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Volume: 2

Issue: 7

July 2002

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I am proud to announce many of the new features and content now available at InsaneScouter. Below you will find a list of what these updates are and where to find them.

We are proud to announce that InsaneScouter has officially released two new CD Resource Libraries to assist Scouts and Scouters without them having to go online. The sale of these CDs is to help us recover the costs of operating the InsaneScouter Web Site without having to use lots of advertisements and pop-ups. Check out our sales page for more information.

Fun Activities - Games

Knotting Baseball

Same teams as baseball, but no bat or ball. Pitcher and batter each have a piece of rope. Pitcher calls name of knot and throws his rope to anyone in the field. If batter reaches first with knot tied correctly, he is safe. If knot tied (correctly) by fielder, reaches first before batter, he is out. If batter cannot tie knot called, he is out. If fielder cannot tie knot called, batting side scores one run whatever else happens. Fielders can then return ropes to second, third or home to "force" base runners. Make sure pitcher throws rope to all fielders and not too frequently to first base.

Slow Bicycle Race

This is the reverse of a speed race. Plan a course the length of the area; with chalk, draw lanes about 3 wide.

Several boys compete at the same time. They must ride as slowly as possible, without touching a foot to the ground or crossing the chalk lines or stopping. Winner is the last to reach the finish line. If a boy commits any of the fouls described, he is eliminated from the race. If nobody can reach the finish line, the one who travels the greatest distance is declared the winner.

Newsboy Bicycle Contest

Arrange five large, clean garbage cans or waste baskets in line, each about 25 apart. Draw a chalk line on the pavement, parallel to and 15 from the cans. Each boy in turn is given ten rolled-up newspapers, which he may carry in a bag or in a bicycle basket. He must ride his bicycle along the line, on the far side of it, and toss one newspaper into each can. When he reaches the last can he turns and rides back, tossing the remaining newspapers into the cans. He must not stop or dismount.

Five points will be deducted each time a boy stops or gets off his bike. Two points are awarded for each newspaper thrown successfully into a can; one point is awarded for each paper that only hits a can. The high score wins. In case of a tie, the boys go through the contest again.

Bicycle Polo

Use croquet mallets and balls. If on paved area, use chair legs as hoops; set up larger than usual croquet course. Divide boys into groups of four to six for this game so there is not too much waiting for a turn.

Camp Golf

Groundsheets folded to about 3 square represent holes and tin plates represent balls. Lay out the golf course as desired to include hedges and streams as obstacles. If a plate falls in one of these hazards it must be retrieved and carried behind the obstacle and one throw added to the players score. Arrange the holes some distance apart so that players do not come in contact with a skimming plate.

Tractor Pull

The "tractor" kneels on hands and knees with a "driver" astride. The driver holds on with his legs. Two tractors back up to each other and the drivers reach back and grasp each others hands. On a signal, each tractor starts pulling in an effort to pull the other over a line or unseat the driver. Success in either attempt scores one point for the winner. Two points out of three wins the game.

Sports Field Day

A Scout Field Day is a series of contests that are aimed at developing and testing physical skills, specifically track and field events. Each team is usually made up of one Dens or Patrols Scouts, the team then compete in a series of physical tasks and challenges.

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Adhering to these simple rules will go a long way toward preventing accidents.  
  • Treat EVERY gun as if it is loaded.
  • NEVER point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy or kill.
  • ALWAYS know where the muzzle is pointed, make sure you have a safe backstop and know where your bullets will go.
  • Before handling a firearm, make sure you know how to safely operate it.  If in doubt, ask or read the instruction manual.  Most manufacturers in the US will provide one free of charge if you ask.
  • Before you hand a gun to someone else, open the action; before you take a gun from someone else, make sure they open the action first.
  • Alcohol / Drugs and guns go together like oil and water, i.e., they don't.
  • Keep your finger off of the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire.
  • Use only the proper ammunition in your gun.  Just because it fits doesn't mean that it is safe to fire it.  If in doubt, ask someone more knowledgeable.
  • Use only black powder in black powder firearms.  If you use modern smokeless powder you will probably destroy the gun and severely injure or kill yourself.
  • NEVER smoke around anyone shooting a black powder firearm.  You may cause an explosion.
  • NEVER load a black powder gun directly from the powder can or powder horn, because then the powder container may become a bomb.  Always measure each charge individually.
  • Wear eye and ear protection when shooting.
  • No horseplay around guns.
  • Use common sense at all times.

InsaneScouter Monthly Tip

Always carry a pack of cards with you. If you ever get lost, sit down and play Patience. Within minutes, someone will look over your shoulder and say, Put the red seven on the black eight!

InsaneScouter Moment - Sportsmanship

Probably some of you will earn the Sports merit badge this month. If so, the first thing you'll have to do is understand what sportsmanship is, because its the first requirement. I'd like to read you a little story from the Sports merit badge pamphlet which sums up sportsmanship very well. Heres the story.

"In 1940, an underdog Dartmouth football team played powerful Cornell, which needed only one more victory for a perfect season and a number-one ranking in the country. Trailing 3-0 Cornell scored a controversial touchdown that the Dartmouth players insisted was made on an extra "fifth down". However the referee counted the touchdown, and Cornell won 7-3.

But after the game, Cornell officials watched the game on film and saw that indeed their team had been allowed and extra play. They immediately sent a telegram to Dartmouth stating that they could not accept the victory. It went into the record book as a 3-0 victory for Dartmouth. "

That little story tells us what sportsmanship really is. It is the desire to play hard and to win - but to win fairly - and if you lose, to accept defeat with good grace. Let's remember that during our Sports Tourney and throughout our lives. Also remember, that to be a good sport you have to lose to prove it


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