PVC Bow and Arrow


½ inch PVC Pipe
Hack Saw
Measuring Tape
Permanent Sharpie Pen
Colored Electrical Tape
Utility Knife
Nylon String
2 Small Beads (They need to fit inside the PVC pipe)
Pipe Insulation
Swimming Noodle (Octagon Shape)
¼ - 3/8 inch diameter dowel
Contact Cement or Foam Glue

Step 1: Using PVC pipe cutters, cut a 40-inch length of ½ inch PVC pipe.
Step 2: Draw a straight line ¾ inch long on both ends of the pipe. Lines need to run parallel
with the pipe and straight across from each other.
Step 3: Using a hacksaw, cut a notch along the lines drawn in step 2, 1/8 inch wide.
Step 4: Wrap the pipe with colored electrical tape in a loose spiral (Using about 42 inches of
tape). Be careful not to cover the notches at the ends of the pipe.
Step 5: Cut a piece of nylon string 38 inches long.
Step 6: Tie a small bead on each end of the string with a square knot.
Step 7: Slide one bead through the notch at the end of the pipe, keeping the bead inside of the
Step 8: Put the end with the bead on the ground and slightly bend the pipe over your leg and
slide the other bead into the notch at the other end of the pipe.
Step 9: Wrap the ends of the bow with electrical tape so that it covers the notches. Reinforce
this by going over with the tape 2 or 3 times.
Step 10: Cut a four-inch piece of pipe insulation and carefully open up along the slit.
Step 11: Place pipe insulation in the middle of the bow and secure with two rings of tape.
Step 12: Cut two 16 inch lengths of dowel.
Step 13: Using a hacksaw or knife, cut a notch in one end of each dowel. BE CAREFUL!
Step 14: To make arrowheads, use scissors to cut off sections of swimming noodle 1 ½ inches
long. Lay section down flat and cut it into four equal pieces, (like you would cut a pie).
Step 15: Push dowel into arrowhead until it pops in, be careful that it doesn’t go all the way
through. Glue dowel into the arrowhead with contact cement. Make sure the notched
end is out

References / Source:
GSLC Pow Wow 2008

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