Theme Crafts /02-08


You Need: Naugahyde or leather • string or
plastic lacing • hole punch • scissors • pony
bead • whistle • moist towelette • band-aids •
hard candies, emergency blanket, or garbage
bag •

Enlarge pattern, so pieces are about 4
½ inches wide. Trace on to Naugahyde and
cut out. Punch a hole at each end of each
slit, then cut slits. Place the front piece on top
of the back piece (with right sides out) and
punch holes through both layers 
around the edge. Lace together with plastic
lacing. Punch holes on the flap and lace a pony
bead on. This will help keep the flap closed.
Place whistle, towelette, band-aids, hard
candies, and a garbage bag inside. The pouch can
be worn on the belt when hiking, so the boy has a
few emergency items if he gets separated
from the group.



You Need: 1” dowel (48”) or suitable
natural stick • Leather or Naugahyde • hole
punch •Plastic or leather lacing •
Cut a piece of leather 5-6” tall and
about ½” narrower than the circumference
of your stick. Punch holes about ¾” apart
down the long sides of the leather. Lace the leather onto the
stick (like lacing a shoe) near the top of
the stick, securely knotting the lace at the
end. If desired, drill a hole through the top
of the stick to hang a block of wood or leather
medallion from.



You Need: pair of jeans • clothesline cord •
Take a piece of clothesline cord (approx.
12” long) and tie it around the bottom of
each leg. Using the same cord, bring the
bottom of the pant legs up and attach them
to the belt loops on the back side of the
pants straight above the legs. This makes
the shoulder straps. Next, take another piece
of cord and tie it near the upper part of the
leg. Repeat on the opposite side. Fill the
upper part of the jeans with your lunch,
water, bottle, and other items to take along
on your hike.


Hiking pack


You Need: fun foam • 12” piece of elastic
• bandana
Using the pattern on this page, cut the
visor bill out of fun foam. Decorate with
other pieces of fun foam as desired. String
the elastic through the ends and measure
the length on the person’s head to make a snug,
but not tight, fit. Tie off the elastic. Put the
bandana over the head, then put on the visor.
If it is a hot day, you may wish to dampen
the bandana

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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