Friendship Logs & Ashes Ceremony


This ceremony may be part of a Day Camp Fire. It is done in two parts, the opening with the friendship logs and closing with the ashes. Each unit will have decorated a log with items from nature to represent their feelings about Cub Scouts, Day Camp, dreams for the tomorrows to come, etc. and will have it with them at the Fire Ring. In turn, each unit comes up to the already burning campfire and holds their log up high for all to see. The campers tell what the log represents to them and asks the group to join them in a song that is meaningful to their unit. As the song ends, the two campers holding the log place it in the fire. This is repeated until each unit's log has been placed in the fire. When it is time for the closing the Guardian of the Fire tells the campers of the "Legend of the Ashes"

"Long, long ago, before matches and central heating, fires were a precious commodity; the Indians had a warm and meaningful custom. Before a guest left his host's home fire, he was given some hot coals to start his own fire on his return home. This ancient custom is now being carried on by Cub Scouts. (if you have one, the bag of ashes from past campfires are held high for all to see. If you have none tell the group this is the beginning of this tradition at this camp.) "These ashes come from (read list of where the ashes have come from) As these ashes with their friendship, love, and warm thoughts and wishes from campfires past are poured in the fire they will mix with the ashes from your friendship logs. If you listen closely you will hear the laughter and feel the warmth of campfires of yesterday. These ashes gathered here will be passed on from Cub Scout to Cub Scout, from yesterday to tomorrow, from place to place for as long as there are campfires and Cub Scouts to share at your next campfire. Now that we are filled with the warmth of the fire and friendships here, let us each reach out and take the hand of one near us and sing (song of choice)."

(The next morning baggiest are filled with ashes for each camper and a list of where the ashes are from given to each camper).



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