The Story of the Moor Monster

The entire audiences at your pack meeting will enjoy this group participation

When you hear the names HARRY or HARPER in this story, you CLAP once.
CLAP TWICE when you hear the word MONSTER or the word MOOR Stamp
both feet, one after the other, when you hear the words MOOR MONSTER Make
a noise like a dog when you hear the name of Harry’s dog, ROVER.

The scene is laid in England.

HARRY HARPER was an English Cub Scout (they call themselves Wolf Cubs)
who lived with his Mother, Father, and his dog, RovE_R near an English MOOR
HARRY was working on his Bear badge and needed a few more rocks to
complete the last achievement for his badge.

One afternoon after HARRY HARPER got home from school, he said to his
Mother, “Mother, I think ROVER and I will go out on the MOOR and look for a
few more rock samples.” “All right,” said his Mother. “Be careful you don’t fall and
cut yourself on the rock of the MOOR, and be sure you come home in time for
supper. ” “Yes, Mother,” said HARRY, “Come, ROVER let’s go look for some

So HARRY headed off onto the MOOR with ROVER running beside him.
HARRY went toward a huge rock formation in the middle of the MOOR He had
always wanted to climb to the top, and today he had brought a rope with him.
When he got near the top, as he had done many times before, he tied one end of
the rope around a small rock, and tossed it around a big projecting rock, and it
came back to where he was standing.

“You stay here, ROVER,” said HARRY and he climbed up the rock. Across the
stream and a short distance back was a cave HARRY had never seen before,
hidden behind a grove of trees and bushes.

HARRY HARPER and ROVER stood still, watching wide-eyed as a MONSTER
of the MOOR came through the trees. The boy and the dog turned and ran.

First was ROVER followed closely by HARRY HARPER and at a distance came
the MOOR MONSTER. ROVER was across the stream in three leaps, HARRY
didn’t bother walking across the rocks, he ran right through the water and headed
for home. The MOOR MONSTER stopped at the stream!

“Bosh,” said the old Hermit, “I just wanted to- ask him if the fishing was any good
in the stream.”

So, we ring down the curtain on the story of HARRY HARPER, his dog ROVER,
and the not-so-terrible MOOR MONSTER.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean

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