Paper Frog Puppet

This is a prince among frogs.

What you’ll need:
•Dessert Paper Plate
•Green Paint
•Utility knife
•Construction Paper,
green, red, white and

1. Completely paint the paper plate green. Let
it dry.
2. Fold the plate in half and use a utility knife
to make a 1” slit (for the frog’s tongue) in the
center of the fold.
3. Create a fingerhold on the underside of the
body using a 2” x 3” piece of green construction
4. Center it on the bottom of the folded plate
and tape the shorter edges in place.
5. For eyes. Cut out a pair of 1” by 2” green
rectangles and round the upper edges. Fold
each rectangle in half and glue the lower portion
to the top of the body. Glue on white and
black paper circles.
6. Cut frog legs out of construction paper, a
shorter set for the front and a long, bent pair
for the back.
7. Tape the tops of the legs to the underside of
the body.
8. Cut out a ¾” by 7” tongue from red construction
paper. Round one end and slip it
through the slit.

To wag the frog’s tongue,
jiggle the straight end

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008

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