Time in a Capsule is … a moment in time ...a memory ... memorabilia ...Time capsules...
You can capture your own time in a capsule by:
• Have your boys write a poem about their feelings regarding something in their life.
• Make a poster collage of pictures that say something about who they are. This can fulfill
Bear Elective 9 or Webelos Art achievement.
• Have the boy’s parents write a letter to the boy to be opened at a later date. You could
mail it back to them in five or ten years.
• Fulfill all requirements for Bear Achievement # 8. Video or tape record conversations on
Requirements b & d.
• Collecting information and items then creating a time capsule.

To create your own capsule to put things in, take two plastic
soda bottles and cut the tops off. Then fill the capsule.
Some of the things you might want to include are: your name,
personal description of yourself as you are now (your height,
weight, color of hair and eyes etc.), your age, school
that you attend, who your family is, (include full
given names as well as nicknames) List some of
your favorite things, such as teachers, friends,
foods, songs, games, sports, T.V. programs, and
movies. Other things might be personal, such as a
letter from yourself about what you hope for the
future. Perhaps some mementos of special people or
events in your life could be added.
When the capsule is full, (the fuller the better so
there is less oxygen in the capsule), slide one open
end of the soda bottle into the open end of the other
and have someone hold it while you seal it with
duct tape. Then, take some white glue and thin it
with water. With a brush, cover the outside of the
soda bottle capsule. Roll the capsule in wrinkled
aluminum foil to give it a real space age look.
Don’t forget to put a label on the outside of the
capsule identifying who it belongs to and when it
should be opened.


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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