Scott Robertson

Gift Of Scouting

By: Posted On: 2010-05-15

As a Leader I won't tell you how many times I have heard from a parent “Johnny got bad grades (or was bad) and is grounded which includes no Scouts...”

To me this seems so counter productive. I will admit I have no kids of my own and may be missing something. Anyway isn't Scouting about developing character by following the Scout Oath and Law while learning from your mistakes? There are even studies that show that kids who are part of organizations such as Scouting do better in school and get into less trouble.

I understand that the boys find (or at least should find) Scouting fun, but even if it is at a subconscious level they are gaining so much more from it.

To me Scouting is a gift like the gift of education. Yes it is a privilege that can be taking away but it seems to me many parents take it away for the wrong reasons, in fact reasons that Scouting would actually help correct. Ok I know I am preaching the choir here so I will also add in I have heard of a few cases when a boy gets into trouble that the parent farther pushes them into Scouting – which is not always the right choose either as it can cause the boy to lose focus and desire for the program which is just as bad as not letting them attend.

What is the right solution, there really is not hard set rule here. Every boy, every family, every unit is different and what works in one place won't work elsewhere. The important thing to remember Scouting is the best gift any boy can have!


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