Bear Necessities

By Barb Stephens 

The Numbers Game
Use the following numbers to fill in the blanks for each statement. Each number listed is used once.

  1 2 4 4 8 10 12 24 114
  1. There are _____ steps in the Bobcat Trail (include Parent Guide).
  2. _____ fingers are used in the Cub Scout salute and sign.
  3. You must complete _____ achievements to the earn Wolf badge or the Bear badge.
  4. The Bear Achievements are divided into _____ major groups.
  5. Although not all must be completed, Bear Cubs can select from _____ possible Bear Achievements to earn your Bear badge.
  6. On the trail to earning your Bear badge, you will earn _____ Progress Toward Rank beads.
  7. You must complete _____ electives for each arrow point earned.
  8. Our pack number is _____.
  9. There is _____ Cubmaster in our pack.

Bear Achievement Groups
Circle the 4 major groups into which the 24 Bear Achievements are divided.

  Awards Country Self Games
  Family Skits Indians Conservation
  Tricks Camping Careers God

Uniform Colors
Lots of colors are used in Cub Scouts. Match the appropriate color to the item listed on the left.

  The Tiger Cub shirt RED
  The Wolf and Bear shirt YELLOW
  The Webelos shirt may be this color BLUE
  Tiger Cubs receive "paws" this color NAVY BLUE
  Wolf Progress Toward Rank beads are LIGHT BLUE
  Bear Progress Toward Rank beads are ORANGE
  The Wolf necekerchief BLACK
  The Bear neckerchief TAN
  The Webelos neckerchief YELLOW
  The Den Leader neckerchief MULTI-COLOR

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