Patton360° | Economic Situation Causes Child Abuse Cases to Spike

By: Posted On: 2009-04-17

Today is Child Abuse Awareness Day (along with Child Abuse Awareness Month in some places) so I thought this would be an appropriate article.

A recent Reuters article claims that with the economic turmoil going on right now, child abuse and neglect cases have been rising throughout the United States, with one hospital having 1800 cases - a large increase from 1500 the previous year.

This makes me think of the little boy from last week who told me that he hadn’t eaten and that they could not afford food. Yesterday, he was seen again wandering down the street with no shoes or coat and begging for money saying he hasn’t eaten all day. Once again, he was given something to eat and the police were called.

Although economic times are rough right now and money is tight for everyone, the economy is no excuse for child abuse BUT in regards to neglect such as not enough food or the child not getting the medicine he or she needs, the government and society really should be doing their part to help in these situations. The government, if it already hasn’t done so already, should be assisting in food and medicine needs - these are kids,  they deserve this.

But, as we all know - not all abuse or neglect cases are accidents and sometimes the resources are there and the parents are just not acting on it. In these cases, we really need to help the child by reporting it and encouraging social services to investigate. Even if it turns out that child hasn’t been fed because of money situations, now that family can be referred to the help it needs.

This article just proves that we need to be even more alert in these times to make sure children around us are being treated proper - by making that call, you might be saving a life.

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