Theme Crafts/02-04


You Need: a small box
with a lid (i.e. a check box) •
plastic sheet protector •
colored tissue paper
Cut a window in the
lid leaving a ½–¾ inch edge. Cut
sheet protector to fit inside lid, glue in
place. Use a craft punch or cut small shapes
out of tissue paper and place them in the
box. Rub your finger quickly back and
forth over the plastic, and watch the shapes
dance! Rubbing the plastic on the carpet can
recharge the static electricity.


You Need: shoebox • black paper •
tracing paper(parchment) • pin • tape •
On one end of the box, cut a round
hole 1½ inch in diameter. Cut a large
rectangular hole in the other end and cover it
with tracing paper to make the screen.
Cover the round hole with black paper.
Make a single pinhole in the center of the
black paper. Tape the lid on the box so that
no light gets inside. Hold the camera with
the pinhole pointing toward a bright lamp or
window. You should see an upside-down
the image on the screen. ( Put a blanket over
your head and the screen end of the camera
to block out light)


Copy flower pattern
(at right), color if
desired. Cut out and
fold the petals in
toward the middle.
Set flower on water
and watch it bloom




You Need: cookie sheet •
small items with interesting
shape •blueprint paper • a
bright sunny day.
While indoors, put the
blueprint paper on the cookie
sheet. Arrange small objects on the page in
an interesting way. Set the cookie sheet in
direct sunlight for several minutes, then
bring it inside, and remove the objects. You
will see prints of the objects on your paper!
For added fun, try these objects: paper clips, pencils,
buttons, a comb, leaves, flowers, small toys,
tools, keys, perfume bottles, lace, ribbon,
nails, screws, coins, elastic bands, stencils,
paper shapes, photo negatives, letters &
numbers, etc. See what else you can find!
(Note: Blueprint paper is available at school
supply stores or maybe ordered from S&S
Crafts and, sometimes, Oriental


You Need: gallon-
size Ziploc bag • sheet
of paper towel • wild
birdseed • tape •
Fold the paper
towel in half, then in
half again. Wet the
paper towel thoroughly, and place in the
Ziploc bag. Add some wild birdseed. Zip
shut. Tape it to the window, and check daily
to watch the seeds grow. Open the bag
when the seeds reach the top. After opening
bag, keep adding a little water to keep paper
towel damp.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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