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What Is Blue Sky Adventures?

By: Posted On: 2012-11-23

Trying to find a simple way to Philmont on your own can be a daunting task. It can make your once in a lifetime trip far less enjoyable. Instead of remembering the view on top of Baldy, you will remember the frustration you had because your hotel or rental car service lost your reservation. Why go through that aggravation?

Hire Blue Sky Adventures: The Experts in Philmont Travel! Why do you ask? Because we are the leaders in Philmont travel- we have taken over 25,000 scouts to Philmont in the past 10 years. 97% of scouts and advisors have ranked their experience as excellent because of our professional tour guides. There is no wasted time, delays or waiting anywhere and we support any lost luggage, flight delays, lost and found items, sick kids, etc. We are scouters- Blue Sky is a family business run by a family of Scouters and we understand the Philmont experience. We have the best transportation; we are the largest and most reputable transportation companies serving Philmont. More often than not, smaller groups are upgraded to larger, more comfortable vehicles at no extra charge. We have back up vehicles and drivers on call in case of breakdowns or emergencies. We also have an onsite manager at Philmont to coordinate transportation and help solve problems. Finally, we have the best accommodations. In New Mexico, beautiful Marriott hotel—scout friendly environment in a safe neighborhood. In Colorado, University apartments on the scenic campus of University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The rooms are ready when you arrive and the youth rooms are next to or in between advisor rooms for added safety and supervision. None of the rooms have exterior doors so your kids are safer and easier to supervise. At both locations, there are lots of things for the kids to do!! Pool, hot tub, computer room, basketball, ping pong, and more!!

Visit us at  for more information and if you aren’t convinced yet!  Come back next week for an objective look at how to get to and from Philmont.  Most people are shocked to find out it is over 200 miles to the nearest major airport!

Yours in scouting,

The Blue Sky Adventures Team



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