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Going on a field trip is a great way to educate your scouts without boring them out of existence. Your scouts will be fascinated by what they will learn and they will learn these through fun experience. Plus, you’ll get to bond with them too. In a field trip, you’re not limited to exploring the place you went to but you also get to do fun activities there as well. You also get to learn new things from these trips as well. It also aligns with one of the objectives of scouting: exploring the boundaries outside the home so it is an effective way to teach your scouts.


There are hundreds of places available to go to during a field trip and it really depends on the topic or field you want your scouts to learn. It also depends on how much each scout is willing to spend and the distance from your neighborhood. Now, the following are some places to consider when planning a field trip with your scouts:


1.       You want to teach history? How about science or art? Go to a museum! A museum is a great place to learn history and it gives you and your scout very good visuals by presenting to you the actual thing! Some museums house the thing that they’re referring to such as a vase from some distant time or anything of such sort. Not only that you learn history, you get to appreciate other fields as well such as art and science. Some museums present paintings to depict a certain situation or a historical event and most of these paintings are done by well-known artists. Some museums are dedicated in showcasing art with historical value done by well-known artists. On the other hand, there are museums solely for the fun of science such as science centrums. These kinds of museums are really fun to go to because it offers interactive activities that demonstrate how different topics in science work such as electromagnetic or even physics. Other topics are covered in different museums so money is really spent wisely.


2.       A museum is not the only place to learn history. A historical monument or place is another place to go. It is a good place to learn a specific historical event. Most historical monuments are packed with tourist guides so you get information from a reliable source and gift shops are readily available so you and your scouts can bring home souvenirs connected to the monument.


3.       You can learn by going to a farm! Some farms are open to field trips and are really fun places to go to. This kind of farms has people that are really helpful when communicating with tourists and some of them even teach some chores done in a farm. After doing so, the tourists are free to try doing the chores themselves, with the permission of the assigned personnel of course. You get to learn how a farm works and get to experience it as well so it is a good place to go when learning responsibility and a little bit of science. There are also farms that house a specific type of animal such as butterflies or even crocodiles. These farms are also open to tourists like you.


4.       A mountain or a forest is a good place to go for scouts! Yes! In a mountain or forest, you get to hike with your scouts and tell things regarding with what you and your scouts see. You also get the chance to spend an overnight there and camp out, an activity that you and your scouts will surely appreciate. Though, when considering a mountain or forest for a field trip, be sure that you have someone local there to guide you. Also, before going to the mountains, be sure that you and your campers are briefed when it comes to hiking. Exercise precaution.


5.       Learning manufacturing is better when you get to go where manufacturing happens. Let’s go to a factory! Most factories are open as an itinerary for field trips and have guides ready for you and your kids. Going to a factory teaches you some key points in manufacturing and in owning a business so you get a glimpse of what to learn in economics. Not only that, it also shows you first-hand how products that you see when you’re shopping are made, the product depending on the factory you plan to go to.


6.       When you want to go somewhere with ice in the middle of the summer, go to a skating rink! You and your kids will learn another sport in a skating rink. You can arrange for a one-time lesson there with the manager since most skating rinks have coaches to guide visitors with the sport. On the other hand, you could also organize consecutive trips there if you and your scouts want to learn the sport better.


7.       How about exploring the human body? Go to a doctor. You can call a doctor and explain that your scouts would like to learn more about the human body. Some doctors are available to teach you and your scouts for a certain fee but I’m sure that it is a trip worth spending money. You can also learn other things depending on the doctor you called such as animal anatomy if you called an animal doctor or a veterinarian or you can even learn how the mind works if you called a psychologist.


8.       A very popular field trip itinerary is a zoo. A zoo is very popular because the animals there never cease to amaze kids such as your scouts. Your kids will surely tire themselves out roaming around the zoo and looking at the animals. Your kids will also learn facts about the animals there because zoos present a quick bit of information regarding on the animals they have. Some zoos will even let you and your scouts pet and touch certain animals with a presence of a professional of course so your scouts are safe even though they’re touching an animal such as a snake or an exotic bird.


9.       You can also go to a newspaper company. You and your scouts will learn how a newspaper company works. You also get to learn the value of journalism and the importance of reading newspapers.


10.   Fishing sites are good places to go on a field trip. One good past-time is fishing and your scouts need to learn this activity if they want to get serious in camping. Fishing is an activity that can be a means in acquiring food in the wilderness so it is important to learn this especially for kids like your scouts. This is also a fun activity which teaches the importance of patience and hard work.


11.   A park is a good place to start a field trip. It is a place to go when your scouts just want to have good clean fun. The park offers a wide variety of activities such as picnicking under the shade of a tree or having a good game of badminton. The possibilities are endless. Most parks also have spaces wide enough for different games so you can host different events there for your trip. Some parks may have historical value so you and your scouts can research on its history and talk all about it on your trip. It’s also budget wise because the majority of parks don’t have any entrance fees. There are also parks that offer a wide variety of attractions. This kind of parks is called theme parks. Theme parks are quite amusing since they put up shows for their audience for a certain fee.


12.   Who said that you can only go to a bank when you need to make a deposit or a withdrawal? Banks are the places to go when you want to teach your kids the importance of the country’s economy and the currency’s buying power. The majority of the banks, especially the large ones, are open to visitors for field trips and they have guides there to explain the different currencies and other topics related to the financial system. It is highly recommended that you go to the national bank instead since they accommodate visitors very well.


13.   Popping up some music? Hearing voices from a small rectangular box? Yes, it’s a radio and let’s go to a radio station! In this place, you get to see how a radio station works and you get to meet the people you listen to every day. You may get the chance to meet recording artists as well because chances are that they are there during your trip are pretty good. Here, you’ll learn the art of radio broadcasting and value the existence of radio, the strongest existing medium of communication.


14.   Having fun outdoors can also mean hitting the beach! You can plan all sorts of activities on the beach such as beach volleyball and snorkeling. These activities are fun and offers physical exercise and even learning. With snorkeling, you get to explore the sea and teach them things that you see down under. You also get to teach them the importance of keeping things clean in the beach up to the importance of the balance of marine ecosystem. Beach is also a good place to introduce different sports such as beach volleyball, swimming, and surfing. Each sports target different muscles so the body is toned and exercised.


15.   You don’t need to go to an observatory to see stars, just go to a TV station. If you want to teach your scouts about television broadcasting, then the best place to be is in a TV station where you get to learn all sorts of things related to TV broadcasting. Like the radio station, there is also a pretty good chance to see your favorite stars and learn from them since that is also the place where they work. You and scouts will be able to see how programs and shows work first-hand.


Above are just ideas you can consider when planning out your field trip. You can really keep your eyes open because you can really go anywhere with your scouts for a field trip. But keep in mind that in every fieldtrip, no matter where it may be, you and your kids should always exercise precaution. Pack wisely, orient your kids regarding on the trip, give them safety precautions, and always stay together as a group so that your field trips are not only fun but also safe. So I guess you are now ready. I’m sure you’ve imagined where you’re field trip would be. All that is left to do is to decide where to go, contact your scouts, orient them, pack your bags, and get going. 



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