Introducing the Wacky Scouter Patch: A Review of Our Experience Working with ClassB

By: Posted On: 2023-04-24

Hey, Scouters! We have some exciting news - our Wacky Scouter Patch is now available! If you're a dedicated Scouter who spends more than an hour a week on Scouting, this three-inch round patch with the Wacky Robo Eagle design, made by ClassB, is perfect for you.

Just to be transparent, we partnered with ClassB to produce this patch in exchange for some additional advertising on our site. However, we want to assure you that our review is based solely on our own experience working with ClassB.

Our experience with ClassB was a bit of a mixed bag. We encountered some initial issues with the design format, but it wasn't a big deal. We also had some difficulty with the level of detail in the initial design, but we managed to simplify it after a few attempts. The most frustrating part of the process was that the colors of the patch didn't match the colors in the original design. We were a little surprised by this, as we thought the ClassB designer would use colors that matched their patch material and threads. Additionally, the text around the bottom ring of the patch didn't pop as much as we had hoped.

Wacky Patch Size

Wacky Patch Size

It would have been great if ClassB could have provided some guidance on whether certain colors or design elements would work better than others. With their extensive experience in producing countless patches, I'm sure they have valuable insights into what works and what doesn't. However, it's unlikely that any company would offer this kind of advice for free, so it's not really something to dwell on.

On the positive side, the ClassB staff was friendly, cooperative, and understanding throughout the process. They patiently worked with me as we tried out different design options until we got it just right. I particularly appreciated their easy-to-use web ticket system for tracking progress, reviewing designs, making approvals, or requesting changes. If I had the opportunity to work with ClassB again on future merchandise projects, I would definitely consider it, as long as their pricing and services remained competitive.

In hindsight, there are a few things I would do differently next time around. First, I would start with a simpler raster image for the design to avoid potential complications. I would also try to obtain a chart of thread colors to help ensure that the final patch closely matches the intended design.

Wacky Patch Sell

If you're interested in getting your own Wacky Scouter Patch, they are available for purchase for $9 each, with free shipping within the United States. For international shipping, please contact me so I can provide an estimate of the additional shipping costs. You can buy the patch at and pay via PayPal or most major credit cards or ATM cards. Unfortunately, I'm not currently able to accept checks, but I'm hoping to add that option in the near future.


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