14 cool reuses for pill bottles and film canisters
By: Posted On: 2018-07-26

 Do you or someone you know have a lot of old pill bottles stashed in some cupboard or a drawer somewhere? How about those old canisters that camera film used to come in, seen any of those recently? Both of these items can be reused for helpful things that we can keep using them for, instead of throwing them away and adding to the trash problem we already have. We’re going to talk about several cool things that can be done with old pill bottles or old film canisters. Let's start with some of those old pill bottles you came across when you last decided to clean out your medicine cabinet or cupboard…Safety Tip: Be sure to clean the bottle well, especially if a narcotic medication was in the bottle previously. After cleaning with soap and water, a rinse of bleach followed by multiple rinses of clean water should do the trick. If you’d like to decorate your pill bottles, here’s a fun decoupage idea for making them look prettier. 

1.    Glue a rock to the top of the bottle and use it for a spare key hideaway that you can place out front in the flower bed next to the door…You should try hard to remember which rock your spare key is under by the way.


2.Keep your desk neat and tidy!All those paper clips and push pins you have laying in a drawer, or on top of your desk can be given a new home inside an empty pill bottle


    3. You can use them for travel sized containers for shampoo, liquid soap or conditioner.


 4. Screw the old pill bottle top to a shelf above your workbench and fill the bottles with screws, bolts, nails or batteries, so that they are handy to get to the next time you need them.


5.    Use those old pill bottles to gather up all the matches that got spilt into the bottom of your drawer, so that they stay safe, unbroken and dry, ready for when you need them.


6.    You could make a neat candle holder by painting and gluing together a few bottles of different heights and shapes. It makes a very nice centerpiece with tealight candles; no one would ever guess what you made it from!

7.    Use the old bottles to store those Monopoly game pieces or dice, tokens or whatever other small toys you want to keep organized instead of getting lost on the back of the shelf in the basement.

 8. Make a pill bottle survival kit…


9.    Use those old pill bottles to keep your cash dry while you go in the water for a dip.

10.Make an emergency pill bottle fire starter. Parents, make sure you are involved in this craft, as it is important that children understand the proper use of this item and the proper time. Scouts learn how (in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts) to properly build, care for and put out a fire.

11. Another item you may have laying around the house are film canisters…remember those? Before the digital cameras came out, film used to come in round metal and plastic containers. Use an old film canister or two to make a salt and pepper container. Just drill some small holes in the top of the canisters (works for a metal or plastic container) in the shape of an S or a P.


 12.Use the old film canisters as seed holders or even a mini planter if you add a little dirt.

13. Make a little winder made from a 35 mm film cartridge. 
this could be used to store fishing line in a survival kit or to keep string clean and organized in a toolbox or use it as the reel in an ultralight fishing outfit. 


14.And lastly, how about making a USB drive holder out of a 35mm film canister…here’s how.



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