Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie  

1-quart vanilla ice cream or vanilla frozen
yogurt. (Allow to get soft before adding)
1 cup plain canned pumpkin
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ginger
1 large or 8 small graham cracker crusts
Put everything except crusts into a bowl and
mix thoroughly. Pour into crust and let sit
on a level place in the freezer to harden
overnight. Serves 8.

Snack Art

Let the boys make a collection of these
unique things. You provide the materials,
let them provide the creativity (and
The foundation:
Celery, carrot, zucchini, cucumber (cut into
sticks and rounds); banana, apple, pineapple
slices; melon balls; lettuce leaves; orange
The cement:
Peanut butter, cream cheese, cheese spread,
yogurt, jam, pizza sauce, ranch dressing
The appendages:
Seeds, nuts, grapes, raisins, olives, frozen
peas, beans
Layout the materials and give each boy
plastic utensils and a plate “canvas”.
Suggest they build sharks, monsters, cars,
flowers, bugs, etc


Edible Folded Paper

Make amazing, folded paper creations to
amaze your friends; then amaze them further
by eating them!!
Large sheet of rice paper (found in Oriental
grocery stores)
Two damp towels
Exact-o knife or razor blade knife
Peanut oil for frying
Book on paper folding (optional)
Cut sheet to the desired size. Make the star as
big as you want, remembering it has to fit in
a frying pan. Place the cut paper between
two damp towels for about 90 seconds. The
rice paper should soften up just a little so it
becomes workable and holds its shape. If
you soak the paper too long it will become
rubbery and will not hold its shape. Check
the paper every 15 seconds or so to make
sure. If necessary, toothpicks or thread can
be used to help the paper hold the shape you
fold until you cook it. On your paper draw a
5-pointed star then cut out. Using the knife,
score with light pressure lines from each
point to the common meeting place in the
center. (Fig. 1) Don’t cut all the way
through. Turn the star over and score 5 lines
from the crotch to the center. (Fig. 2) Using
both hands, fold the long score lines up and
the short ones down. Fry in hot peanut oil
until golden, which takes only a minute.
Dust it with a little powdered sugar or edible
glitter and let cool. Get a book on paper
folding and make some truly fabulous
creations to decorate with and then eat.
Edible glitter is available at baking supply
stores like Orson Gygi or Baker’s Cash and


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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