Whimsical Mouse Map & Memo Board Craft

By: Posted On: 2024-02-01
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Introducing the "Whimsical Mouse Map & Memo Board," a fun and practical crafting project that will bring a touch of originality to any environment while also functioning as an organizational tool. Here follows the easy instructions for making this unusual and practical item:


1. Small cork or foam board.

2. Use construction paper (gray or brown for mouse body, pink for ears, black for nose).

3. Googly eyes.

4. Pipe cleaners for the tail.

5. Pushpins.

6. Craft Glue.

7. Use colored markers or pens.

8. Small notepad or sticky notes.


1. Prepare the base.

• Cut construction paper to fit onto corkboard or foam board.

• Create a background for your wacky mouse by gluing construction paper onto the board.

Cork Board

2. Design the Mouse Body and add Eyes, Ears, and Nose:

• Cut out a mouse shape from gray or brown construction paper and glue it to the center of the board.

• Glue googly eyes to the mouse's face.

• Cut two little ear shapes from pink construction paper and glue them on the top of the mouse.

• Cut a little oval or circular shape from pink construction paper for the mouse's snout and glue it underneath the eyes.

Mouse Body


3. Attach the Tail:

• Cut a pipe cleaner to the appropriate length for the mouse's tail.

• Use glue to attach the tail to the rear of the board.

Pipe Cleaner Tail


4. Map & Memo Features:

• Personalize your corkboard by sketching a map or grid with colorful markers or pens

• Use pushpins to indicate critical notes or reminders on the board.

Memo Board

5. Add a Notepad:

• Attach a small notepad or stack of sticky notes to the bottom of the board for easy memo space.

6. Personalize:

• Encourage people to personalize it by inserting to-do lists, favorite quotes, or any other decorations that make it unique to them.

Customized Memo Board

7. Purpose:

The Whimsical Mouse Map & Memo Board is a fun, artistic tool for staying organized. It's a fun way to organize activities, highlight essential locations, and take brief notes on a charming mouse-themed board. Whether you're keeping track of to-do lists or recalling important details, this craft blends creativity and functionality. It's more than simply a decorative piece; it's a useful tool that adds a bit of fun to your daily routine, making remaining organized more pleasant.


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