Scott Robertson

Does Eagle Matter

By: Posted On: 2010-05-15

 I think there is a time when all Eagles ask ourselves this question. Did all the hard work, devotion, effort and time I put into earring my Eagle Rank really matter?

My answer is simple YES. I can tell you there have been a number of times Eagle has opened doors for me, twice it was the sole deciding factor between me and someone else getting a job. Being an Eagle has allowed me to meet many people I would not have meet other wise.

I know of college Scholarships available only to Eagle Scouts such as the one NESA offers. If an Eagle joined the military Eagle gives them one full rank advancement after basic training.

When I was a Scout before I made eagle there was a young man in my Troop who applied for the Air Force academy and for months had not heard back. The young man passed his Eagle board and a few weeks latter got a letter from the Air Force Academy congratulating him on his Eagle and welcoming him to the school.

There are countless stories like thees and yet this is not what being an Eagle is about.

I am very proud to be an Eagle I worked my tail off from 1982 when I joined Cub Scouts until 1991 when I earned Eagle. Nothing was handed to me, no summer camps where I “earned” 15 merit badges in a week, no being tossed in a leadership position and allowed to do nothing, even my Eagle Project was the accumulation of about 3 months of work and sum 220 man hours of labor.

I know of many who are afraid that Eagle is losing its meaning, the reason it opens doors and make boys into men. Because it is not easy, because it teaches follow through, drive, determination. Did you ever wonder why half of all astronauts are Scouts, why all but like one or 2 of those to walk on the moon were Eagles, why dozens of big companies we all know of were founded by Eagles / Scouts?

All I ask is that you make sure every Scout you work with regardless if a Tiger cub working on a tiger achievement or a Boy Scout working on a Merit Badge that they earn the award to the best of their ability. Don't make it to easy for them but don't make it to hard either. Also do not alter the requirements they are what they are. Some badges will be easier then other for Scouts. Some Scouts may even need requirements altered for mental or physical reasons. This is ok, as long as in the end the Scout DID THERE BEST!!!

So yes Eagle does still matter, but for how long I do not know. But I do know we all can help ensure that time does not come to soon, by making sure the Scout has to work for it.


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