The Pirate Voyage

PIRATES – “Brave and daring”
BLUEBEARD – Stroke beard and say “Walk the plank”
PORT ROYAL – Stand up and say “Land Ho”
SHIP – “Jolly Roger”
SPANISH GALLEON – “Watch out!”
SAILING OR SAILS – “Oh my aching back”

Long, long ago, before any of you were born, on a distant island called Tortuga,
there lived a brave and daring group of people known as PIRATES. These
PIRATES were noted for their ability as seamen and SAILING their SHIPS.

One day the PIRATES, led by BLUEBEARD, decided to set out on a perilous
journey to find a new home in PORT ROYAL. The PIRATES loaded their SHIP
with supplies and started SAILING toward PORT ROYAL.

For many days and nights, the SHIP rolled and pitched through the stormy
waters. Great SPANISH GLALEONS SAILED dangerously close to the PIRATE
SHIP. Each time BLUEBEARD daringly steered his little band of PIRATES past
the lumbering GALLEONS. Working the SAILS fast and furiously, they managed
to keep the PIRATE SHIP upright.

Finally, after weeks of SAILING through the stormy seas and past all those
treacherous GALLEONS, the daring PIRATES, led by BLUEBEARD in their
PIRATE SHIP, sighted PORT ROYAL. With great joy, the PIRATES continued
SAILING until the heaved to on the shores of PORT ROYAL.


“No more SAILING”, cheered the PIRATES.

“No more PIRATES”, cheered the SHIP.

Everyone was happy to be in PORT ROYAL. And that is the story of how
BLUEBEARD and the PIRATES settled in PORT ROYAL.     

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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