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The Insanescouter
March 30, 2010

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Greetings and welcome to another InsaneScouter Newsletter.

First, I would like to announce the winner of our trivia contest “What branch of Scouting for older boys became an official part of the Scouting movement in 1912?” Those of you who said “Sea Scouts” were correct … well sort of … Here is some text as sent to me by one of our readers.

“The statement in the handbook is not really correct.The man A A Carey mentioned as the Scoutmaster of a troop called Pioneer was not a Scoutmaster and there was no troop called Pioneer.

A A Carey was the equivalent of a District Chairman in the Boston District in Waltham, Massachusetts in 1910. He founded a Scout troop on 28 November 1910 and three weeks later the troop acquired a boat which they renamed Pioneer. They trained in seamanship and went on their Long Cruise in June 1911 and are therefore considered to be Sea Scouts.

The date 1912 is also wrong. I found the original account in the New York Times archives. The Sea Scout program was officially adopted by the BSA at the annual meeting in 1913.”

Ok Ok enough history lesson …. The winner of the contest is Ted Nichols congratulations you won a 1 year subscription to Please reply to this email so that I can get you hooked up.

Second our next contest winner will be the 1,000th subscriber to this newsletter. Our friends at Lodge Mfg have graciously agreed to give a 10 ¼ inch skillet with a glass lid to our 1,000th subscriber. This skillet is valued at almost $50 dollars. You can see what this pan looks like in this picture and on their website at See this blog post for more details is now live. There are 389 books currently available. In these books you will find all the ideas you will ever need including activities, games, songs, skits, ceremonies, stories, crafts, recipes, etc. If you have any books to share with us, please send me an email.


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Also as part of this new control panel you can now host your Scouting project with InsaneScouter. You get 20mb of space and 1 mysql database with the free package. With a $25 a year paid upgrade you get 50mb space and 5 mysql databases among many other features. The $15 1gb upgrade is only for those already at the $25 paid level. To find these upgrades look in the new control panel and click on “Upgrade Account”. (Several of these paid features are still under development.)

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New Content

Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Football Pudding
1 package instant pudding mix                milk called for in directions on package 2 re-sealable bags Pour both milk and pudding mix into a plastic bag. Squeeze all the air out and seal. Place firstbag in second bag and squeeze all the air out, seal. Stand in a circle and toss the “football”around for about five minuets. When pudding is done snip the corner of the bags and squeeze into cups for serving....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Remember Me?
Some people call me Old Glory, others call me the Star Spangled Banner, but whatever they call me, I am your Flag, the Flag of the United States of America... Something has been bothering me, so I thought I might talk it over with you... because it is about you and me. I remember some time ago people lined up on both sides of the street to watch the parade and naturally I was leading...
Home > About Us > Staff Bio
Steve O'Connor
Name: Steve O’Connor (aka PTSteve or ptsteve) as in Pack Trainer SteveDate: 2010 What are your personal hobbies? Scouting, Cub Scouting, more Scouting. Hobbies involve the family, coaching my sons teams, being their Den Leader, being a Leader in the Pack as the Pack Trainer, representing our Pack at Roundtables, being a blogger for InsaneScouter. It is also fun to work with Scott and help improve Insane Scouter. I also have to remember to keep FUN in all...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Lunch
Mini Football Subs
Meat balls                     spaghetti sauce Shredded cheese      individual-size rolls Combine meatballs and spaghetti sauce in a skillet and warm them through. For each sub, cut aV-shaped notch from the top of an individual-size roll, place meatball in the roll, and top with cheese shred laces. Finally, get the sandwiches in a huddle on a cookie sheet and place them in a warm oven for a few minutes to melt the cheese....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
When Juliette Gordon Low established Girl Scouting in 1912, the tradition of candlelight ceremonies was an important part of the various activities. Through the early years, she passed the light and spirit of Girl Scouting on to others through investitures and campfires. They, in turn, continued to pass the light and the spirit. Over the years, the light and spirit of Girl Scouting has taken many different paths. The following is a brief history of...
Home > Resources > Cub Scouts > Pinewood Derby
The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Gilbert
This is a very cute and inspiring article. I thought I would share it our readers. The article came from: yet the author is unknown… at least she know who she is.The Cub Scout Pinewood Derby and Gilbert– Author UnknownMy son Gilbert was eight years old and had been a Cub Scout only a short time. During one of his meetings he was handed a sheet of paper, a block of wood and four tires and told to return...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Our Girl Scout World
Supplies:     5 blue candles                       1 large green candle                        3 white candles #1 GS:          I light this candle for the flame of sisterhood that burns in the heart of every Girl Scout. (Light large green candle)#2 G S:         These three candles represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise. #3 GS:          On my honor I will try to serve God and my country. (Light white candle) #4 GS:          To help people at all times. (Light...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Pearls Wishing Ceremony
A meaningful ceremony to honor or recognize a person or event; to think about victims of a tragedy or disaster; or to send special thoughts to someone going through a difficult time.Materials needed: 3 candles, a pearl-like bead for each participant, a container to represent a "wishingwell"The group stands in a horse shoe.  The wishing welland candles are placed on a table and located at the head of the horseshoe. The center candle is lit."We gather here today to...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Octopus Tag
Choose one person to be the octopus. The octopus is “it.” If you are playing indoors, you will need to clear a space between two walls. If you are playing outdoors, lay two ropes on the ground about thirty feet across from each other.The person who is the octopus stands in the middle of the “field.” All other players line upon one side of the rope or against a wall. The octopus looks at them and says, “Fishy, fishy,in the sea, won’t you come and swim...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Under the bridge
Make an arch by turning two chairs forward,top to top, in front of each group. Boys are lined up in relay formation. The first boy runs to the chairs and crawls under them. Then he runs to the other end of the room and does three deep knee bends. Then he runs back to his group, jumping over the chairs on the way.If a player knocks down one of the chairs, he must replace it before he continues. Team to finish first wins....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Cub Scout
Cub Scout Spirit Opening
Preparation: Set up four candles and lights.Cubmaster: As Scouts and leaders, we are following a trail blazed by millions of boys, men, andwomen. All of them have had that Scouting spirit, which the flame of this light represents (lights first candle.)Cub Scout 1: What is Cub Scout spirit?Cub Scout 2: It is the three things we promise to do in the Cub Scout Promise.Cub Scout 3: The first part is, “I promise to do my best to do my duty...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Jump the Creek
Each boy does his best and tries to improve his last jump. Two ropes are laid parallel and close together. One at a time, the boys jump across the ‘creek.’ After all have jumped, the distance between the ropes is increased slightly. The boys must not step in the creek (between the ropes) or on the water edge (the ropes) or they are eaten by sharks and must leave the game....
Home > Resources > Activities > Pre-Openings
Outdoor Checkers
Use chalk to mark out a large checkerboard and use colored plastic plates for the checkers. As boys arrive they can join a side and work as a team to win the game....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Push - Catch
Everyone is in a circle except for one person in the middle (leader). The leader has a ball that he throws to those in the circle. The leader must shout out either push or catch. The person to whom the ball is thrown must do the opposite action that was shouted out. If the leader shouts “push,” the Cub must catch the ball. If the leader shouts catch the Cub pushes the ball.If an error is committed by either not doing the opposite or stumbling with the ball...
Home > Resources > Activities > Pre-Openings
Soccer Bowl
Set up 10 cans in the grass. Players kick a soccer ball at the cans to try and knock as many down as they can from 20 feet away....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Footprints relay
Using heavy cardboard, cutout footprints 15” long and 8” wide. Two footprints are needed per team. Play game as a competition (2 or 3 teams as a relay race at a set distance).Place both footprints one in front of the other. Step on the first with one foot and on the second with the other foot.Now lift rear foot. Pick up footprint and moveit ahead. Move lifted foot into new position.Do the same with the other foot and continue,step by step to finish line....
Home > Resources > Activities > Pre-Openings
Driveway or Parking Lot Baseball
Draw a simple baseball field (not just diamond) on the ground with chalk. Mark different colored circles in various areas of the field. Each color would indicate a type of hit: single, double, triple, or home run.To play, the player kneels or stands at home plate and tosses a stone into a circle. If he misses it’s an out.If it lands in the circle the other team can try to toss their stone into the same circle. If the second team makes...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
King's Nivy
I don't want to March with the infantry, Ride with the cavalry, Shoot with the artillery. I don't want to Fly over Germany. I'm in the King's nivy I'm in the King's nivy I'M in the King's nivy Oh.......... Replace words with motions"March"....stomp feet "Ride".....sit up and down "Shoot"....Fire rifle "Bang" "Fly";......Spread arms...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Doves of peace
Materials needed: five small paper doves for each participant. We gather here to reflect on this Pole of Peace. We come from many different backgrounds, religions, races, and may speak in different languages. Some of us have blue eyes, some brown, or green, some are blond, some brunette, or perhaps a bit of gray. We are tall, short, thin, fluffy, young and not so young. It doesn't really matter because we all deeply desire the same...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Kille, Kille, Watch, Watch
Um-pah! Um-pah! Um-pah! Um-pah! (One half of the group, repeat the first line imitating tom-tom accompaniment throughout.) Kille, kille, kille, kille, Watch, watch, watch, watch, Kay-you-kin-cum-ka-wah Kille, kille, kille, kille, Watch, watch, watch, watch, Kay-you-kin-cum-ka-wahHay-ha-hay-chalma, Hay chalma-polly-wamma; Hay-ha-hay-chalma Hay-chalma-polly-wah! Enough!...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
One, a 9-11 Ceremony
This might be something nice for a service unit to sponsor on 9/11 or join with local firefighters, police, in a ceremony already being planned.Speaker One: As the soot and dirt and ash rained down,Speaker Two: We became one color.Speaker One: As we carried each other down the stairs of the burning building Speaker Three: We became one class.Speaker One: As we lit candles of waiting and hope Speaker Four: We became one generation.Speaker One: As the...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
The keeper did a hunting go And under his cloak he carried a bow All for to shoot of a merry little doe Among the leaves so green O.CHORUS:- (2 parts)1. Jacky Boy2. Master1. Sing ye well 2. Very Well 1. Hey Down2. Ho down 1. Derry derry down Amongst the leaves go green O. (both)1. To my hey down, down2. To my ho down, down1. Hey Down2. Ho Down1. Derry derry down Amongst the leaves so green O. (both)The first doe he shot and he missed The second...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
The Magic Necklace
A Lesson on the GS Promise                        [Hint: doing the craft while telling the story is doubly effective] Once upon a time, there was a wise old needle who decided to make a beige necklace. It enlisted the help of some string and set out on its journey. Beads rushed by the thousands to join. The needle welcomed all the beads and quickly threaded them on. This process went on for quite some time. The necklace got...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Keep The Campfire Burning
Keep the camp fire burning,Day to night is turning Soon our fancies with the stars in dreams shall roam;Let the light be glowing,Warmth land sleep bestowing 'Till at last the dawn comes up for the long trail home....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
GORP Ceremony
Tonight/Today we will build a sweet and healthy snack to nourish our bodies. It symbolizes how the many ways of Girl Scouting nourishes our spirits.We have a promise and a law. On our honor, we try to do our best to be fair and square. So we will begin with CHEX.Girl Scouts come in all colors, from all races around the world. Every Girl Scout is a sister no matter where she is from, no...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Keep On The Sunny Side
Chorus: Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side, Keep on the sunny side of life, YEE-HAW! You will feel no pain as we drive you all insane, so Keep on the sunny side of life! (between choruses, do a series of knock-knock jokes, like the following:)Leader: Knock knock! All: Who's there? Leader: Ether! All: Ether who? Leader: The Ether Bunny! HA HA HA HA... Leader: Knock knock! All: Who's there? Leader: Nother! All: Nother who? Leader: Nother Ether...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Cookie Award Ceremony
Leader: Girl Scouting helps each girl to grow as she:Scout: Develops Values.Scout: Relates to other with increasing understanding, skill and respect.Scout: Deepens her awareness of herself as a person of worth.Scout: Contributes to her society in cooperative efforts with others.Leader: Girl Scouting is an informal educational program designed to inspire girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism, and service that they may become happy and resourceful citizens. Everyone who is a member of the...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Keep On Scouting
Let me keep on Scouting Through the years to come Let me know the pleasures And the joy and fun, Ever aiding others better men to be, That, we know "Good Scouting" Brings to you and me....
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Girl Scouts
Tree Planting Ceremony
Supplies: 1. Tree                  2. Shovels Procedure: Dig hole in advance; any digging done during the ceremony is only for symbolism. Assemble the group in a circle around the hole with the tree placed next to the hole.LEADER: Good friends, Troop # _____ will plant a tree that each year will say that those who walked these paths today have left a growing memory here to bring new loveliness each year.#1 GS: And so I dig the...




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