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Kamp Kitchen - Seasoning It All Up

By: Posted On: 2009-08-30

We hear it all the time, go camping sleep on rocks and eat dirt. Just because we are camping and in the great outdoors does not mean what we eat should rocky and dirty or even bland. Or if your Scout are like the ones around me with loads of hot sauce, even in cereal. Anyway the point is there is no reason you can't take a spice rake with you. What I found works best, for me, is a simple plastic shoe box, and put normal size seasoning bottles in it. As you can see from my pictures I have two such boxes and carry a large variety of spices. It would not surprise me if I carry more spice then some of you have at home. I also tend to keep in t box hot sauce and beef and chicken bullion cubes, as well as my matches. If you are not use to cooking with various seasoning's and spices. do some experimenting try a bit of this and that - that is how I learned as well as by talking to others. The main thing is carry what you are comfortable with, plus maybe a little more. However keep in mind, there is no point trucking it out, if you are not going to use it.



You may notice in the picture I have many of the Santa Paula brand seasoning's. These happen to be a brand that I like, which come in a great size bottle for home or travel. Best of all I get them at the local dollar store, for you guessed it, a dollar a bottle. I also like the multi-shakers that have like 5-6 seasoning's designed for camping, but I find they don't hold enough of any one seasoning and their shakers tend to get clogged up.

Some seasonings I highly recommend having include: salt (I like to also carry sea salt), pepper, Italian seasoning (this is a blend), chef essence (kind of like seasoning salt but better), Cinnamon, garlic powder and if you like things to be a bit spicy maybe chilli powder and Cheyenne pepper.

One very important thing to be aware is any special needs members of your group have. You may have leaders that have medical issues and need to strictly watch their salt or sugar intake for example. You may have Scouts that are allergic to chilli's or nuts. I could list more examples but I am sure you all get the point.

I would like to hear about how you liven up your camp food... Tell me us by leaving comments below.


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