fishing, what does it look as though I'm doing?" Passer by: "Fishing eh!, what are you fishing for." Fisher:...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Wolf

Immediate Recognition Wolf Beads
As a Cub Scout completes achievements for Wolf or Bear, the den leader should make sure that a simple recognition ceremony is held in the den meeting. Use the Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Kit, No. 1804, which contains enough materials for a den of Cub Scouts for two years. This is a motivational device used to encourage each boy to complete the rank for his age. Use a brief ceremony related to the monthly theme, or the one below:Den Leader...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag

Outdoor Festival
As the dew dries on the ground; the birds start their morning songs; the animals scout for their morning meals; the trees sway with the breezes of nature; the waters reflect the morning sun; while the sun is rising and leaves are falling. Please rise and join with me in the Pledge of Allegiance. ...

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Kick Tin
Type: Pack Equipment: An old beer can (or similar). Area with cover. Akela is the "Guardian of the Tin", which is placed in a circle about two feet across. The Cubs all stand round the circle and one of them kicks the tin out. Everybody then runs and hides except the Guardian who runs and puts the tin back. Then the Guardian goes to look for the Cubs and whenever he sees one, he calls his name and...

Home >

A News reporter enters the stage and complains that there is no news. He sees a cliff and decides to jump off. He stands on the edge of the cliff ready to jump; he begins to swing his arms and to count to three…. 1…2…as he gets to two a Second person runs on shouting STOP! What are you doing? The new reporter explains. The Second mans decides that he'll Jump too, as he is the sheriff of this small...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

50 Stars Relay Race
Divide the group into equal teams, each lined up a few feet away from the table. Place a bowl on the table for each team. Lay 50 cutout paper stars (approx. 2 inches in diameter) out on the table beside each bowl. Give each player his own straw. On the signal, the first player on each team, runs forward and picks up one or more stars, with one breath, by sucking on the straw. He then carries the star or...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

A Little Inconvenience
Water game, outdoors. Equipment: 1 soccer ball; 2 innertubes; 1 waterball; 2 water basketball hoops; blindfolds; string. Formation: teams. The object of this game is to allow players to experience the sensation of having a disability. Divide the players into four teams, and set up a rotation so that each team takes part in each of the following activities: 1. Sensitivity walk, 2. Obstacle course in water, using innertubes. 3. dodgeball, and 4. water basketball. Each activity is performed with a specific handicap: 1) When a team goes on the...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Cub Scout Salute Relay
For this relay race, divide the boys up into teams. You can have however many teams you want, but 2 to 4 is probably best. Everyone starts at certain point, and each team is lined up in their own line. At the go signal, the first person runs to the first station area, makes the Cub Scout sign and repeats the Cub Scout Promise. You may want to have a copy of the promise posted there for those who do...

Home >

Brown Trout
If there's a fish that deserves more appreciation from American anglers, it's the Brown Trout. He's highly respected in England, where angling first became an art. This Trout is larger than either the Brook Trout or Rainbow Trout; the world record Brownie, taken in Scotland, scaled 39½ pounds, and even in our large streams and lakes 8-pounders are common. He can survive in murkier and warmer waters (80 degrees) than can other Trout, and if it weren't for him there...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

Call A Scout
When you're down and feeling blue CALL A SCOUT They'll know just what to do CALL A SCOUT If you're ever in a hurry Don't take the time to worry All you have to do is shout CALL A SCOUT! If you need a helping hand CALL A SCOUT They'll take your garbage out CALL A SCOUT If the traffic that you meet Has you scared to cross the street They'll be there to help you out CALL A SCOUT!...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

Kee Chee
A wuni kuni ka yah wuni, [Repeat.] Ahyi yi iki ay kae ayna, [Repeat.] Ah ooo, ah ooo, ah dee mee KEE CHEE.Actions:1. Hands on own knees; hands on knees of person to the left; hands on own knees; hands on knees of person to the right.2. Hands on own knees; hands crossed on own knees; hands uncrossed on own knees; Left hand on knee of person to the left while right hand in knee of person...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Hidden Object
Indoors Equipment: 1 thimble, ring or coin Formation: Scatter Send boys out of the room. Take a thimble, ring or coin and place it where it is perfectly visible but in a spot where it is not likely to be noticed. Let the boys come in and look for it. When one of them sees it, he should quietly sit down without indicating to the others where it is. After awhile, if no one else has found it, have...

Home > Resources > Activities > Cheers

Mad Scientist
Pretend to hold a test tube in one hand. Pour something into it; then something else, then shout "Boooommm!"...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

Blue Gold Boy Power
Have a small birthday candle at each Cub Scout table setting and have larger candles on all tables. Atthe proper time, the Cubmaster announces that each Webelos Scout should come forward and receive a lighted candle to take to his table. After he reaches his table all other lights are turned off.CUBMASTER: America's Manpower begins with Boypower. As we light all our candles, you can see the room is growing brighter (Cubs light their candles). That is the way it...

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What is Cub scouting
In 1930 BSA launched a new program for boys between the ages of 9 to 11 years of age. The program emphasis on caring, nurturing relationships between boys and their parents, adult leaders and friends. Purposes of Cub scouting Cub Scouting has 9 purposes: Influence the development of character and encourage spiritual growth Help boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship Encourage good sportsmanship and pride growing strong in mind and body Improve understanding within the family Strengthen the...

Home > Resources > Boy Scouts > Advancement

Forester Jr Forest Ranger Quiz
Circle the best answer for each question. 1. Campfire permits are required for: a. indoor fireplaces b. outdoor areas, depending on local laws c. lighting Halloween pumpkins 2. If a fire gets out of hand, you should: a. get your parents, run to your car and drive away b. report it immediately to a forest ranger c. get other Junior Forest Rangers to fight the fire 3. The best place to ask where forest campfires can be built is: a....

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Band Played On The
Casey would waltz with the strawberry blond, and the band played on He'd glide 'cross the floor with the girl he adored, and band played on His brain was so loaded it nearly exploded The poor girl would shake with alarm He married the girl with the strawberry curl, and the band played on...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

The Sky Has No Limit Closing
Cub Scouts, it wasn’t long ago that we heard some people say: “The sky is the limit.” That meant that a man could make anything of himself that he wanted ... at least on earth. Well, that limit is now off. There is almost no limit to what you can aspire to do, either on earth or in space. Our astronauts have showed us that.Colonel ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was a member of Troop...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Webelos Crossover

Webelos Graduation Feathers
PROPS: one blue, yellow, and red feather for each boyCUBMASTER: Through your Webelos activities you have had many opportunities to experience the outdoors, including activities such as Day Camp, camping with your Webelos den and with Boy Scouts. You now know the OUTING is the essences of Scouting.Now as you complete the transition from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting you will experience more of the outdoors. As you cross over into Boy Scouts you will begin as a Scout and...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs

Easter Parade
In your Easter bonnet, With all the frills upon it, You'll be the grandest lady in the Easter Parade. I'll be all in clover: And when they look you over, I'll be the proudest fellow in the Easter Parade. On the avenue, Fifth Avenue; The photographers will snap us, And you'll find that you're in the rotogravure; I could write a sonnet, About your Easter Bonnet, And About the girl I'm taking to the Easter Parade....

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Shoe Relay
Formation – Teams Equipment – shoes Game: Have each girl take off both shoes and pile them into their teams pile. On the signal, one girl at a time races over to find her shoes, put them on, tie them, and return. The first team finished is the winner. Variation – Have them get only their left shoe first then come back. After everyone has gotten their left shoes they then go back for the right...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Country - France Formation – Teams Equipment – beret or scarf Game – The girls split into two equal teams, and form two lines opposite from each other at least 15’ apart. Each member of each team gets a number (from 1 to 10 if there are 10 members) A beret (or scarf) is put in the middle, at equal distance from the two teams. When the person leading the game calls out a number, the two players...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing

This Apple Is The Whole World
*This ceremony involves the use of a pocketknife, so an adult should handle this.PROPS: Apple, Pocketknife, TableCUBMASTER: Earth Day comes in April and it reminds us to be careful with our home planet. There is also an old song about April showers bring May flowers. Together, these remind me of how precious and valuable water is, and how important it is to use it wisely.Imagine that this apple is the whole world. Three quarters of the world is covered with...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout

American Spirit
I am an American. I have come from the four corners of the earth... in flight from the old and the ruined and the oppressive. I have come to the Golden Door... in search of Freedom..I am an American. I am many different things... but in these differences there is a sameness of belief.For I believe in myself... in the destiny of this land.I believe... that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games

Active, outdoors/indoors. Equipment: Per team: sweatpants; jacket; hockey mask; 2 garbage bags. Formation: relay. Divide the group into two or more teams. Line teams up at one end of the playing area, with 1) sweatpants and jacket in front of each team and 2) hockey mask and garbage bags at other end of the area, in front of each team. On 'Go', the first player of each team puts on the sweatpants and jacket, and runs to the other end of the playing area....

White Marshmallow Snowflakes

18 small marshmallows
1 large marshmallow
9 toothpicks
Break 3 toothpicks in half, leave other whole and assemble snowflake as shown.

New Orleans Red Beans and Rice

1 lb Red kidney beans; dried
1/2 lb Salt pork
1 Onion; chopped
2 Cl Garlic; chopped
1/4 c Celery; chopped
1 qt Ham or beef stock
1/2 ts Tabasco sauce
1 ts Salt
1 Bay leaf
1/4 ts Thyme
3 c Rice

Soak beans in water overnight. Drain. In a Dutch oven, brown salt pork. Add onions, garlic, and celery and saute for 3 minutes. Add bean stock, Tabasco sauce, salt, and herbs. Simmer 3 hours or until beans are tender. Add water when necessary during cooking; water should barely cover beans at end of cooking. Remove 1 cup beans and mash to paste. Add mashed bean paste back to beans; stir until liquid is thickened. Serve over hot rice.



Pack Committee Chair, What do we do?
Hello Everyone,Another Scouting Year has moved to Summer which means fun and sun along with Camping.This last year I was asked to become Committee Chair for my Pack, it had been a few years since my Pack had one so...

For Crying Out Loud - Eagle Tip
 A while back, an Eagle mom asked me a simple question: How do you tactfully suggest that court-of-honor guests leave their babies and small children at home? She was concerned that crying babies or rambunctious toddlers might...

Deluxe Tours in New Mexico
 Last week, we looked at the exciting Deluxe Tours we offer in Colorado. Now this week we are going to take a look at the equally exciting Deluxe Tours in New Mexico. Again, these are the middle priced tour options...

One Small Step � for Getting Congratulatory Letters from NASA
It’s been awhile since I’ve talked here about getting congratulatory letters from NASA. Given the recent death of Eagle Scout Neil Armstrong – and the fact that NASA has a relatively new procedure for letters, the time...

Camping for the Uninformed - SM Tip
I once figured out that I’d spent roughly two years of my life on various Scout outings, from weekend campouts as a Scout to multiple trips to national jamborees and the Philmont Training Center as an adult. One result: I have no...

Avoiding Drowsy Driving - SM Tips
You would never transport your Scouts after drinking alcohol, but you may be putting them at just as much risk. According to a researcher at the Henry Ford Hospital Sleep Disorders and Research Center in Detroit, losing...

Deluxe Tours in Colorado
 Last week, we looked at our lower priced tour options with our Transportation only and No Frills packages. This week let’s take a look at our Deluxe Adventures in Colorado. Our Deluxe tours are 1 and 2 night options that...

SM Tips - Gold-medal Scoutmaster's Minutes
 Are you looking for great Scoutmaster’s minutes to share during the upcoming London Olympics? Look no farther than Reader’s Digest, which has been sharing inspiring stories for generations.One such inspiring story, which you can find at, tells the surprising story of...

SM Tip - Of Wood Tape and Balancing Points
 Boy with SawIn the Disney classic "Follow Me, Boys," Scoutmaster Lem Siddons' biggest challenge is to tie a sheepshank. For the rest of us Boy Scout leaders, I think the biggest challenge is to figure out just how much support to give our...

SM Tips - National Outdoor Awards Promote Outdoor Achievement
It’s summertime, and the living is anything but easy for many Scouts. Backpacking treks, canoe trips, and other rugged adventures are physically and mentally challenging—and far more satisfying than lolling around the pool or playing videogames all summer.Recently, the BSA...
Kamp Knots

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Rich Diesslin

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Boy Scouts of America to reconsider national membership policy
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Weather Hazard Training
My biggest concern about bad weather when leading an outing is lightning. Everything else takes time to build, or is avoidable, but lightning is common, unpredicatable, and deadly. So, I...

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Boy Scouts may reverse policy, allow gays
The Boy Scouts of America on Monday said it was considering admitting gay members and leaders, a policy reversal that would have special resonance in Philadelphia, where the city and...

Girl Scouts to celebrate World Thinking Day Feb. 9
CLIFTON PARK — Girls Scouts from the Shenendehowa School District will come together early next month to celebrate the organization’s World Thinking Day....

US Boy Scouts mulls changes to 'no-gays' policy
The Boy Scouts of America has said they may soon give sponsors of units the authority to decide whether to accept gays as scouts and leaders....

Boy Scouts of America may reconsider ban on gay members
(CNN) — The Boy Scouts of America is considering changing its longstanding policy against allowing openly gay members, according to a news release from the organization. The organization, which has...

Boy Scouts may consider retreat from no-gays policy
NEW YORK (AP) -- The Boy Scouts of America may soon give sponsors of troops the authority to decide whether to accept gays as scouts and leaders -- a potentially...

Under pressure, Boy Scouts may ease no-gays policy
NEW YORK (AP) — Facing diverse and ceaseless protests, the Boy Scouts of America is signaling its readiness to end the nationwide exclusion of gays as scouts or leaders and...

Police: Man stole money from Girl Scouts selling cookies at supermarket
Tredyffrin police are asking for the public’s help in finding the suspects in the strong armed robbery of Girl Scouts who were selling cookies inside a local grocery store....

Boy Scouts considers lifting ban on gays
The organization's national board will discuss a proposal to retreat from its longtime prohibition and allow local groups to decide. Six months after the Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its...

Thoughts to Ponder

"Happy Valentine's Day to Louise"

Scouts, back when I was in fifth and sixth grade, we had a Valentine Day tradition that I know many other schools had as well. Each member of the class would decorate a grocery sack, with hearts and cupids and gushy Valentine Day stuff, and we would each put our name on the sack we designed. The teacher would line up all the tables on one side of the room and the sacks would be lined up on the table. When Valentines Day came, we would all bring Valentines for other kids and we would find their sack and drop the card in their sack.

It was fun to go home and open up all the cards and see who sent you a Valentine.

But what if your sack was empty? What if nobody in the class sent you a Valentine Card? How would you feel? Well, there was a girl in my class named Louise that didn't get any cards. Everyone got a card from her but they didn't send her one in return. She was never asked to any of the class parties and sometimes the kids made fun of her behind her back. She might have been a nice person but I don't know that because I never took the time to find out. She came to school alone, she ate alone, she studied alone and she went home alone. I never saw her with any friends at all. And I just joined the other kids in laughing and making fun of her. I never even considered how she might have felt.

And you know what? I was a scout back then just like you. I stood up every Monday night and I said the Scout and the Scout Law just like I meant it. I said the words "A Scout is Kind", and then I went to school the next day and wasn't kind. How could I do that? How could I say something on Monday, and then conveniently forget that I had said it on Tuesday? That is simply not the way the Scout Oath and Law is supposed to work. Those values are supposed to be in our hearts when we are not in uniform just like they are in our hearts on scout meeting night.

Scouts, you all know somebody who needs a friend. You all know somebody who is on the outside looking in and hoping that someone will take the time to be friendly to them. You all know somebody who could use a kind word and a smile. That's what makes us human. And that's what makes us scouts.

"A Scout is Kind" and "A Scout is Friendly" are not just words out of a book that we recite just so we can get a patch on our shirt. Is it alright to forget about being compassionate when you don't get an award for it? Of course not.

Remember Scouts. Someday you may need a friend. Someday you may need kindness. Someday you may need compassion from others. You need to learn how to give it. Be kind! Be friendly! Be compassionate! That's what Scouts are. And not just on scout meeting night.

"Louise. Where ever you are. I hope your life is filled with family and friends who love you and appreciate you. I hope that your sack is filled with Valentines. I wish I knew where you were so that I could send one to you and tell you that I'm sorry. You never did anything bad to anyone. You deserved to have people treat you with respect. We didn't and I'm ashamed of myself. Louise, Happy Valentine's Day, fifty years too late."

© Bill Shaffer 2005


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