Independence Day - July 4th
Two paper plates Two pieces of string or yarn
2 Plastic bottle tops Paints and paintbrush
A handful of beans, rice, or wheat, Hot glue
One stick or straw about 8" long

Paint the first plate to look like the Canadian flag.
Paint the second plate to look like a French flag.
Poke holes into the plastic caps with an awl.
Thread string through holes. Tie a knot at the end
of strings. Pull through to the inside of the cap. Hot glue
the other end of the string to one of the plates. Hot glue
stick to the bottom of the plate. Place the beans on the
plate. Then glue the other plate to the first plate. Let
the glue cool. Hold the stick in the palms of your hands and spin back
and forth so that cap hits the sides of the plates. Let’s make
some Noise!!!


Cobra Neckerchief Slide  

Empty film canister with lid
Plastic ring
4" chenille stem
8 pony beads (any brown color )
1 small piece of craft foam or cardstock
(the same color as beads)
piece of duct tape
two small wiggly eyes
Enough twine to wrap film canister

Poke the bottom of a film canister with an awl. Push the chenille stem through the hole. On the bottom
part of the chenille make a small loop and twist to secure. Then thread the beads onto the chenille
inside of the canister. Cut a shape like a cobra neck span out of craft foam. Glue onto top of
chenille. Glue eyes onto the snake. Duct tape the lid on the backside of the canister. (You can paint the
tape to match the canister.) Wrap twine around the canister. Hot glue both ends of twine. (When
you push the handle up the snake comes up out of his basket.)




3 sticks about 6" long 1 1/2" to 2"
1 piece Twine about 10" long
Metallic star garland
Red, White, and Blue paint
Paint each stick with one of the
colors. Let dry. Put a hole in the
top of each stick. Glue in pieces of
the garland. Glue the 3 sticks
together, then tie the twine around
the sticks. Now you have




References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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