H is for Holland
   The Dutch exchange gifts on St. Nicholas Eve, December 6th.
   They put their wooden shoes by the fireplace filled with straw
   and carrots for St. Nicholas’s horse. By morning, the straw
   and carrots have been replaced by presents. Dinner on
   Christmas Eve (Christ’s Day) starts with soup then endive
   layered with ham or sausage, mashed potatoes, spinach,
   brussel sprouts or carrots. Dessert is a combination of yogurt
   and pudding, and seashell Belgium chocolate.
O is for Ottawa
   Ottawa is the capitol of Ontario Canada. Canadians enjoy the
   winter Carnival and celebrate a Christmas dinner of turkey,
   potatoes, fruitcake and minced pie just like the Americans.
L is for Latin America
   Christmas in Mexico begins Dec. 16th with the Posada
   Procession, which commemorates the nine-day journey of
   Mary and Joseph. The usual fiesta dinner includes thin round
   pastries called “bunuelos” which are chocolate, of course.
I is for Italy
   In most homes and churches, there is a nativity. Many
   Italians serve eel for dinner on Christmas Eve. They bake
   bread with raisins and candied fruits. They finish their meal
   with “Torrone,” a candy of egg whites, honey and nuts.
D is for Denmark
   A land of small green farms, blue lakes and white coastal
   beaches. It is famous for its butter, cheese, bacon and ham.
   Rice pudding with a single almond in it is a famous Christmas
   dessert. Whoever gets the almond has a year of good luck.
A is for Australia
   In the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas comes during the
   summer. Many people go to the beach. Popular Christmas
   foods include turkey and plum pudding.
Y is for Yugoslavia
   They burn the Yule log all night to give good luck for the
   New Year. Father Christmas comes on Dec. 6th and the
   children leave shoes by the door so he will fill them with
   candy and presents. The Christ Child comes on
   Christmas Eve, Dec. 25th. They eat headcheese
   and blood sausage, ham and potatoes. They
   finish with “sweet rolls.”


by Val Chatwin

C— Christ is Savior for many
Americans at Christmas time in
H—How Helpful Americans are to
all people and how that trait is
more evident at Christmas time
in America.
R—Ringing bells are a tradition at
Christmas time in America.
I—Individuals can celebrate any
kind of Christmas they want in
America. Equality for everyone
is our goal.
S—Santa Clause is a fun part of
Christmas in America. Our
government doesn’t ban his
T—Trees become a beloved,
traditional part of Christmas in
America where the richness of
this land includes vast forests,
fertile plains, and beaches.
M—Music is a wonderful part of
Christmas in America. We also
have free speech and a free press.
A—Advertising is at its peak at
Christmas time in America. We
are free to think up and
manufacture whatever we think
will sell. It’s free enterprise at
the max. We are blessed with
our abundance.
S—School is let out for a week at
Christmas time in America.
School that our government
promotes because well-educated
people are the best thing for a
country. Knowledge is power.
Our citizens are great inventors.
They lead the world in thinking
up new things.
Americans enjoy CHRISTMAS
time in America. How grateful
we are that we get to live here.
Let us pledge.


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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