4 Surefire Tips for Collecting Money For Your Little Scout

By: Posted On: 2011-04-17

Today’s guest post is brought to you by WePay, the easiest way to collect money online. 

Back in the olden days of the Boy Scouts, when it came time for any fundraisers you would have your relatives and neighbors to sell popcorn to. Sure, popcorn still works, however nowadays it's more likely that potential contributors are spread across the state or even the country. So how are you supposed to help Johnny gather up the funds needed for his camping trip? Here are a few tips: 

Collect Online 

Uncle Bob in Michigan may want to help little Johnny experience his first wilderness trek, but how many people are sending checks through the mail these days? Use an online service like WePay to allow Uncle Bob to login and send payment in less than a minute. It’s fast, easy, and FDIC insured. 

Write a Letter 

Your Scout is dedicated to raising money for his trek, but Grandma in Florida isn’t around everyday to see the light in his eyes as he talks about the trip. Have him write up an email or letter to send to relatives and friends asking for donations toward the troop. A heartfelt letter from Johnny will melt hearts (and open wallets) much quicker than a harried email from mom or dad about yet another fundraising obligation. 

Use Social Media 

Sometimes it seems like the whole world is on Facebook, so why not let your friends there know that Johnny is excited about his upcoming trip and soliciting donations? Social media, combined with a quick and easy instant payment option like WePay, can wrack up the donations. (Don’t forget the power of pictures! Johnny in his Scout Uniform or on a past trip might be just cute enough to inspire a donation!) 


Well, you must remember people are inherently lazy. If it takes more than a few clicks to do something, then you might as well ask them to climb Mount Everest first. So much work! If someone has pledged to donate but hasn’t yet followed through, a few simple follow-up messages should do the trick. Just remind them that the countdown to the camping trip is fast approaching.

This post was brought to you by WePay.com, the easiest way to collect money online. Whether you’re collecting money for Scouts, a sports booster club, chairing the PTA/PTO fall fundraiser, or just trying to get the other class parents to pony up for a teacher appreciation gift, WePay will make your donation campaign fast, secure, transparent and most of all… easy!



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