This month we are celebrating the 95th annual birthday of Boy Scouting in America and
Cub Scouting 20 years later, February 22, 1930. Cubs traditionally hold the Blue and Gold
Banquet to celebrate this birthday. Cub Scouting builds character in boys. The blue stands for
truth and loyalty; and the gold, cheer, and happiness. In addition, the blue and gold of Cub
Scouting helps to build spirit in the pack. And so, you can see how society over the years has
benefitted from Scouting. Let us all, through our efforts, make this the best celebration yet.

1) Use a Jungle Book theme for the banquet, and use it in giving the awards.
2) Seat the group to receive awards in a circle, adults towards the back and boys in front on the
3) Cubmaster is dressed as Akela, leader of the pack, and the other leaders are dressed
4) Have the pack leaders role-play the parts of Bagheera, mother wolf, and Baloo, and Webelos

CUBMASTER: Who will speak for the Bobcats?
BAGHEERA: I Bagheera, will speak for the Bobcats. (Call new Bobcats forward with parents).
These are the young ones, but they have already begun to show skills. I present them to the pack
(present awards).
CUBMASTER: Now it is time for the wolves. Who speaks for the wolves?
MOTHER WOLF: I, mother wolf, speak for the wolf cubs. I have nurtured them and watched
them grow as they learn the skills of the wolf. These young ones are ready to be recognized.
(Wolves come up and are awarded with parents. Wolf den gathers and gives a wolf howl).
CUBMASTER: Next we are ready for the bears, who speaks for the bears?
BALOO: I, Baloo, will speak for the bears. I have taught them well the Law of the Pack. They
have come far and are ready to be recognized by the pack. (New bears come up with parents and
are awarded. Den gathers and gives bear growl.)
CUBMASTER: Now we are ready for the maturest members of the pack to be recognized. Who
speaks for the Webelos?
WEBELOS LEADER: I speak for the Webelos (same scenario). Recite the meaning of
CUBMASTER: I have looked over the members of the pack and I am proud to be their leader;
would all of the members of the pack come forward and join in all a Grand Howl.
-Val Chatwin-

Parting Thought:
The Lord said you’re the salt of the earth. However, he didn’t mean for you to sit in the corner
like a lump of salt, waiting for things to happen. So get off your laurels and make them happen.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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