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Whats New


There is a lot new on InsaneScouter this month with the launch of the new website which includes

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I would also like to review some of the new features....

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Last, we are always looking for people to join the InsaneScouter team and help provide great Scouting resources to the world. If interested drop us a note.

Precious Moments

Angel Pennies 

I found a penny today Just laying on the ground, But it's not just a penny This little coin I've found.

A True Story

Six year old Brandon decided one Saturday morning to fix his parents pancakes: He found a big bowl and spoon, pulled a chair to the counter, opened the cupboard and pulled out the heavy flour canister, spilling it on the floor.

Scouts in Action

True life story about Friendship by Shawn Romack

Close friends do not come around everyday, we were always told by our parents when we do find that friend we have to hold them close and dear to our heart no matter what.

The bond of friendship is almost like having another family member by your side, we usually call that person our close friend, buddy, intimate friend.  These are the friends that stand the test of time and through the challenges we go through, the close friend sticks around.

When I met Scott Robertson, who knew that we were going to be partners in a business, no less really close friends.  My lord we come from different backgrounds, he is an air force brat, I came from a broken family.  He had a sister, I was an only child.  He had his father and mother, I had just my grandfather.  He is an Eagle Scout, and I was only in the program for a short time as a kid, my grandfather didn't want me in the pack for some reason.  So where am I going with all of this, well we all have heard the term opposites attract, that is what happened with us.

We never got along at first, our politics got in the way all the time, at the time I was a political science major and that is all I thought about.  It would irritate Scott so much, but I seem to enjoy the bantor I had with him.  Who knew when I changed my degree around to computers, I developed a thing for HTML coding.  Scott at the time didn't really know much about it, and I started to teach him, and as you see when you teach this guy something he runs with it and makes the most of what it is.  Amazingly now, I am learning how to code with him, maybe a payback for what I did for him so many years ago.

The irony with all of this, I have been with Scott since the inception of InsaneScouter in 1998.  It has gone from a site that was very simple on tripod, to a full fleged scouting resource.  I believe this is where our bond started as friends, and the ironic part of it all when the site wasn't being maintained during the time of another venture Scott was doing at the time, our friendship died for that year.

I can tell you with honesty that year sucked, I felt I lost someone real special and with all honesty it hurt.  It wasn't until I announced that my first daughter was going to be born, we started to talk again.  With this, our second and longest going phase of our friendship begun.

When my first daughter and second one was born I decided to make Scott the godfather, he deserved it and with that closeness I felt like he is more of a brother to me than just a friend.
In between my first and second daughter, I lost my job and Scott had a huge project he was working on and he offered me to work with him so I can spend time with my family.  Lets put it this way, he was the saving grace because without him I think that my family would have had a harder time with things.  As a friend, he showed me how to be unselfish about things, that is a quality that I admire most of Scott.

I hope that I am as good as a friend to Scott as he is to me, I think sometimes I don't deserve the friendship we have because of things that haunted us in our past.  But we have seem to have gotten past the stupid stuff and made our bond even stronger.


Clothespin Mixer

With everybody trying to get rid of his or her clothespins at the same time,
as fast as possible, this is a rowdy and fun

Guess Who

This is a good gathering time game for parents to play with their children. It's a good learning game and they may know some of the answers that you don't know.

Cub Scout Word Scramble

You can put these all on a sheet of paper for unscrambling and have everyone work alone or in pairs

Tell Me About Yourself

Players sit in a circle. One player is “It” and stands in the center. “It” points at any player and asks a simple question

Do a Good Turn Relay

Divide den into two teams. Give each team a list of things the team must do in order to complete the game.

Balloon Passing

Give each team a balloon inflated to about six inches in diameter. On signal, the first player on each team tucks the balloon under his chin

Smile Tag

A quick game for a break. Takes about 5 minutes. Players form two equal lines facing each other and about three feet apart.

Promise/Law Puzzle

This came from a Den leader for 14 Wolf cubs. She used this jigsaw puzzle type game to help them learn the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack.

Cub Scout Salute Race

A great way to help prepare boys for their Bobcat badge. Line up the teams. At "GO", the first man on each team runs to the judge


The Cubs sit in a circle with the beanbag in the center

Barefoot Marble Relay

The Cub Scouts remove their shoes and socks. Place two marbles on the starting line in front of each team.

Tic Tac Toe - A Game For Buddies

Creating a Tic-Tac-Toe board is as easy as drawing two horizontal lines and two vertical lines.

Boxes - A Game For Buddies

In this game opponents compete to make the greatest number of boxes out of a dot grid.

Meet My Friend

The object of this game is to discover a friend in nature, without harming any living thing that might be found in the out- of-doors.


Do Your Best (Opening)

10 cards with the letters to spell out “Do Your Best”. The part to be read can be written on the back of the cards in LARGE letters.

Friendship Circle (Opening Or Closing)

Each Cub has a 3 foot section of rope joined with a square knot to that of the boy on his left.

Welcome (Opening)

Boys hold balloons with letters away from audience. As each boy says his lines, he turns over his balloon to reveal the letter.

Friend Flag Ceremony

Many of us have heard the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

Welcome Back

Eight Cub Scouts stand side by side. In turn each steps forward and recites his assigned verse. You may to be sure each boy has a big card with an appropriate picture for his verse on front and his part in LARGE letters on back.

A Cub Scout Greeting

This is a good opening for a month when you have lots of New Cub Scouts.

Cub Scouts Are ... (Opening)

8 Cub Scouts hold cards with the letters spelling 'Cub Scout' on the front and their part in LARGE letters on the back


Make up large cards with C, U, B, and S on them for the boys to hold up high.

Beginning Of The Year (Opening)

Cubmaster (CM), Assistant CM (CA), 6 Cub Scouts in uniform; they enter stage, one by one, saying their parts.


Make a banner with the word GREETINGS and artwork that fits the theme. Have as many Cub Scouts as needed hold and recite the lines.

What Is A Cub Scout

At his turn each Cub Scout holds up a card with his part written on the front (PROMISE, LAW OF THE PACK, MOTTO, SIGN, etc.) and his lines on the back.

Do Your Best (Opening)

Today, in our country, there are over 6 million boys and adults in Scouting.

Double Circle (Opening)

Have all present stand in a double circle with Cub Scouts.

Parent Induction Ceremony

The success of Cub Scouting depends upon the boy’s family relationships.

The Secret Letters of the Cub Scout Sign

On your hand you have five fingers. We use two when we make the Cub Scout sign.

Family Circle (Bobcat Induction)

You have come tonight seeking admission to the friendship and fun of Cub Scouting.

Bobcat Induction

Cub Scouting is a family program.  Parents have certain responsibilities too.  They are expected to help their son advance in rank.  They are expected to attend pack meetings with their son, and help at other times when called upon.

Bobcat Advancement

Oversized key cut out and painted gold, written on it is "Scout Spirit: and an old key on a string.

Three Pleasant Things Closing

Cub # 1: Even though it’s time to bring this meeting to an end, let us tell you three pleasant things.

Pita Sandwiches

Ingredients 1 package pita bread, Any meat and cheese, Lettuce, pickles, salad dressing, mustard, tomatoes...or tuna fish, or peanut butter, etc.

'Dirt' Cake

Ingredients 1 20-oz. pkg. chocolate sandwich cookies, crushed 1/2 stick margarine 1 8-oz. pkg. cream cheese 1 cup powdered sugar

Bobcat Induction Ceremony - Fire Of Friendship

Will all new Cub Scouts and new Leaders please come forward and form a semicircle behind our campfire?

The Candles Of Friends

13 yellow taper candles (drip guards are optional but help a lot), 1 larger column candle (1" by 6" or larger) in a candle holder.

Good Night Friends

Put candles on three of the four corners of a table. A different Cub lights each candle and REPEATS part of the Cub Scout Promise.

Friendship Logs & Ashes Ceremony

This ceremony may be part of a Day Camp Fire. It is done in two parts, the opening with the friendship logs and closing with the ashes.

Food Activities

Dump Cake

Ingredients: 2 cans pie filling (any flavor) 1 box yellow cake mix 1 cup walnuts 1 cup butter Whipped topping 

Hot Pockets

Ingredients: 1 package crescent rolls, Pizza sauce, Pepperoni, Cheese Directions: Cut up the pepperoni and cheese

Campfire Monkey Bread

4 cans biscuits 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup brown sugar 4 tablespoons cinnamon 1 stick (1/2 cup) butter or margarine Cut biscuits into quarters.


Friendship Knot

This makes a good activity at a retreat. They could be made from different colored and sized rope. Trade them with a special friend you've made at camp. Or use them at a religious retreat as a symbol of unity.


What scout would not like to know how to build and fly a kite.

Frame A Friend Or Family

Materials: Empty CD case, string, various decorations – see list below for ideas, family picture or other photos, glue

Funny Putty

Materials: 1 tablespoon liquid starch, food coloring, 2 tablespoons white glue, a plastic egg or small Ziploc bag

Friendship Bracelet – Simplified

Materials: Embroidery floss – many colors, Masking tape Instructions: Cut three strands of floss long enough to go around the Cub Scout’s wrist and be tied.

Friendship Finger Paint

- In large saucepan mix 1 cup all purpose flour with 1 cup cold water. - Stir until smooth. - Then add another 3 cups cold water.

Memory Book

Supplies: Posterboard, yarn or brad fasteners, crayons, and hole punch Cut posterboard slightly larger (1/2 inch) than notebook paper, or construction paper.

CD Crafts

Make a Clock - At many craft stores you can by a clock movement that will fit right in the hole in the center. Paint a few numbers on the shiny side and you've got a fairly inexpensive clock.

Skits / Songs / Stories

Lord Baden Powell

(Tune: Father Abraham) Lord Baden-Powell has many friends Many friends has Lord Baden-Powell I am one of them, and so are you As we go marching on

Hey, Look Us Over

Hey look us over, lend us an ear, Watch us advance in Scouting every year

I've Got The Cub Scout Spirit

I’ve got that Cub Scout spirit up in my head Up in my head Up in my head

We're Glad To See You Here

We’re glad to see you here, It gives us joy and cheer.

That's Why We're In Cub Scouting

(Tune: Deep in the Heart of Texas) The fun things in life, Our family’s delight! (clap hands four times) That’s why we’re in Cub Scouting.

Home In Our Pack

(Tune: Home On The Range) Oh, here is our home Where the Webelos roam, And the Tigers and Bobcats all play.


(Tunes: Coca Cola's I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing or Auld Lang Syne) I love to hear the word Hello,  Wherever I may go.

Cub Scout Fair

(Tune: When Johnny Comes Marching Home) The Cub Scout Fair has come to town, Hurrah, hurrah

I Love Scouting

(Tune: Deep in the Heart of Texas) I love Scouting, I live Scouting I enjoy having fun.

I Love That Word, 'Hello'

(Tune: Auld Lang Syne) I love to hear that word “hello” Wherever I may go.

My Friend

(Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn) I am playing with my friend. Fun like this should never end.

Be Kind To Your Scouting Friends

(Tune: Stars and Stripes Forever) Be kind to your Scouting friends, That's a pledge from one Scout to another.

Cub - Scou - Ting

Props: Draw frogs on poster board; cut holes for faces Scene: Three frogs are sitting to the side of the stage facing the audience.

Cub Scout Stew

Setting: On stage is a huge pot, made from a cardboard carton. The pot could be painted on the side of the carton.

Cub Scouting is Many Things

This can be used as an opening or a skit. Each of 12 Cubs (or adults) holds a candle, which is lighted as he gives his message.

Aardvarks Are My Friends

Aardvarks are my friends, Aardvarks are my friends

Friends of Years

Three guys are sitting on a park bench. Goober is quietly reading, Gomer is pretending to swim in a lake (jumps off bench and swims around).

Make New Friends

Make new friend but keep the old, One is silver but the other gold.


So I thank You, I thank you God for all of my friends.

Tom the Toad (and friends)

Oh, Tom the toad, oh Tom the toad, why are you lying in the road?

  Pack Meeting In Action

Gathering Activity: Friendship Chain- Give each boy strips of construction paper. Have the boys write the name of one friend on each strip of paper. Let the boys take turns adding their “links” to the chain.

Friendship Opening: you will need cards with the letters to spell out F-R-I-E-N-D-S-H-I-P and 10 boys to hold the cards and read ….
Meaning of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

“F” is for Fun…………That friends share when they are together.
“R” is for Reliability….A true friend is someone that you can always
rely on.
“I” is for Interest…….Someone who is genuinely interested in you,
                                     your fears, joys, and life.
“E” is for Energy………They pick you up when you are down, and give
                                         you the energy to go on and believe in yourself.
“N” is for Nothing……..Nothing is ever too much, no matter what time
                                          it is, night or day.
“D” is for Distance…….Although the miles may separate you, a true
                                        friend is never far away.
“S” is for Secrets……..Your feelings and personal/private thoughts
                                       that you can only share with a friend.
“H” is for Happiness……The way I feel when we are together.
“I” is for Inseparable….Through good times and bad, tears and
                                       laughter. A friend will always be there for you.
“P” is for Perfect……..The friendship

Please join us now in the Pledge of Allegiance 
Song: The Buddy Song (Tune: Frere Jacques)
Who’s my buddy? Who’s my Buddy?
Hey, it’s you! Hey, it’s you!
I’m so glad you are my friend.
I’m so glad you are my friend
You’re the best. You’re the best

Friends Cheer: Everyone say “ahh” while pretending to hug someone

Friendship Cheer:  have your neighbor put his left hand out to the side
              And you clap it with your right hand; meanwhile
              You’re holding your left hand out so your neighbor
               Can do the same

Sparklers: Hershey’s Chocolate Hugs and Kisses

Game: That’s my name
Divide the players into teams and form lines

On “GO” the first player from each team runs to a table, grabs a marker and writes his name on a sheet of paper. He runs back to his team and holds up the paper

His team shouts out all the letters in his name, while the player jumps up for every consonant and squats for every vowel.

They all then shout out his name

Next player does the same thing

Cubmaster Minute:

Lonely Little Boy

By Sammy Lane Sharp

I saw a lonely little boy,
walking down a railroad track
I didn't see a trace of joy
as I looked back
If I see him again,
I know what I'll do
Say, Hi there friend,
Let's play! me and you.

We started tonight making a chain of our friends. Tomorrow on the playground or at school add one more name to the chain by inviting one more boy or girl to be your friend so they aren’t loney anymore



When a friend is in trouble,
don't annoy him by asking if
there is anything you can do.
Think up something
appropriate and do it.

- Edgar Watson Howe

Am I not destroying my enemies
when I make friends of

- Abraham Lincoln

True friendship consists not
in the multitude of friends, but
in their worth and value.

- Ben Jonson

To cement a new friendship,
especially between foreigners
or persons of a different social
world, a spark with which
both were secretly charged must
fly from person to person,
and cut across the accidents of
place and time.

- Cornelia Otis Skinner

One must be fond of people
and trust them if one is not to
make a mess of life.

- E.M. Forster

Friendship is a plant of slow growth
and must undergo and
withstand the shocks of
adversity before it is entitled to the

- George Washington

The most basic and powerful
way to connect to another
person is to listen. Just listen.
Perhaps the most important
thing we ever give each other is
our attention…. A loving
silence often has far more
power to heal and to connect than
the most well-intentioned words.

- Rachel Naomi Remen

We are all travelers in the wilderness
of this world, and the
best we can find in our travels
is an honest friend.

- Robert Louis Stevenson

“Your friend is the man who
knows all about you, and still
likes you.”

- Elbert Hubard

“A circle is round it has no end,
that's how long I want to be
your friend.”

- Anon


Fuzzy And Scout's Hidden Corner

Hi all,

My name is Fuzzy and I am an 8 year old cub from England, together with my brother Scout who is 9 I get up to a lot of fun things in our cub pack. (Actually we are the pack mascots seeing we are teddy bears, but oh well)
Insanescouter has asked us if we would like to tell you about our adventures in the monthly newsletter which we agreed to.

As this newsletter is about friendship I thought it would be a good thing to tell you about all the great friends we have made in Scouting. Scouting is a great place to make new friends (or even meet up with old ones) you know. Last year Scout and I went with our bestestest friend Baloo to the World Scout jamboree in England, there were 40,000 Scouts there, so also a lot of new friends were made and some I have met up with at the Essex Jamboree last month.  But closer to home we also have a lot of friends in our own cub pack, I would say all of the 32 other cubs are all our friends, of course we sometimes argue (who doesn’t) but most of the time we talk it out afterwards and are friends again.

Last week we went on a joined camp with a different cub pack, and they were all very fun and friendly to play with, you could not even notice who was in which pack at some point, well until we wore our uniforms as we had different colours of neckers. And after the summer holidays I have heard we will meet up with a different cub pack for a few meetings as their leaders have just started this pack and wanted to see us running our meeting (Well of course Baloo runs it, but we help)

So all you leaders out there Scout and I think it is great to make new friends, and the best way to do this is to meet up with other colonies, packs, troops or units.

Scott from insanescouter has told us next newsletter will be about kindness so Scout and I will tell you more about that then. For now we have to say goodbye as there is a nice salmon waiting for us.

Your Cubby Friends

Fuzzy and Scout

InsaneScouter Moment

Probably all of you know some guy who is grouchy all the time. His neighbors try to be nice to him, but he just won't be friendly. Maybe he'll build a great wall around his house to keep people away.

Let me tell you about another kind of neighbor I heard about. There was no wall around his property, and somebody noticed that a strip of grass between his yard and his neighbor's yard was unusually green. How come? He was asked.

"Oh," he laughed, " my neighbor and I are so afraid we'll cheat each other that we always water and fertilize the grass across the line on the other fellows side. That strip of grass down the property line gets twice as much water and fertilizer as the rest of our yards. " Instead of a fence to keep each other away, that man and his neighbor had a vivid green reminder that they were friends.

The point of this story is that if you want to have friends, you can't build walls between yourselves and other people. Instead, cultivate that space between you by being as fair to the other guy as you'd like him to be to you. A Scout is friendly, and the way to have friends - and keep them - is to be friendly yourself.  

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