The Fearless Toreador

Characters: Fearless Toreador, Brave Bull, and any number of Spectators

Costuming: Toreador wears knee socks over jeans, white shirt and short jacket
or vest. Pin fringed paper patches to shoulders. He should have a red cape or
jacket and a cardboard shield. For the bull, let two boys get under a blanket. Pin
cardboard horns and features to head and fringed paper tail to other end.
Spectators are dressed as Mexicans in bright colors.

Setting: Spectators are at rear of stage. Fearless Toreador is standing to one
side, facing the Bull, which is standing on the opposite side of the stage.

Fearless Toreador: I am Don Sebastian Jose de Fernando. I an zee bravest and
most fearless Toreador in all Mexico. (As he says this, he struts about the stage,
waving his sword, red cape slung over his shoulder).

Spectators: Ole!, Ole!

Fearless Toreador: Not only am I zee most fearless Toreador, I am also zee
most handsome. (Takes off his had, smiles and struts some more.)

Spectators: Ole!, Ole!

Fearless Toreador: A ha, you see. Zee bull, he is frightened of Fearless
Toreador. Oh, I am so brave. I am so brave eet is a shame. Zee bull, he weel not
fight. Poor scaredy bull!

(Now the Toreador turns his back on the bull and struts proudly over to the side
of the stage, flexing his muscles and brandishing his sword. Then he dusts off his
suit, admires his nails, primps his hair, etc. While his attention is distracted, the
bull starts moving. He paws the floor, jumps a bit, the lowers his head and starts
toward the Toreador).

Fearless Toreador: (turning toward the bull) And now Bull, watch out! (At this
point, he sees the bull charging toward him. Dropping everything, he runs from
the stage) Help! Help! Zee ferocious bull. He weel keel me! Me, Fearless
Toreador, the bravest Toreador in all Mexico. Help!! Help!!

(Bull chases him off stage)


References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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