Take a huge melting pot.
Put in a large quantity of English people. The English will add to the melting pot--
our language, system of courts and laws, their desire for Religious freedom.
Gradually add 3 cups of the Irish. The Irish will add to the melting pot-
St. Patrick's Day, shamrocks and leprechauns, Irish stew and Irish potatoes,
the Irish Setter, their imagination, and sense of humor.
Pour in a large measure of Germans. The Germans will add to the melting pot--
hot dogs, the hamburger, the pretzel, kindergarten, the State University and
their determination to make their new land a great country.
Add a heaping cup of French. The French will add to the melting pot--wigs,
the waltz, wonderful foods, the Statue of Liberty, a taste of elegance and
their dreams of freedom.
Add several Tablespoons of Africans. The Africans will add to the melting pot—soulful
songs, jazz, athletes, muscles that did hard, heavy work in the country's infancy.
Add a pinch of refugees from many lands--the tired, the poor, and the oppressed who
yearn for freedom.
Mix all these ingredients well, to grow rich in flavor.
If the mixture begins to foam or bubble--fold in very gently, with some patience,
understanding, brotherhood, and love.
And if you have done everything right— you should end up with



The United States is very unique.
It is a nation where besides Native
Americans, all citizens’ come from
some other country. Put a large
map of the world on the wall and
have everyone put a colored pin on
the country where their ancestors
came from. Ask some of them to
stand and tell of things that
happened in their old home, in
transit, on the ships, on the oceans,
etc... How did they get here?



Ask the Cubs and their siblings these questions. Give
points for all answers. [It is surprising how little they
know about even the living generation.]
1. What is your mother’s mother’s first name?
2. What is your mother’s father’s first name?
3. What is your father’s father’s first name?
4. What is your father’s mother’s first name.
5. What are any of your great-grandparents’ names?
6. Where was either of your grandmothers born?
7. Where was either of your grandfathers born?
8. Where were any of your great-grandparents born?
9. What is the birth date of any of your grandparents?
10. How old is your oldest grandparent?
11. Have any grandparents been in the Army, Air
Force, Marines, Navy, or another military branch of
service? Which one?
12. What other states have any grandparents lived in?
13. What is the occupation of any of your
14. What is any grandparent’s hobby?

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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