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Easter eggs

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In Mexico, this is a tradition. They use it for the fiesta and at Easter time. Take a raw egg and color it, then decorate it as you wish. Make a hole in it about the size of your middle finger and remove the yolk and egg white. (A needle or awl work well to start the hole). Wash the egg out and let it dry. Once the egg is dry, fill it with confetti as until it is as full as possible, then place a small piece of scotch tape over the opening in the egg. At the fiesta or party, gently hit the person you like with the egg on the head, and they will be covered with confetti as the egg breaks. This is better done outdoors.



Decide on your pattern. Use light cardboard, balloons, or a small lightweight box and/or empty lightweight cardboard rolls from paper towels. The rolls are used to make the legs for the animals. You will need several newspapers cut in strips of 1” x 6” long. These you will dip in school glue or a mixture of flour and water to the consistency of gravy. Start by blowing up your balloon and tying it with a sturdy knot. Then proceed to glue your strips to the balloon, fully covering it. Let dry and proceed with 2 more layers, drying after each one. Use no more than 3 layers or your pinata will be so strong that it may not break. Use your imagination. We’ve made ships, tanks, donkeys, owls, people, etc. Paper mache will dry overnight, then you can decorate the pinata with tissue paper or construction paper, or even paint it with powder paints. String or yarn and tape can also be used to decorate it.


Mexican flag

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English Spanish Pronunciation
Good morning/day Buenos días (Bweh'-nohs dee'-ahs)
Good afternoon Buenas tardes (Bweh'-nahs tahr'-dehs)
Good evening Buenas noches (Bweh'-nahs noh' chehs)
Good-by Adiós (ah-dee-ohs')
How are you? Como esta usted? (Koh'-moh eh-stah’ oos-tehd?)
Good evening Buenas noches (Bweh'-nahs noh' chehs)



Each player links arms at the elbows with another “Amigo” (friend), except for 2 players. The amigos put their other arms on their hips so that each person has a “handle” on his free side. The amigos can move about freely in the game area. The other two players are El Perro (the dog) and El Zorro (the fox). El Perro chases El Zorro. If he catches him, El Zorro becomes El Perro and does the chasing and El Perro becomes El Zorro and must run away. But if El Zorro can link arms with an amigo, he becomes an amigo and is safe. The amigo of the player who El Zorro links arms with must let go and is then El Zorro. The object is to become and remain an amigo. Playing some lively Latin American music (available free at the library) adds to the fun. The game ends when the music stops


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