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Scouts of the World Award Discovery in UK

By: Posted On: 2009-02-12

Scouts of the World Award Discovery in UK

The second UK Scouts of the World Award Discovery was completed by eleven members from across the UK, over two weekends they learned loads about the world around them and became great friends.

The Scouts of the World Award is and International opportunity for Rovers which gives young adults more opportunities to face the challenges of the future as identified by the Millennium Declaration which was unanimously adopted by the United Nations in 2000. The Award has three topic areas: DEVELOPMENT, PEACE and ENVIRONMENT, which relate directly to the Millenium Development Goals.

The Discovery was on the theme of Environment. On the first weekend they spent a day at a Severn Trent Water treatment works in the West Midlands, learning about sustainable development and renewable energy including what they can do locally for the global environment. They also got to see first hand how sewage is turned into water clean enough for rivers, how the energy created from the digestion of 'sludge' is being captured and sent to the national grid and that the sweetcorn can end up in landfill.

Participating in this adventure brought loads of new challenges for the participants! They had the opportunity to learn project management skills and share ideas with others constructively. They also heard from specialist non governmental organisations like Practical Action and Peace Direct.

After a hectic week apart they came together again in Croydon. On the second weekend they explored how to manage emotions and had a go at problems solving, they also constructed a mini wind turbine, after a big debate the week before about their feasability. They also held an International campfire in which they each presented a game from countries as far apart as New Zealand, Korea and France.

The discovery is only the first part of the Scouts of the World Award. All of them now have to go away and complete 14 days of voluntary service as part of a project which addresses the issues they learned about on the discovery. They are all preparing to contribute to the world in which we live to make it better for future generations.

A participant said: "The projects of Scouts of the World, may not provide definitive cures for the problems of our world, but working together, accross the globe our projects and actions will come together to make a huge impact. As well as wanting to make a difference to the world it has had a great emotional impact on our lives and as Scouting moves forward it showed how strong the movement can be when it comes together and how it can play a major role in the future of our planet."

"We would like to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the participants, to everyone who has given us guidance, support and help over the past two weekends helping us to learn, develop and complete the Discovery section of the award."

The article was written by Sophie Bowman, a young participant on the Discovery. Photos and videos were produced by the participants.


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