Silly Filly Inny for Home Alone

The leader passes around slips of paper with various brief phrases on them.
Each member of the group draws a paper from the proverbial hat. The leader
reads the story below. When there is a pause in the story… signified by ***, the
leader points to one of the group members, and that person SHOUTS OUT his
phrase. Of course, the phrase may or may not be exactly what was left out…in
fact, that’s the fun of it!

Kitchen table
Favorite cartoon
Dining room
Table Soccer
Yummy cheese
Upstairs bedroom
Big bouquet
Garage door
Cupboard door
Math book
Dad’s old computer
Comfy couch
Old-fashioned oatmeal
Cordless telephone
Dairy farm
Toy truck
Romaine lettuce
English cucumber
Garden shoe

2:30 p.m., and Johnny arrived home from school with his sister, Suzie. They put
their backpacks on the ***, and prepared to make a snack. Johnny liked to have
cheese and crackers, so he opened the refrigerator and took out a piece of ***,
then opened the *** to get the crackers. Suzie preferred milk and cookies. She
reached into the cookie jar and took out 4 *** cookies, before reaching into the ***
for a glass for her milk.

They took their snacks into the family room, sat down on the *** and turned on
the television to watch their ***. A half-hour later, Johnny knew it was time do his
homework, so he turned off the TV, retrieved his backpack, and headed to his

Johnny took his *** out of his pack, and prepared to do his assignment. He had
finished about half of the problems when the *** rang. “I’ll get it,” called Suzie. A
few minutes later, she yelled, “Johnny, it’s Mom, and she wants to talk to you.”

Johnny picked up the phone. “Hi, Mom,” he said. She asked him if he would
please make a salad for dinner, using the *** and the *** he would find in the
vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. Johnny said he’d do it right after he finished
his math homework.

Mom had asked Suzie to set the table, and she was already putting the plates on
the *** when Johnny hung up the phone and headed back to his room. Suzie
went out to the garden to pick a *** of flowers for the table.

After Johnny had finished his homework and made the salad, he returned to his
room and turned on his ***. He was hoping to receive an email message from his
cousin, who lived on a ***. His cousin almost always had a story to tell him, since
they had a lot of animals, and one of them was often getting into mischief. Today
was no exception. It seems that a goat had escaped his pen and wandered into
the backyard. It had chewed his mother’s *** and his brother’s ***. Johnny replied
to the message with news of his *** team’s victory, writing that he had even
scored a goal.

Just then, Johnny heard the *** open, and knew that one of his parents was
arriving home. Although he and Suzie felt perfectly safe at home alone, he
always felt better when his parents were home, too.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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