Balloon Welcome Advancement


Equipment: 2 identical balloons with strings attached; one filled with helium and one blown up by mouth, awards and or certificates

Personnel: Cubmaster, new cubs, and parents

Set-Up: Cubmaster has balloons secured so that no one knows one balloon is filled with helium.  When he is ready to begin the ceremony, the balloons are held by the necks.

Cubmaster: Would (name) and his parents please come up. (Now holding balloons) These balloons represent two 8-year-old boys.  Both come from great families have good friends. Both go to school.  They both are involved in sports programs in the community.  They both attend church. (add anything else that fits the lifestyle of the boys in your pack.)

But there is a difference between these two boys.  This boy (indicate the balloon without helium) is happy just by doing the things he's doing now.  (Let the non-helium balloon drop to the table or floor.)  But this boy (indicate helium-filled balloon) is (name) and he has found something extra.  That extra is Cub Scouting.  With his parents and leaders helping, (name) will be able to soar to new heights (release balloon) just like this balloon.

We are excited to welcome (name) and his parents and family to our Pack. (If the new Cub has earned his Bobcat badge continue.) As is our custom, we will now present to his parents his Bobcat badge to honor them for the work that they have done in helping their son earn this badge, and ask them to award it to their son. Congratulations on earning your Bobcat which is only your first step as you soar higher and higher in Scouting. (Give the Cub Scout handshake.)



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