What is Cub scouting

In 1930 BSA launched a new program for boys between the ages of 9 to 11 years of age. The program emphasis on caring, nurturing relationships between boys and their parents, adult leaders and friends.


Purposes of Cub scouting

Cub Scouting has 9 purposes:

  1. Influence the development of character and encourage spiritual growth
  2. Help boys develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship
  3. Encourage good sportsmanship and pride growing strong in mind and body
  4. Improve understanding within the family
  5. Strengthen the ability of boys to get along with others and respect others
  6. To foster a sense of personal achievement in boys by helping them develop new interest and skills
  7. Show boys how to be helpful and do one's best
  8. Provide fun and exciting things for boys to do
  9. Prepare boys to become Boy Scouts



Any boy between the ages of 7 an 10 or 1st through 5th grade may join. As members they join a Cub Scout Pack and are assigned to a den, usually a group of 5 to 8 neighborhood boys.

Once a month all the Boys and their parents get together at the Pack Meeting. A Pack Meeting, is the time the Scout receives recoginization for his achievements over the past month.



The Cub Scouting Program is broken down into several main groups.

  • Tiger Cubs: The first level of scouting for 1st Graders
  • Bobcat: The only rank all Scouts most earn
  • Wolf: A program for boys who are 8 years old.
  • Bear: A program for boys who are 9 years old.
  • Webelos: The highest group of boys. The program goes two years. To be a Webelos, a Scout needs to be 10 years old.



Cub scouts learn by "doing". Everything in Cub Scouts is designed to have the boy doing things. Cub Scouts can, and will do many different things like: Field Trips, Camping, Sports, and many other fun things.


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