Theme Crafts/02-02


You Need: drinking straw • skewer or
poultry lacer • electrical tape •
Wrap electrical tape around one end
of the skewer until it fits snuggly but slides
easily into the straw. Blow across the top of
the straw to produce a note. Change the
pitch by sliding the skewer up and down.



You Need: shoebox • brown paper sack •
4 large rubber bands • 3 pencils • crayons /
markers/stickers • tape • scissors •
Using a shoebox, cut a hole about 3”x5” in
the lid. Put the lid on the box and “wrap.”
the box with a brown paper sack, which
has been cut flat. Poke through the
middle where hole
was made in the lid,
and cut to the
corners of the hole.
Fold the excess
paper inside the box
and tape it.
Decorate the box
with crayons,
markers, stickers,
etc. Stretch 4
rubber bands around the box, lengthwise,
and put a pencil under the elastics near
both ends. It is ready to strum or pluck
with your fingers or a pick. Change the
the tone of each string by using the eraser of
a pencil to push down the strings at
various places.



You Need: small box • hole punch •
jingle bells • string • paint, markers, etc.
to decorate •
Punch holes around the edge of
the box (leaving space for holding
the tambourine when playing it). Tie the end of
the string to the first bell and feed the string
through the first hole. Feed the end of the string
out through the next hole and put another bell
on the string. Feed the string back through
the same hole so that the bell sits right over
the hole. Continue until all holes have a
bell, tying a knot at the last bell. Decorate.


You Need:• 2 film canisters • 2 craft
sticks • rice, beans, beads, or small
gravel, etc.- try different things – each
makes a unique sound.
Cut a slit in the canister lids. Fill
canisters about 1/3 full of beans or etc.,
and replace lids. Push craft sticks through
slits. Decorate.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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