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September 29, 2010

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Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Lunch
Monkey Bread
Ingredients:• 2 (1 pound) loaves frozen white bread(If you don’t have frozen bread dough in your area, you can substitute homemade bread dough, enough for a 2-pound loaf, which would use 4 cups of flour.)• 1¼ C. sugar, divided• ¼ C. packed brown sugar• ¼ C. milk• 1-2 Tablespoons butter or margarine• 1 3/4 Teaspoons ground cinnamon, divided• Cooking spray, such as PAM or butter or margarine to grease the pan directions:• Thaw the bread dough in the refrigerator for 12...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Rope Golf
This is really a water rescue practice game. First, teach the scouts how to loosely but neatly coil the rope and throw with a long flat sidearm throw. Each patrol is given a long heavy rope, 1/2 inch ropes or bigger 30 to 40 ft. long work best. A target like a tree or a dumpster is chosen about 100 feet away as the "hole" and is declared a "par 4". The first scout from each patrol coils his rope and...

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Lunch
Egyptian Tabouleh Salad
This is an ancient Middle Eastern dish made with bulgar that kids shy away from at first because there are so many ’green things.’ It is especially delicious in summer when tomatoes are vine-ripe and sweet and mint is fresh and pungent. Kids love to mix it up with their hands and the parsley is rich in calcium and vitamins A and C. Bulgar can be easily found in health food stores or Middle Eastern markets as well as in...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Thumb taping game
Start off by talking about what kind of 'hands' different animals have & how they use them. How are people's hands different? We have thumbs that make it possible to grip things, turn things, etc. Then have each girl fold her thumb across her palm & tape it in place. (Adhesive tape works best.) Pretend to be thumbless animals as you explore an outdoor area trying to catch things, lift up rocks, etc. Or ...

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Lunch
Haystack Sandwich
Ingredients:• Sliced ham• Sliced Swiss cheese• Horseradish sauce or mustard• Romaine lettuce• Sliced tomato (about ¼ thick)• Sourdough bread, sliced• Thin slices of appleDirections:1. Lightly toast the bread slices and spread the horseradish sauce (or mustard) on one side.2. Add ham, cheese, tomato, apple, and lettuce. (Stack as how as you like)3. Top with another slice of bread...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Standing Staves Game
Each scout needs a staff 5 to 7 feet long. Form a circle with the sticks held vertical inside, one end on the ground. One scout is chosen as the caller. The caller loudly and clearly calls out "ready left" or "ready right". Each scout leaves their stick standing and moves to the left or right. Occasionally the caller calls out "ready back" to spread the circle out. If a stick falls to the ground the...

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Breakfast
Dried Apple Rings
Start with firm, ripe apples (as many as you like), with a strong, tart flavor. Peel and core them; then slice them across the core into rings about ¼” thick. Dry the apples as quickly as possible before they spoil. String the rings on a length of twine and hang it between any 2 hooks in a warm, dry, airy place. Drying can be done indoors or out. If outside, be sure the weather is sunny and dry, and bring the...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Directions Game
(a communication game)The group is divided into an instructor and numerous artists. The director attempts to describe a simple picture to be drawn by the artists under various handicaps. This will progress in stages. Stop and reflect at each stage. Have written instructions ready for the director at each stage. Each stage should not last as long as a minute. Each reflection could (should) last longer.• Stage 1: the director is blindfolded as well as...

Home > Resources > Activities > Pre-Openings
Scavenger Hunt (people)
Have people do a scavenger hunt for people in your group with some odd facts: born in another country, drive a ford, be an only child, play the violin, know two languages, etc. It helps to know your group. To make it more difficult limit one response per person. Good as a pre opener...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Scout Law Game
a) Form a circle of scouts, go around the circle with each scout giving the next point of the scout law. If a point is missed the scout leaves the circle. b) To turn into a cooperative gave challenge the patrol to do it together! Helps scouts learn their scout law....

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing
Be careful Closing
Props: Apple; PocketknifeCubmaster: Earth Day comes in April and it reminds us to be careful with our home planet. There is also an old song about “April showers bring May flowers.” Together, these remind me of how precious and valuable water is, and how important it is to use it wisely. Imagine that this apple is the whole world. Three-quarters of the world is covered with water, and only one quarter is covered by land. (Cuts one-fourth section off of the apple and places it...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening
Star Spangled Banner Opening
The following may be read by the Cubmaster or by several Webelos Scouts (they learn about the anthem for their Citizen Activity Badge): How many times have you heard the “Star-Spangled Banner” sung at the opening of a ball game? We stand, sing-along mumbling, or listen to the featured singer. Then we applaud at the end, take our seats and look forward to the game without another thought about the song. But, have you ever really thought about the history and words behind the...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing
God's Handiwork Closing
Props: Posters of scenes in nature for each Cub Scout to hold as he reads.C.S.#1: We’ve learned a lot about taking care of this wondrous planet of ours.C.S.#2: We will protect and clean up the air so we all can enjoy the stars.C.S.#3: We won’t litter our fields and streams or throw our trash on the roads.C.S.#4: We will enjoy all the sun’s beams and protect the homes of the toads.C.S.#5: Nature is truly a wondrous thing. God’s handiwork is...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening
Nature is God's Handiwork opening
N N is for naturalist, all of us who love and seek to preserve nature.A A is for animals, who make their homes in the great wilderness of our world.T T is for the trails we hike, admiring the earth’s beauty.U U is for undisturbed; clean air, clean water, and beautiful trees.R R is for richness. The breathtaking view of snow-capped mountains.E E is for Earth. This is the only home we have. Only we can preserve it.All: Nature is...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Closing
I will Use Closing
This closing can be done in three ways. A Cub Scout or leader can read the entire narrative. Copies of the ceremony can be handed out to the audience and they can read it in the union. Or, have five Cub Scouts each read a line. This is my country. I will use my eyes to see the beauty of the land. I will use my ears to hear its sounds. I will use my mind to think about what I can do to make it more...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening
Conserve Opening
Eight Cub Scouts hold cutouts of cars made from poster board and painted in bright colors. As each boy speaks his line, the car is turned over to show the large letter printed on the back to spell out the word CONSERVE.C Cars and buses and such were invented by men.O Oil fields were discovered also by them.N Nobody really worried about the amount of fuel this would take.S So on no transportation did they put the brake.E Eventually, the amount of fuel...

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag Opening
Save it for us Opening
C.S.#1: God created the earth and everything on it. (Holds up a picture of the earth)C.S.#2: We will protect the earth and take good care of it. (Holds up picture of beautiful scenery)C.S.#3: We won’t litter the roads, fields, streams, or meadows. (Holds up a piece of trash, puts it in a trash bag)C.S.#4: We will practice conservation and not be wasteful. (Holds up newspapers tied in a stack and ready to recycle)C.S.#5: We will work together to make our environment more beautiful. (Holds...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Key word
This is like an audience participation stunt. Choose a favorite song. Tell the group whenever they hear a particular word, they should clap as they sing it. For example, with “My Bonnie,” you might clap each time you sing “Bonnie.” Other actions you can do each time you hear a certain word are sit down/stand up, stomp your feet, jump or hop. You might divide the people into smaller groups with different keywords and/or different actions. Have Fun!...

Home > Resources > Activities > Cheers
Fun Musical Ways to say Thank You
Match/Lighter: “You’re matchless!”Musical note (put a large musical note cutout in a small bucket) or Toy musical instrument:“You carry a tune very well.”“You bring music to our heart.”“A note of thanks for ___.”For the pack song leader.Music notation (sharp): “Thanks for being such a SHARP leader.”Old record: “You’ve set a record for success.”...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Name The Tune
Divide the group into two teams. The first team hums the first line of a song (they must know the title of the song too). The second team tries to name the song...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
The Sound
Props: Noisemakers such as drum, bell, whistle, kazoo, guitar, etc., carried by each Cub Scout; a triangle or dinner bell. (C.S.#1 comes on stage.)C.S.#1: I’ve just got to find THE SOUND. I’ve got to!(C.S.#2 comes on stage, carrying his noisemaker)C.S.#1: Have you got THE SOUND?C.S.#2: Sure. (he demonstrates sound)C.S.#1: No, that’s not the right sound. That’s not it at all. (Each Cub Scout comes on stage and is asked by C.S.#1 about his sound. Each demonstrates.C.S.#1 rejects all sounds. suddenly, there is the...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Dutch band
The leader assigns the name of a musical instrument to each player, including himself, and names a popular tune. The leader starts to “play” his instrument, making the proper sounds and gestures, and all others join in with their instruments. At any time, the leader may switch to the instrument of another player. That player immediately must switch to the leader’s former instrument or pay a forfeit. Make rapid changes...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
I Can Carry A Tune... In A Paper Bag
Write the words to a well-known song title on 3 x 5 cards—one card per word. Make two sets and place them in a large bowl/box. Create two teams, each composed of the same number of players as there are words in the song title. (For example, teams for “Twinkle, Twinkle LittleStar” would have 4 players each.) Give the first player on each team a paper bag. Players take turns racing to the bowl or box, each taking one of the words of...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
The Wonderful Cellar Band
(DUSTY OLD) CELLAR: “Cree-eek, Ah-choo!”EMPTY GLASS JUG: “Boop, boop!”RUSTY SAW: “Whaaag, whaaang ”BEAT UP TRASH CANS: “Crash Bang ”FADED OLD HAT BOX: “Rat-a-tat "Once upon a time, as many stories begin, in a DUSTY OLD CELLAR there lived a group of very good, very old and very out-dated friends. There was an EMPTY GLASS JUG, a RUSTY SAW, two BEAT UP TRASH CANS, and a FADED OLD HAT BOX. Now, these old friends had been in the DUSTY OLD CELLAR for a very long time. And...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Musical Charades
Prepare eight to ten slips of paper with names of popular songs. Place them in a bowl. Boys take turns pulling a song from the bowl and then must act out the title as in the game of Charades, until someone guesses the song title. The player who guesses the title correctly then becomes the next person to act out a song title. This game can also be played in teams...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
New Family Induction - Campfire
Props: Appropriate Cub Scout book, a stick of wood for everyone, campfire (maybe a prop).Asst. CM: We have some boys and their parents requesting to join our pack.Cubmaster: Bring them to our pack fire. (Boys and parents come to the campfire.) Please join me in the Cub Scout sign. (Do the sign) Please give the Cub Scout Motto. DO YOUR BEST. I know you will all DO YOUR BEST in Cub Scouting. To help you get started on the road to...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Song Stumpers
One player sings the first line of any familiar song. The others, one by one, try to complete the verse. The first one to succeed becomes the new leader. If no one can do it, the leader completes the first verse of the song and begins another...

Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
Keep America Beautifull
Scene: Flower and grass wave gently in the breeze. Trash can is sleeping. Litterbug is laughing and throwing pop cans and bottles on flowers, and candy wrappers and newspapers on the grass. Flower: Oh, what hit me? My petals are crushed. Grass: You should complain. They buried me. Pop can: You think I like being thrown around? I could be recycled for money! Bottle: Does anyone realize my potential? I could be a flower vase! Litter Bug: (Laughs) I love a...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
I'd Like to Teach the World to sing
I’d like to build the world a homeAnd furnish it with love, Grow apple trees and honey bees, And snow white turtle doves.I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony, I’d like to hold it in my arms, And keep it company. I’d like to see the world for once, Walk hand in hand in hand, And hear them echo through the hills for peace throughout the land. It’s the real thing, What the world wants to say, That’s the way it will stay. With the real thing...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Music Magic
Choose a small object to hide. Select one person to be “It.” “It” leaves the room, out of sight. Hide the small object and the group in the room starts singing a song. When “It” hears singing, he comes back and looks for the object. As he nears the object, the group sings louder; as he moves away they sing softer...

Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
The Homemade Band
Cub Scouts sing the following song to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” while doing what the line says. From the second verse on, keep adding the sounds. So for the third verse, after the gonger gongs, then the clapper claps and the chimer chimes. Suggestion for the instruments: Chime with wooden spoon and pan lid. Clap two flat pieces of wood. Gong a spoon against a pie pan. ...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
One Word at A Time
Place the names of several well-known songs in a hat. Sit the boys in a circle, have one draw a name from the hat and read it aloud. He then says or sings the first word of the song. The boy to his right then says or sings the second word of the song. The boy to his right then says or sings the third word of the song, and so on around the circle. (Don’t be surprised when the boys start singing together.)...

Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Alphabet Songs
Choose a letter of the alphabet. Starting at that letter, a player names a well-known song whose title begins with that letter. Proceed through the alphabet until someone is stumped. Start again with another letter. For example, the letter chosen is “C” The first player says, “Clementine.”The next player says “Down in the Valley” for “D” and so on. Eliminate the letters Q and Z to make it a little easier. Also, eliminate the word “the” from the beginning of titles. “The BattleHymn...



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Fuzzy and Scout Sept 2010
  Hi all, Fuzzy and Scout here. How have you been for the past month? It seems already sooooo long ago that we had our summer holidays, and our summer camp :( In fact, it summer seems a long time ago already, as it is...

Rope Box – What’s In The Box
When I was still a teenager I started working at the local Scout Camps teaching Pioneering merit badge. The camp's supply of material was lacking in those days, so I started creating my own stock inside a trunk. As you...

Sharpening the Knife - Scout Is Reverent
I am republishing this with permission... it just took me many months to do so, as I was given this back in February. Looks around innocently, good things I was looking through my email... Hope you like it...  Here is the mini-sermon...

Interview With Author Mark Ray
Recently, I had the honor of interviewing Mark Ray, the author of “The Eagle Court of Honor Book” and “The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook”. You can find more information about these books at just get rolling with some questions Can you...

Camp Lanterns
For some people, light in camp is a big deal. Camp light can range from a simple flashlight, a campfire, a battery lantern, a gas lantern, and many other options. This post is going to be about lanterns. In this...

Homemade Gear Shelving
I grew up as an Air Force Brat, moving every few years and not being permanently attached to a house. So when it came time to create a way to store gear in the garage, well this experience played a...

Tips on controlling a meeting full of hyper scouts
The Den Meeting has started and all of the sudden the boys are bouncing off the wall and seem to out in front of everything.  Maybe your first reaction is to panic and head for the door, your second reaction...

Interview With Torey McCleskey - Amazing Eagle Scout
I read a newspaper article about how you built a reef for your Eagle Project. Can you tell us how and why you came up with making a reef? What did you learn from doing the project? How many Scouts...

Interesting Reading On Scouting History
 This text comes as a result of a post on a Scouting Mailing List. This information (and lot more comes) from the following site Although many ideas were incorporated into the Boy Scouts of America, a chance encounter on a foggy...

Shaping a boy into a man, Scouting style!
A boy scout at heart, always and forever. The program taught him social and character development. The young boy was timid and did not know what it would be like. He learned to be a part of a...

Fuzzy and Scout Aug 2010
Hi All, Scout and I just came in from our vacation at a nice lake. We hope you all had great vacations and of course summer camps too :)As promised I will tell you all about what we did at our...

Meat Casserole Recipe
 This is a dish a friend taught me many years ago. He originally referred to it as a European Casserole, though I have no idea why. It is a pretty simple and cheap dish to make. It also makes a...

Weighing My Backpack
There are several techniques to find out how heavy your backpack is before a trek. The most common method is to stand on a scale with and without the pack on. The difference between the two numbers is the weight...



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Webelos Super Achiever Award
The Webelos Super Achiever award is for Webelos who earn all 20 Webelos activity badges. This is a council specific award, not a national award...

Trail Cooking & The Outdoors
Store Alert
The Trail Cooking Store will be shut down from September Thursday the 30th to October Sunday the 10th. So if you have something you need to get your orders in today...

Chairman's Chat
1 of 100 days as the new Scoutmaster.
In my last post, I laid out that I'm going to become Scoutmaster tonight. I have had a couple of weeks to plan for this, but I really haven't done...

The Outdoor Code
Every Scout who is spending time outdoors should be familiar with the Outdoor Code. It is especially important for Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venturers who are out camping regularly...

Chairman's Chat
Wow was it really May?
Was it really may the last time I posted?  So much has happened in the last few months. I have worked my self out of my real job. The company decide to...

CilBen – Guest Appearance
Hello Dear Reader Atomic Apple Well after 9 months of posting on Jabbering all day long I thought you would be getting bored of the touch of my fingertips so...

Gourd Birdhouse
Use dried gourds to make a birdhouse. If you didn't grow any yourself, you can probably find some in your area at a farmer's market or even a craft shop...

Buffalo Eagle
When Older Scouts Eagle
When older scouts Eagle, it can leave a hole in the Troop. With a gap between older scouts and younger ones, with mixed ages in between, the troop faces...

Scoutmaster Minute
Wahtum hike Part 4

Scoutmaster Minute
Wahtum hike Part 3

Scoutmaster Minute
Wahtum hike part 2




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Filmmaker Tyler Perry Aids Cub Scout Group - WGCL Atlanta
MyFox AtlantaFilmmaker Tyler Perry Aids Cub Scout GroupWGCL AtlantaATLANTA -- Atlanta filmmaker Tyler Perry has bailed out a group of DeKalb County Cub Scouts left in a bind after someone...

Popcorn! Get it while it's hot - Great Falls Tribune
Popcorn! Get it while it's hotGreat Falls TribuneFirst the leaves turn gold, and then the Boy Scouts hit the streets selling popcorn. This year is no different. The Montana Council's...

Popcorn! Get it while it's hot - Great Falls Tribune
Popcorn! Get it while it's hot Great Falls TribuneFirst the leaves turn gold, and then the Boy Scouts hit the streets selling popcorn. This year is no different. The Montana Council's...

Boy Scouts of America host Sporting Clays event - Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Wilkes Barre Times-LeaderBoy Scouts of America host Sporting Clays eventWilkes Barre Times-Leader17, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, Boy Scouts of America hosted its 4th annual Sporting Clays event at Rock Mountain...

Boy Scouts of America host Sporting Clays event - Wilkes Barre Times-Leader
Wilkes Barre Times-LeaderBoy Scouts of America host Sporting Clays event Wilkes Barre Times-Leader17, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, Boy Scouts of America hosted its 4th annual Sporting Clays event at Rock Mountain...

Aiken, Edgefield Girl Scout camp to be sold - The Augusta Chronicle
Aiken, Edgefield Girl Scout camp to be soldThe Augusta ChronicleCamp Cofitachiqui, which serves Aiken and Edgefield Girl Scout s, is being sold and will close by the end of October...

Issaquah Boy Scout honors Bill Gates - Issaquah Press
Issaquah PressIssaquah Boy Scout honors Bill Gates Issaquah PressBy Judy Co Nick Co smiles with Bill Gates, to whom he just awarded the Boy Scouts' Silver Buffalo Award, a high honor...

Issaquah Boy Scout honors Bill Gates - Issaquah Press
Issaquah PressIssaquah Boy Scout honors Bill GatesIssaquah PressBy Judy Co Nick Co smiles with Bill Gates, to whom he just awarded the Boy Scouts' Silver Buffalo Award, a high honor...




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They Saved the Baby from the River!
John Fitzgerald, 9, Christian Nanson, 11, and other members of Pack 100 and Troop 100 were swimming in Nebraska’s Platte River when Christian spotted a baby floating facedown in the...

He saved the boy from the riptide!
As Todd Staszak, 15, was bodyboarding at Hatteras, N.C., he heard cries for help. A man was trying to save his son and his son’s friend as a powerful riptide...

He saved his friends from the oncoming car!
As Trevor Robinson, 18, and four friends were walking across the parking lot of their school in Carmichael, Calif., a car traveling almost 30 miles an hour rounded a corner...




Thoughts to Ponder


The Barber and the Boy 

A young boy enters a barbershop and the barber whispers to his customer, "This is the dumbest kid in the world. Watch while I prove it to you." The barber puts a dollar bill in one hand and two quarters in the other, then calls the boy over and asks, "Which do you want, son?" The boy takes the quarters and leaves. "What did I tell you?" said the barber. "That kid never learns!"
Later, when the customer leaves, he sees the same young boy coming out of the ice cream store. "Hey, son! May I ask you a question? Why did you take the quarters instead of the dollar bill?" The boy licked his cone and replied, "Because the day I take the dollar, the game's over!"
The Empty Tea Cup
A Japanese Zen master received a professor who came inquiring about Zen. It was obvious to the master from the start of the conversation that the professor was not so much interested in learning about Zen as he was impressing the master with his own opinions and knowledge. The master listened patiently. He finally suggested they have tea. The master began to fill the visitor's teacup until it was full and then continued to pour. The tea flowing over the lip of the cup filling the saucer and the over onto the tea tray. The professor watched the overflowing teacup until he could no longer restrain himself. "The cup is full! No more will go in!" he said. "Like this cup," the master said, "you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your cup."



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