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What Can Scouts Learn From Their Favorite Superhero?

By: Posted On: 2020-07-22

It has been hard to ignore the soaring popularity of superhero movies in recent times as there have been many incredible films released over the last 10 years. Many of these are from familiar universes featuring iconic superheroes which have resulted in some of the highest-grossing movies of all time. But there have also been a few lesser known — but equally brilliant — additions.

While scouts may not be able to fly or have any other kind of superpower, you will find that there are many great lessons that a scout can learn from their favorite superhero films. Read on to find out what important lessons can be learned.

A Hero Can Be Anyone

One of the most common lessons that can be learned from superhero movies is that anyone can be a superhero. The good guys often come from humble beginnings, and in cases like Batman, he does not even possess any inhuman superpowers as shown by Fandom. This shows that anyone can be a hero and do good in this world, which is an important lesson to learn, especially for a scout as they grow up.

It is Important to Help People

Every superhero movie involves the leading character saving people from some form of danger or evil and there is a good lesson in this. There are people all around us that are struggling or suffering and you do not need superpowers to help these people. Finding ways to help others is a noble cause and something that the scouts take great pride in.

Adversity is Part of Life

There will always be a moment in a superhero film (or any other film) where the hero will go through some adversity or difficult moment. This is a reflection of life, so scouts can be reassured by this and find that overcoming adversity is what builds character and other important life skills. This is reflected in Black Panther, which Cashlady shows is the favorite superhero film in 48 countries, so it is certainly one which is worth learning from.

Remain True to Yourself

Captain America is a character that has principles and a moral compass which is a great lesson that anyone can benefit from. In a time where there is a lot of negativity around the world, remaining true to yourself and having a good value system is important and will help you to do good in this world.

You Are Never Alone

This powerful message from Superman is always worth bearing in mind as many people suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation. Clark Kent (and many superheroes) suffer losses, but find companionship through relationships with others, but also through doing good and helping others so that they are part of the community. This is a key message in the scouts and is certainly something that you can take inspiration from.

Superhero films are often viewed as simply a form of escapism, but there are actually many valuable life lessons that you can learn from these movies — and certainly from a scouts point of view in terms of personal development and doing good in the world.

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