The Lion Tamer #2

Cast: Ringmaster, Lion Tamer, 5 Lions

Props: Hula hoop (wrapped with crepe paper flame), whip, cap pistol, water
pistol, applause sign, 5 boxes of stools for lions, costumes or signs with Lion

Ringmaster: Ladies & Gentlemen! I am proud to present “The Great Gonzales
and his fierce man—eating lions, fresh from the jungles of Africa! (Holds up
applause sign as Lion Tamer enters.)

Lion Tamer: (Bowing): Thank you! Thank you! Now I will introduce my pets. (He
cracks whip) NERO! (Nero enters, roars and climbs onto box.) (Cracking whip)
REX! (Rex enters, roars, and mounts box.) (Cracking whip) KILLER! (Killer
enters, roars and mounts box.) (Cracking whip) and - their pals! (Rest of lions
enter, roar and mount boxes while Ringmaster holds up applause sign. Lion
Tamer bows too close to lions. Nearest lion roars and nips at the seat of his
pants as he jumps aside.)

Lion Tamer: Now the lions will build a pyramid! Nero! Rex! Killer! (He cracks whip
and each lion as he is called, gets off box. Two stand on all fours while the third
lion climbs on their backs. All do a lot of roaring.

Remaining lions try doing the same thing “messing up of course” and as Lion
Tamer cracks whip and lions break from the pyramid and prowl, roaring. . .Lion
Tamer cracks whip to drive them back to boxes and shoots cap pistol.

At shot, all lions return to boxes but roar fiercely.

Ringmaster holds up applause sing, Lion Tamer bows, and lion nips him again.)
Lion Tamer: (Moving to a safe distance) Now, Ladies & Gentlemen, to show you
how fearless these lions are, they will jump through a burning hoop! (Holds up
“ring of fire” but lions sit tight and paw the air with their front paws in a downward
motion. Lion Tamer lowers hoop a little. Lions repeat the action and Lion Tamer
lowers the hoop a little more. Lions repeat the action a third time. Lion Tamer
shrugs, rest hoop on the ground, the scoots through, as Lion Tamer looks
sheepishly at audience. Ringmaster holds up applause sign, Lion Tamer bows
and gets nipped again. He cracks whip and shoots cap pistol to chase roaring
lions back up on boxes.)

Lion Tamer: I shall now try a daring feat! I shall put my hand into the ferocious
Killer’s mouth! (Killer roars menacingly.) (Lion Tamer gingerly puts his hand in
lion’s mouth) Easy now, boy. (As he draws away, he hides hand in sleeve; he lifts
arm shouting) LOOK, NO HAND!

Ringmaster: (Holds up applause sign)

Lion Tamer: (Brings his hand out and shakes hands with Killer.

Killer roars, Lion Tamer bows and gets nipped again. Lions get out of hand,
jumping off boxes, prowling and roaring.

(Lion Tamer cracks -whip -again and again.) -- -Lion Tamer: (Grabbing water-pistol and shooting at lions.) Oops, wrong gun! (He turns to audience, spraying them.

All lions roar and come after him, chasing him off stage as he drops gun and runs

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean

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