The world’s strongest man needs something to lift.
Make a barbell by covering a wrapping paper tube
with duct tape, then taping a black balloon to each
end. If your own muscles aren’t as impressive as
you’d like, put plastic-foam balls or balloons inside
your sweatshirt.

Clown Shoes

Clowns look funnier when they wear things that are way too big. Your clown could wear swim
fins or oversized tennis shoes, or you could make some big shoes from shoeboxes or tissue
boxes. Decorate the shoes with paints, colored tape, markers, stickers, and pom-poms. It’s a little
harder to walk in shoes that are too big, so practice walking carefully in your shoes before your
performance in the circus.

 Crazy Clown Car

Build a colorful clown car from a refrigerator box. Have your clowns line
up behind the car so the audience can’t see them. Then, as fast as you can,
have them pop out of the car, one right after the other. It will look like all
those clowns were inside the car!

Bucket Switcheroo  

Fill a bucket with water, and hide an identical one filled with
confetti. Two clowns chase each other with the water bucket,
then run out of sight, where they switch to the confetti
bucket. As they keep chasing each other, one clown ducks
just as the other one throws the confetti, which lands on the

   Squirting Flower

Wash a plastic squirt bottle thoroughly and fill it with water. Glue an
artificial flower onto the end of the bottle, and squirt your friends (with
their permission) for a funny clown gag.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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