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Volume: 2

Issue: 11

November / December 2003

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Games / Activities

Turkey Feather Relay

Divide into relay teams. The first player of each team is given a long turkey feather. At the word "Go" each throws his feather, javelin style, toward the finish line. As soon as it comes

to earth, he picks it up and throws it again, and continues until he crosses the finish line. He then picks it up and runs back to his team to give the feather to the next player and play continues until the first team has all players finish.

Corn Pitching

You will need a good-sized bowl and 6 kernels of corn. Each player takes turns pitching the corn kernels, one at a time, into the bowl from a set distance. The leader must keep score of how many kernels end up in the bowl. The winner is the one with the highest score after three rounds.


This is essentially the old "Fruit Basket Upset" game with a Thanksgiving name. The players sit on chairs facing toward the center of the circle. There should be one more player than there are chairs. The player without a chair is the center. An adult should name each of the players with a Thanksgiving related name like Squash, Corn, Apple , Turkey . After everyone is named, the center calls out two of the names, "Corn and Apple." Those two players must leave their chairs, and with the center, try to get to an empty chair first. The one left standing is the new center. At any time, the center can also call "The cornucopia has tipped over!" Then everyone scrambles for a new chair. Again, the one who ends up without a seat is the new center. A player keeps his same name throughout the game. A name can be given to more than one person to make the game even more exciting.

Chex Party Mix

Ingredients: aluminum foil pie tin (mark boys' names on each tin)

Dry: Corn Chex, Rice Chex, Wheat Chex, Cheerios, Pretzels, Crispix, Nuts, etc.

Sauce: 1/2 cup butter,9 Tbs. Worcestershire, 2 1/2 Tbs. Garlic Salt

Ask the boys to each bring one of the "dry" ingredients for chex mix, just like at the First Thanksgiving. Put them in bowls with measuring cups and spoons for scoops. Let each boy select the ingredients he wants in an aluminum pie tin while the leader makes the sauce. Dribble sauce over each boy's mixture and heat it in an oven at 250 ° F for about 1 hour. Cool and serve.

Tur…key Riddles

The answer for each item starts with the letters "tur". Complete the answers.

1. An oriental head covering tur_______

2. Covering found on an athletic field tur_______

3. A large bird tur_______

4. To rotate tur_______

5. A person who turns tur_______

6. An edible root tur_______

7. A small pie or tart tur_______

8. A native of the county Turkey tur_______

9. A blue-green color tur_______

10. A kind of engine tur_______

11. A high necked shirt tur_______

12. A hard shelled reptile tur_______


Answers: 1-turban 2-turf 3-turkey 4-turn 5-turner 6-turnip 7-turnover 8-Turk 9-turquoise 10-turbine 11-turtleneck 12-turtle

Blessing Mix

(Each ingredient in this snack mix symbolizes something associated with Thanksgiving.)

2 cups Bugles brand corn snacks - shaped as a cornucopia, a horn of plenty

2 cups pretzels - represent arms folded in thanks and prayer

1 cup candy corn - during the first winter, the Pilgrims were each allotted only 5 kernels of

corn per day because food was so scarce

1 cup dried or candy fruits - Thanksgiving is the celebration of the harvest

1 cup peanuts or sunflower seeds - seeds represent the potential of a bounteous harvest for

the next season if they are planted and well tended

In a large bowl mix all ingredients together. Other ingredients such as dry cereals, candies, or marshmallows can also be added. Make this mix as a family and eat while discussing each ingredient and how it relates to Thanksgiving.

Fun Facts about Pilgrim Children

•  Children in 1600s New England had to work hard. Their chores included: fetching water from the brook or springs, gathering firewood, herding animals, gathering berries and other wild plants, and helping their parents cook, clean, preserve food, plant and harvest crops, and care for younger children.

•  Even though Pilgrim children worked very hard, they still had time to play. They probably played marbles, ball games, board games and running games.

•  Children were expected to show courtesy to adults, including their parents, by bowing and curtsying to them.

•  Both boys and girls in 1600s England and New England wore gowns (dresses) until they were about seven years old.

•  There was no school in the early years of New Plymouth. Parents who wanted their children to learn to read and write taught them themselves or had their children taught by neighbors.

•  Children often slept on mattresses that were laid on the floor at night. The mattresses were usually stuffed with straw. Some children slept in their parents' bed.

•  Children and adults probably only took baths a few times a year. They thought bathing was unhealthy.

Christmas Scramble

Beforehand, choose a Christmas word such as Christmas, Candy Cane, Santa Claus, Reindeer and write each letter of the word on individual index cards. Make two sets of each word, putting each set in its own paper bag. Divide the kids into two teams and give each team a bag. The first team to unscramble the letters in that bag scores a point. Continue with the other sets of Christmas words.

Christmas luminaries

A Christmas tradition in many homes and neighborhoods is designating a night during the Christmas holiday to line their driveways and sidewalks with candle luminaries. You can purchase brown or white quart sized paper bags and let the kids draw their own Christmas designs on them. These are easily lit with small decorative candles or sterno candles. Make sure you place a rock inside the bag to keep it from blowing over or away.

Acrostic Poems

An Acrostic poem provided a simple framework to write a poem. The first letter of each line of the poem starts with the letter running down the page:

F or all, Christmas

U sually is the

N icest of times.

See if you can write one using one of the following words written down the page: Snowman, Merry Christmas, Santa Claus, White Christmas, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas and other words you can think of.

Scavenger Hunt

Ahead of time, prepare the hunt field with the clues and/or prizes. To start, give the kids the first clue of where to look for something, without being obvious about the location. You can do this individually or in small groups. A goodwill twist to this would be to make a list of food or household items that are needed by a local charity. Ask the kids to go house to house to collect as many items as they can. If your community is large, you might prefer having the kids contact only people they know.

Snow Shovel Relay

Divide into two teams and give each team a pie tin, spatula and a large bag of cotton balls. Each team empties the bag of cotton balls at their feet and places their pie tin about 10 feet away. On the signal, the first player scoops up as many cotton balls as the spatula will hold, carries them to the pie tin, and drops them in. No hands are allowed on the cotton balls. Continue in relay fashion until one team successfully gets all the cotton balls in the pie tin.

Loading Santa's Sleigh

Divide into relay teams (two for a den, more for a pack). A distance away from each team, place a pile of presents (wrapped empty boxes). There should be one present for each boy on each team. Beside each team, place Santa's sleigh - a decorated chair. Select a boy on each team to be the Santa. On the signal, the first player in each team runs to the pile, picks up a present, and gives it to Santa before tagging the next player to go. Santa must hold all the presents in his arms until the last present is delivered to him. Then he can load up the sleigh. The first team to have all the presents on the chair and not falling off, wins.

Snowball Toss

Each player receives three "snow balls" (ping pong balls or crumpled pieces of paper, ping pong ball sized). A small box is place in the center of a group of boys. The boys form a circle around the box and one by one, take turns tossing a ball into the box. If the ball stays in, it's the next boy's turn. If it doesn't stay in, the boy retrieves it for another try. Continue going around and around the circle. The first boy without any snowballs left is the winner.

Wrap the Package Relay

Each team should have 4 to 7 players. The first player on each team is given a trinket; the second, a small box; the third some gift wrap; the fourth, cellophane tape; the fifth, ribbons; the sixth, seals or stickers; the seventh, a gift card. At the signal, the sides try to wrap the gift, being careful to be neat. Except for the third and fourth players, everyone must work on their own. At the end, award up to 4 points for neatness and 6 points for speediness.

Den Dog Team Race

One boy in each den is the driver; the others are Huskies. Give the driver a three-by-three foot piece of corrugated cardboard for a sled and each Husky a four-foot length of rope. Allow den chiefs one minute to make sure their Huskies know how to tie a square knot. On signal, the Huskies tie their ropes together. The driver holds one end of the rope with one hand and his “sled” with the other as he is pulled to a finish line 30 or more feet away.

Cub Scout Basics Match Game

Select the one Cub Scout "basics" that best describes the numbered items below.

A = Cub Scout Promise B = Law of the Pack

C = Motto, Slogan and Webelos D = Sign, Handshake and Salute

____ 1. To help other people, and

____ 2. The Cub Scout follows Akela

____ 3. Use right hand, put first two fingers along the inside of the other boy's wrist

____ 4. Do Your Best

____ 5. To do my duty to God and my country

____ 6. The Cub Scout gives goodwill

____ 7. Use right hand, keep your first two fingers closed, touch cap or your eyebrow

____ 8. I {name} promise to do my best

____ 9. WE'll BE LOyal Scouts

____ 10. The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow

____ 11. To obey the Law of the Pack.

____ 12. Extend right arm up and point first two fingers up and out (like wolf ears)

____ 13. Do a Good Turn Daily

____ 14. The Cub Scout helps the Pack go

Answers: 1-A 2-B 3-D 4-C 5-A 6-B 7-D 8-A 9-C 10-B 11-A 12-D 13-C 14-B


The First Thanksgiving Skit

Scene: The narrator who reads the tale is off to one side. The boys in costume will pantomime the necessary actions.


In sixteen hundred and twenty one ( pantomime digging up soil )

The Pilgrims knew their work wasn't done,

But they took time out from their toiler's ranks ( sit and eat bread )

To break bread together and give thanks.


They'd cut down trees and buried their dead ( chop down trees )

They'd grown yellow corn to grind for their bread ( plant seeds )

They'd crossed the ocean and weathered the waves ( sit, rocking back and forth )

And learned new ways from Indian braves.


They'd built log houses with earthen floors ( lift heavy logs )

They had no bakeries and no stores ( stirring and kneading dough )

They cooked over fire and worked in the rain ( stirring a large pot )

They had very little but didn't complain.


They had come to this land to be more free.

And they didn't miss harsh tyranny.

They were grateful for fresh water and tasty fish. ( catch and clean fish )

And all the land for which they could wish.


They knew they had much more to do

The work was great and their numbers few.

And though they had no time for play ( eat at a feast )

They took time out for Thanksgiving day.

Plymouth Rock Encounter Skit

Scene: Cut out a ship from cardboard; make a large rock and put a label "Plymouth Rock." In front of it; have party hats, noise makers, musical instruments and 4 or more Indians. Have the ship just visible by the audience and the Indians are by the rock looking at it.

Indian 1: Ugh! I see ship coming our way.

Indian 2: Shall we scare them away with war party?

Indian 1: No!

Indian 3: Shall we hide so they do not see us?

Indian 1: No!

(continue banter for each Indian)

Indian 4: Then what we do? Tell quick, they come fast!

Indian 1: (whispers to other Indian; they all leave the stage and come back with party hats on, noisemakers and horns, dancing around in circles)

Indian 1: Ugh! This right idea. We send greeting PARTY and Indian BAND to welcome settlers to Plymouth Rock.

Turkey Contest

Four guys are dressed up like turkeys waiting for the Best Turkey Contest with one turkey really strutting his stuff. Feathers can be made from construction paper and brown type clothes worn. The one turkey who is strutting his stuff, really wants to win. He preens, even leaves for a minute coming back with additional stuffing sticking out. Comments are made about this turkey by the others. The contest begins and the strutting turkey wins only to find out that the winner gets to be Thanksgiving Dinner. The turkey starts to run and the judge chases after him telling the audience how he loves a happy winner.

Pilgrims Came

(tune: Yankee Doodle)

The Pilgrims came across the sea,

From England , far away

And now we always think of them

When it's Thanksgiving day!


The Mayflower was their sailing ship,

Across the waves and foam,

They landed here on Plymouth Rock,

And this was their new home.


The bitter wind was so very hard,

That many Pilgrims died,

By spring they had some growing crops,

And Indian friends beside.


When harvest time came, they were glad,

They had learned many things.

The Indians joined them in their feast,

Their very first Thanksgiving.


Some folks think that they were sad,

I think that they were glad.

We thank the Pilgrims every one,

For our Thanksgiving Day.


Turkey Song

(tune: Bring Back My Bonnie)

My turkey went walking one morning,

The November weather to see.

A man with a hatchet approached her,

Oh bring back my turkey to me.


Chorus :

Bring back, bring back,

Oh bring back my turkey to me, to me!

Bring back, bring back,

Oh bring back my turkey to me!


I went down the sidewalks a shopping,

The sights in shop windows to see.

And everywhere hung great fat gobblers,

Oh bring back my turkey to me.



I went out to dinner and ordered,

The best things they had I could see.

They brought it all roasted and sizzling,

They brought back my turkey to me.


Final Chorus :

Brought back, brought back,

They brought back my turkey to me, to me!

Brought back, brought back,

They brought back my turkey to me!

A Cub Scout's Thanksgiving Prayer Opening

O Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing

For loved ones and friends that are near.

We thank you for food and for love and for life

And the spirit of Scouting that's here.

We thank you for leaders who care about boys,

Who give us their time – that's better than toys!

We thank you for dads who help us learn right,

For moms who sew on our badges at night.

For all this, thank you, dear Lord up above,

For being in Scouting is something we love!

Give Thanks Opening

Have ten Cub Scouts with signs with the letters G I V E T H A N K S on each front. On the back, write out their speaking parts.

Cub 1: G is for the Glorious autumn the Pilgrims knew so well.

Cub 2: I is for the Indian Summer that cast a magic spell.

Cub 3: V is for the Valiant men of old who crossed the stormy sea.

Cub 4: E is for the Endless labors performed so faithfully.

Cub 5: T is for the Trackless wasteland where red men hunted food.

Cub 6: H is for the Homes the Pilgrims from nearby forest hewed.

Cub 7: A is for the wild Animals lurking so dangerously at hand.

Cub 8: N is for the Nuts and fruits that helped to feed the little band.

Cub 9: K is for the Keenness and vision of those who this land first trod.

Cub 10: S is for the Spirit that kept them strong, with eternal faith in God.

All: Tonight we give thanks to God above, for His guidance and his never ending love.

Pilgrim's Trunk Advancement Ceremony

Set up: Place a rocking chair by an old steamer trunk. Inside the trunk, put a braided rug, a kerosene lamp, and other "old time" memorabilia (rag doll, wooden spoon, etc.) The Cubmaster is dressed as a pilgrim and another leader is dressed up like an older pilgrim and rocking in the chair.


CM: We hear many things about the character of our ancestors. One important trait was perseverance to get the job done. (show the braided rug)

CM: They also had the faith to see the bright future of our great land. (raise the lamp)

(continue touting pioneer traits and showing the appropriate prop)

CM: Our own Cub Scouts have inherited many of these wonderful characteristics and we will award their badges tonight from this heritage. (finds badge(s) and calls the Cub (or the den) and parents forward to receive it)


Thanksgiving Closing Ceremony

Scene: Pilgrims are sitting around a table.


Ldr: We have a lot be thankful for at this time of the year. We work and for this we see all the good things that come of it. Let us all share something good with each other at this time.

Cub 1: Do the very best you can and leave the rest to God.

Cub 2: Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, life is a cinch.

Cub 3: A clean conscience is a soft pillow.

Cub 4: We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.

Cub 5: There is no failure except to give up.

Cub 6: Our country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right. When wrong, to be made right.

Ldr: We certainly all have a LOT to be thankful for.

Tom-Tom Closing

Form the group into a large circle and do the friendship dance: everyone faces in and holds arms around their neighbor's shoulders or waist while doing a slow side step dance to a one, two beat of a tom-tom. Close by reciting this benediction: "May the Good Spirit be with you until we meet again."

Christmas Carol Opening

Dim the lights and have all the Cubs come marching in very slowly, singing Christmas carols and carrying a lighted candle (or flashlight pointing up). Have the Color Guard follow and when the room lights come on, lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance. Then lead everyone in singing Silent Night.

The Gift of Goodwill Opening

A group of eight Cubs are gathered around, wrapping Christmas gifts. The Den Chief enters.

D Chf: Hey guys, let me see what each of you is wrapping!

Cub 1: G loves for my Dad.

Cub 2: An O wl plaque for my Mom.

Cub 3: O reo cookies for my little brother.

Cub 4: A D oll for my sister.

Cub 5: W ind chimes for my Mom.

Cub 6: I nk pens for my big brother.

Cub 7: A L amp for my Mom.

Cub 8: A L acy handkerchief for my Grandma.

D Chf: Hey, you guys are really giving good will! (laughs)

Cubs: We hope so. Aren't we supposed to do that year round?

D Chf: Yes, but let me show you something that's quite unusual. (takes a posterboard and marking pen) Tell me again what each of you are giving. (he writes the first letter of each gift) Look again!

Cub 1: Hey, that's all right! We really are giving Goodwill!

Solving a Christmas Problem Opening

Have a Christmas tree set up with a chair beside it. As the scene begins, Cub #6 is seated, head in hands, by the tree. The other Cubs enter and speak to him.

Cub 1: What is wrong with you? We've got a lot of work to do.

Cub 2: Come on, don't be so down. Your face looks terrible with that frown.

Cub 3: Tell us why you are so sad. At Christmas time you should be glad.

Cub 4:Maybe with Christmas so near, he's worrying about what he's getting this


Cub 5: Come on and let us help you out, because helping others is part of being a

Cub Scout.

Cub 6: (jumps up with a big smile on his face and shakes hands with Cub 5) That's

it! Thanks old buddy. My thinking sure was pretty muddy.

Cub 7: (all Cubs look at each other, puzzled) What did he do that made things right?

I guess I'm just not too bright!

Cub 6: (speaking with lots of expression) I have no money to buy my Mom a gift you

see, but now I know I'll give her, just helpful little me!

Cub 8: Boy I'm glad you've helped us all remember, the important part of that holiday

in December!

(All put their arms around each other and walk off stage as a happy group.)

That's Christmas Opening

The boys come on stage and stand in line. They can hold Christmas decorations, gifts, etc. Each speaks his line in turn.

Cub 1: Secrets, secrets in the air. Merry greetings everywhere. That's Christmas!

Cub 2: Cedar boughs in every nook. Holly everywhere you look. That's Christmas!

Cub 3: Christmas trees with baubles bright. Flashing in the candlelight. That's


Cub 4: Hearth fires leaping high to show faces in the firelight's glow. That's


Cub 5: Spicy smells of things to eat promising a welcome treat. That's Christmas!

Cub 6: Bundles big and bundles small, and we must not look at all. That's Christmas!

Cub 7: Little whispers all about, but we can't find one thing out. That's Christmas!

Cub 8: Such a lot of things to do, shopping trips and wrapping too. That's Christmas!

Cub 9: Time for fun and song and play. Just the year's most happy day. That's


Cub 10: Joy in all we have and do. Wishing joy for others too. That's Christmas!

All: So we gladly join to say, here's to wish you a happy day. That's Christmas!

Snowflake Advancement Ceremony

Set up: Make one snowflake for each award and attach the award to it. If desired, provide a snowflake for each parent as well.

CM: Snowflakes are always six-sided. Did you know there are also six major steps in Cub Scouts?

CM: Will our Advancement Chair please come up to present our advancements for the month?

CM: Tigers, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Tiger badge to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: Bobcats, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Bobcat badge to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: Wolf Cubs, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Wolf badge to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: Bears, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Bear badge to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: Webelos, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Webelos badge (or Activity Badges) to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: Arrow of Light recipients, please come forward with your parents. Parents, please present the Arrow of Light badge to your son. Then remain on stage. (Adv. Chair hands snowflakes to parent(s))

CM: (to people up front) Please hold up your snowflake so we can all see. With this group of people gathered here, we have made a snowstorm out of a lot of snowflakes. Just as the wind blows snow in a storm, parents provide the force to direct a Cub Scout to develop physically, mentally and morally. Let's give them all a hearty round of applause!

Christmas Advancement Ceremony

Set up: Have a Christmas tree with various colored lights. (This can be a cardboard tree with holes for the lights.) The bulbs should be unscrewed slightly so that they can be easily turned on at the proper time.

CM: As we look at our tree this evening, we see that it is dark, with only one light on. (Screw in top light.) This is the light, which represents the Webelos Arrow of Light Award. Let us see if there are boys here tonight who can help light the way to the top of the tree, to the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

CM: The first step along the Cub Scout trail is the BOBCAT. (Turn on light at the bottom. If there are any Bobcats to be inducted do it here.) Once a boy has achieved this honor, he is ready to climb. There are 12 achievements to complete for the rank of Wolf. Some of these require knowledge of the United States flag, of keeping strong, of safety and being useful to the family. The following boys have completed these requirements: (Call them forward - and any boys who have earned any arrow points.) Thank you boys. We are now able to turn on the light representing the Wolf rank. (Turn on next light.)

CM: As the boy grows older and stronger, he is able to climb higher. But just as it is a little more difficult to climb the upper branches of a tree, so the achievements are a little more difficult for the Bear rank. (Call forward any boys receiving Bear and Bear arrow points.) These boys have helped us light our tree, but it is still not quite as it might be. Since they have received help from their parents and leaders, let us turn on a light for them, too. (Turn on another light.)

CM: Now the boys have reached 4th grade or 5th grade and have more climbing to do. This last climb will bring them to the top of the tree and the coveted Arrow of Light. To reach there they must attain the Webelos Award. In order to reach the Webelos Award they must first earn activity badges. (Call forward Webelos who have earned their various activity badges.) Thank you boys. As you have learned throughout Cub Scouting, you have helped to make the world brighter. (Turn on another light.) And now the boys who have earned their Webelos badge and have begun to learn what Scouting really is. (Call these boys forward) (Light the next light)

CM: Now our tree is complete. As you can seen, it has taken boys plus parents and leaders to complete it. With the same effort you have shown before, keep working for the highest rank in Cub Scouting. Congratulations to you and your parents for the fine work you have done.

Season of Lights Closing Ceremony

Scene: Six candles, matches, a narrator and six Cub

Narrator: (Pause after each sentence to let a Cub light a candle.) This is the season of lights. (pause) It is the time of year when the days are shorter and the nights are long, but somehow the world is brighter. (pause) Thousands of homes have candles or colored lights to light the way for the Christ child. (pause) Other thousands of homes have candles burning to commemorate the miracle of the oils of Hanukkah. (pause) Even the stars in the winter sky seem brighter. (pause) But the most brilliant glow comes from the spirit of good will that comes all year round in the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. (pause)

Goodwill Closing

Eight Cubs, each holding one card with a letter G O O D W I L L should hold theirs up as they speak their part.

Cub 1: G - Good Cub Scouts are friends to all.

Cub 2: O - On their honor to obey the Pack Law.

Cub 3: O - Once they spread good will all around.

Cub 4: D - Doubled friendships will surely be found.

Cub 5: W - Working together to make the universe a better place.

Cub 6: I - Including as friends, boys from each faith and race.

Cub 7: L - Leaving behind them a path of good cheer.

Cub 8: L - Let's all practice it now and all through our years.

Skits / Applauses / Fables / Songs

Edible Turkey

2 double-stuffed Oreos candy corn raisinettes

Open one Oreo. The half that has the filling will be the base for your turkey to stand on. Eat the other piece, if desired. Place the other Oreo on the filling standing upright. This is your turkey body. Carefully place five candy corns into the filling on the upright Oreo. These are the feathers. Place a raisinette in front of the turkey body for the head. Place on your table as a decoration, or gobble it right up!

Kid's Krunchy Krazy Korn

8 c popcorn 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup butter

1/4 cup corn syrup 1/2 tsp. baking soda 1 tsp. vanilla

Heat oven to 250°F. Place popcorn in 15x10x1" baking pan. In a large saucepan, combine brown sugar, margarine and corn syrup; bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly. Simmer 2 minutes; remove from heat. Stir in baking soda and vanilla. Pour mixture evenly over popcorn curls; mix well. Bake at 250°F for 30 minutes, stirring twice during baking. Immediately remove from pan; cool completely on waxed paper or greased foil. Store in tightly covered container.

Cranberry Nut Mix

2 cups sunflower seeds, raw 1 cup pine nuts 1 cup pumpkin seeds, raw

1 cup cranberries, dried and sweetened 1 cup raisins

Measure all of the ingredients into a mixing bowl and stir with a wooden spoon until well combined. Transfer some to a festive bowl to serve as an appetizer.

Sleepy Donder Audience Participation Skit

Reindeer - "Twinkle, twinkle" Cat - "Meow, meow"

Sleep - snoring sound Dog - "Bow wow"

Candy - "Yum, yum" Cow - "Moo, moo"

Dress - "Swish, swish" Quiet - everyone raise hands silently


You've heard that Santa, when he makes his trip on Christmas Eve, usually drives eight tiny reindeer . But do you know that when the weather is mild all over the world on Christmas Eve, he only drives six? Then he leaves his two storm reindeer , Donder and Blitzen, at home. Now, Donder and Blitzen are the strongest, fastest animals that Santa has. They are the ones he can count on to get him through hail, sleet, snow or rain as they make their yearly trip. But, Donder has a bad habit. He likes to sleep , and sleep , and sleep .

Yes, just as some boys like too much candy , and some girls like too many dresses , Donder likes to sleep . One day he said, "Santa, all winter the groundhog sleeps . All winter, the black bear sleeps . This winter, why can't I sleep ?" "You can't," said the cat . "You can't," said the dog . "You can't," said the cow . So Santa got out a great big book, looked inside and said, "Donder, my big almanac says this year's Christmas Eve will be mild. Why don't you sleep and see how you like it?"

Donder went off to a cave to sleep . Up in his workshop, Santa toiled. Around him were his cat , his dog , his cow , and all the other reindeer . At last it was Christmas Eve. Santa looked out his window, and a heavy snow was falling. The almanac was wrong! It looked for sure like a huge storm coming on! "Donder!" called Santa. But Donder was asleep .

"Donder!" called the cat , and the dog and the cow and the other reindeer . " Quiet !" said Santa. Out of the cave came Donder. "What a beautiful snowstorm!" he exclaimed. "To think that I nearly missed it! I'll never try to spend another winter asleep ."

Into their places ran all the reindeer . Into the sleigh jumped Santa with all the presents. "Merry Christmas" called the cat , and the dog , and the cow as they waved good-bye to Santa and the reindeer .

"Merry Christmas!" called Santa as he and the reindeer , led by Donder and Blitzen, disappeared into the snowstorm on their way to deliver toys and candy to good boys and girls all over the world!


Mr. Boyce and the Good Turn

Narrator: It's a foggy night in London . The year is 1910. An American businessman is lost in the fog.

Bsman: (Mr. William Boyce dressed in top coat, carrying brief case and umbrella. He wonders around the stage looking for a house number.) I don't think I can find my way tonight.

(A Scout comes on stage)

Cub: May I help you sir?

Bsman: I am looking for this address. Can you tell me how to find it?

Cub: I sure can. I'll take you there.

(They walk to a certain spot on stage)

Cub: Here you are, Sir!

Bsman: Thank you, and here you are (gives him some money) for helping me.

Cub: Thank you, but I can't accept anything. I am a Scout and this is my Good Turn for the day.

Narrator: Mr. Boyce was so impressed with this action that he looked up the Scouting movement in England . He brought back to America a suitcase full of pamphlets. He incorporated the Boy Scouts of America on February 8, 1910 .

The Boy Scouts of America grew by leaps and bounds. A Federal Charter was granted to it by Congress in 1916, an honor given to few organizations.

Today it is a world brotherhood bound together by common ideals and a common oath or promise.


The Scout Uniform

This skit needs two Cubs, both dressed in full Cub uniform, complete with shoes, socks, neckerchief, and hat. Only a little rehearsal is needed, and it is best to ad lib as the Cubs go along. Cub #2 should demonstrate Cub #1's requests as quickly as possible, playing for the audience's response. By the end of the skit, the second Cub will be a complete mess.

Cub 1: Good evening Cubs and parents. Tonight my associate and I will demonstrate the proper way to wear the official Cub Scout uniform for all of our parents and especially for the new Cubs and their parents.

(Cub 1 reads from a list)

Cub 1: First, notice the lovely shade of blue and yellow. See how the colors complement each other?

(Cub 2 acts as a model, posing and waving his hand in a smooth motion from hat to trousers.)

Cub 1: Notice the badges identifying the den, rank, pack number, and council?

(Cub #2 points to each patch in succession)

Cub 1: Now notice the stiff collar, the neatly sewn shirt buttons, and the absence of lint in his trouser pockets?

(Cub 2 turns up the collar, pulling his neckerchief askew. He begins to unbutton his shirt, and pulls out his pants pockets, dropping the contents on the floor.)

Cub 1: See the neat pant cuffs, shiny leather shoes, and crumpled shirt tails?

(Cub 2 lifts a pant leg (which stays up), takes off and holds up a shoe, and pulls out his shirt tails and waves them at the audience.)

Cub 1: Also check out the regulation hat and belt, clean undershirt, and ears.

(Cub 2 takes off his hat to show and puts it back a bit lopsided. He unbuckles his belt and leaves it hanging. Then he finishes unbuttoning his shirt to show off his clean undershirt. He sticks a finger in his ear, turns it, and takes it out and inspects it.)

Cub 1: Finally, notice the stitched shirt cuffs, color coordinated Cub socks, and clean hands.

(Cub 2 unbuttons one shirtsleeve cuff and shows it off. He takes off a sock and waves it proudly, holding it up to his shirt for comparison. Then he stuffs the sock partly into a pocket and displays his clean hands.)

Cub 1: Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your attention. Cubs, I expect you to wear your uniforms as proudly as my helpful assistant wears his.

Call a Cub

(tune: If You're Happy And You Know it)

When you need a helping hand, call a Cub!

When you're whittled to a nub, call a Cub!

If you're ever in a hurry

Don't take the time to work,

When your wheel is to the hub, call a Cub!


When you're down and feeling blue, call a Cub!

They will know just what to do, call a Cub!

When your housework has you beat,

And you're dead upon your feet,

And the floor you have to scrub, call a Cub!


Now Cubs are always helpful, don't you see?

They will lend a helping hand to you and me

They always do their best,

So take it easy, take a rest,

Just set out a little grub, call a Cub!


Do Your Good Turn

(tune: Clementine)

Do your good turn, help a neighbor,

Spread friendship and joy anew,

You're a Cub Scout! WOW, a Cub Scout!

Doing good turns is what we do!


Clean the schoolyard, pick up litter,

And do errands, yes, we do!

Help our friends to do their homework,

Being helpful, that's not new.


Keep our parks clean, help our trees grow,

Make sure everything looks like new.

Be a Cub Scout! WOW, a Cub Scout!

Doing good turns, that's what we do!


Let's All Do a Little Clapping

(tune: We Wish You A Merry Christmas)

Let's all do a little clapping,

Let's all do a little clapping,

Let's all do a little clapping, and spread Christmas cheer.


You can change the clapping to other activities.

•  Jumping

•  Twirling

•  Stretching

•  Bending


Popcorn Neckerchief Slide

Materials: film canister, pipe cleaners, red or white adhesive vinyl, marker, cotton balls, plaster, popped corn, clear acrylic spray.

•  Cover the film canister with red or white adhesive vinyl.

•  Make two small cuts in the back to insert a pipe cleaner ring.

•  Make a sign "POPCORN" and tape to front of can.

•  Put one or two cotton balls in the can and pour a small amount of plaster over them for weight.

•  When dry, glue popped corn in the top part of the can. (Use enough to make sure popcorn will stick.)

•  When dry, spray with clear acrylic spray.

Teepee Table Place Holders

Materials: paper, tape or glue, large toothpicks, and crayons or markers

Make a teepee template by folding a paper into fourths, then marking an arc 4" all around from the center fold. Cut this out and your template is a double thick half circle. Have boys copy this half circle pattern on their own paper and cut it out. They should color the tepees and write the names of the people who will be sharing their Thanksgiving dinner on each teepee. Tape or glue three toothpicks onto the back of the teepee at the top. Curl the pattern into a tepee shape, overlapping one to two inches, and tape the back closed.

Pilgrim Puppet People

Materials: toilet tissue rolls, craft sticks, glue, scissors, construction paper, miscellaneous craft supplies (felt, wiggly eyes, yarn, etc.)

Cover the toilet tissue roll with black or brown construction paper. Cut an approximate two-inch circle out of white or peach construction paper and draw a face on it. Glue it onto the topside of the toilet tissue roll. To make a boy pilgrim, add a black hat with a white band and a buckle using construction paper or even felt. You can also add a belt with a buckle, and a bow tie (yarn). To make a girl pilgrim, add a white apron and hat using construction paper and felt. Make a bow on her hat, under her chin using yarn if you like. Use other scrap paper or felt to make other details like as hair, arms, and legs. Glue the craft sticks inside the bottom edge of the cardboard roll for the puppet handle. (You'll be holding the puppet above your head in this case.) You can also make Indians and turkeys this way.

Craft Stick Turkey Craft

Materials: colored craft sticks, short craft sticks, craft spoon, wiggly eyes, wooden shapes for the turkey's wattle and beak, pipe cleaners, red paint, black and yellow construction paper and glue

Glue colored crafts stick around the wooden spoon to form the turkey's tail feathers. Cut out a pilgrim hat shape from black construction paper and glue on a yellow trim and then glue it on to the top of the craft spoon. Glue on wiggly eyes. Paint a tear-drop shaped wooded piece red and glue it on to the turkey as shown. Glue on a smaller tear drop shaped piece upside down to form the beak. Glue onto smaller craft sticks on each side of the turkey's head and neck to form wings. Shape brown pipe cleaners to form the turkey's feet and glue them on to the back of the turkey.

Thank You Boxes

Have the boys decorate small boxes that are large enough for a small pad of paper and a short pencil. During the year, the boys and their families use the paper to write down things they are thankful for and put the paper in the box. On Thanksgiving, all of the "thank yous" are read during the family prayers.

Neckerchief Slides

Christmas Tree - Use a small piece of artificial tree, wreath, or garland. Cut a 2 or 3 inch length. Attach a ring like PVC pipe, or Chenille stick twisted around the tree. Add glitter, sequins, or other trim to the tree.

Santa's Stocking - Cut a stocking shape out of heavy cardboard. Cut teddy bear out of cardboard or poster board. Cover teddy bear with black felt. Add wiggly eyes. Cut red fur or felt slightly larger than cardboard. On the front, glue the red fur (or felt) to cardboard. Glue the teddy bear to top of the sock. Add white fur. Attach a slide ring (PVC pipe ring, curtain ring, pipe-cleaner ring) to the back.

Christmas Gift - This can be made from plaster, wood, or a small cardboard box. Paint the gift any color, solid or add designs. Then tie on some yarn for the ribbon, or use ribbon. Glue in place if needed. Add a slide ring (PVC pipe ring, curtain ring, pipe-cleaner ring) to the back. If you use Styrofoam, it can be wrapped in Christmas paper.

 Hard Candy Wreath

Materials: 1 coat hanger, about 30 pieces of assorted, wrapped hard candies, about 30 pieces of colorful curling ribbon cut into 8" pieces, wire cutters, pliers to bend the hanger, scissors


•  Unbend the hanger and cut it in half (this will be enough for 2 kids).

•  Bend the 1/2 hanger into a circle leaving about 4" at the top to make a hook. Twist the end to make it look like a circle with a hook on it.

•  Cut your curling ribbon into 8" pieces.


•  Fold your ribbon in half. In the middle of that ribbon tie one piece of candy. Tie it on the end of the candy where the paper twists.

•  Tie the candy with 2 knots tightly to the hanger. Tie the candy right next to the wire to help cover it up.

•  Use the scissors to curl the ribbon on each end.

•  Repeat the process for all your candy pieces.

Suckers can be used but should be tied close to the head. You may add a ribbon on the top to cover the hook if you like. Some people also tie on a pair of scissors so visitors can cut off and eat a piece of candy!

Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft

Materials: green pipe cleaners, red beads, star button, and wire

•  String red beads on the pipe cleaner about one inch apart. When all the beads are in place bend the pipe cleaner in the form of a tree as pictured.

•  String a star button on to the top and bend the pipe cleaner end down to secure it.

•  Use a short piece of wire to hang the tree. Secure the wire by bending it around the button back. If you don't want to use buttons, glue star gems to the top.

Christmas Fan Ornaments

Materials: pretty wrapping paper or Christmas cards, hot glue gun or scotch tape, decorative add-ons, ribbon


•  Fold paper or card in half so design shows on both sides (20" x 5" is good)

•  Fold paper or card accordion style.

•  Hot glue or tape short ends together. Fluff out into fan shape.

•  Decorate with anything else like ribbons, bows, tiny ornaments, etc. Spray with glitter and add a loop of ribbon on top for the hanger.


Bagel Wreath

cream cheese sliced green pimento stuffed olives

whole canned pimento large bagel

Spread 1/2 bagel with butter. Put on a paper towel. Place pimento stuffed olives on top of cream cheese. Slice whole pimento into a long strip then shape into a bow and place on top of bagel!

Give Me S'Mores

marshmallow cream chocolate icing graham crackers

Spread 2 tablespoons of marshmallow cream on 1 graham cracker. Spread 1 tablespoon of icing on another cracker. Put two crackers together

Christmas Sandwiches

sliced bread sandwich fixings large Christmas cookie cutters

Make sandwiches with peanut butter and jelly, or cheese and bologna. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches.

Elf Pizza

English muffins pasta sauce pepperoni shredded cheese

Heat oven to 425°F. Cut muffin with a fork by poking all around the edge. Pull apart and put on baking sheet. Spread sauce on muffins. Add pepperoni and cheese. Bake for 5-7 min. or until brown and cheese melts.

Fireside Sippers

hot cocoa mix peppermint candy cane 2 marshmallows

Make cocoa according to directions. Thread 2 marshmallows on to candy cane. Put candy cane into cocoa and use as a stirrer.

Cran-Claus Soda

8 oz. club soda cranapple juice ice candy cinnamon stick

Fill glass half full of juice. Add soda and stir. Add ice. Add candy stick.

InsaneScouter Moment - Holiday Spirit

Christmas and Hanukkah are, for most people, the most joyful holidays of the year. The holiday parties, the exchange of gifts, and the brilliant lights of the Christmas trees make a guy glad to be alive at this season.

Sometimes we forget that these holidays are really religious festivals. It's well to remember that the real holiday spirit is cast by the Star of Bethlehem and the Hanukkah candles, reminding us of the miracles in times past.

In the 12th point of the Scout Law, we say that a Scout is reverent. That doesn't mean that he has to go around all the time with a long face or with hands folded in prayer. It means that he does his duty to God, which includes doing things for God's other creatures. We'll be doing that later this month with our troop Good Turn. Now remembering that a Scout is reverent, let's close with the Scout benediction.

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