WOULDN’T-- “Do I Have To?”(shrug shoulders, palms out)
SHOULDN’T—For shame (rub other finger)
CALLIOPE—Pull an imaginary cord and say “Toot, toot!”
Once there was a well-known circus that had working with them two
clowns who were always creating problems. One of them was named
WOULDN’T and the other was named SHOULDN’T.
WOULDN’T would never perform and do what he should.
SHOULDN’T performed and acted when he wasn’t supposed to and
even when it wasn’t his turn.
The signal for the clowns to start performing was when the
CALLIOPE music started. But what a problem! WOULDN’T could never be shoved out to do
his part, and SHOULDN’T couldn’t be pulled out of the ring when it was time to end. As a
result, everyone dreaded the sound of the CALLIOPE music.
Then one day SHOULDN’T get sick, and when the CALLIOPE music started, he was
lying on his bed. There was nothing for WOULDN’T to do but go out and perform.
As he finished his act, the sound of the overwhelming applause reached SHOULDN’T.
He realized he had always hogged the show. WOULDN’T hadn’t wanted to perform because he
couldn’t compete against that.
As soon as SHOULDN’T was well again, and the CALLIOPE music started, SHOULDN’T
waved WOULDN’T out to the center of the ring to perform. This was his way of telling
everyone that he wasn’t going to hog the limelight anymore.
So now when the CALLIOPE music starts, everyone looks forward to the fine
performance of WOULDN’T and SHOULDN’T, two of the best Circus clowns


The strong man enters with a powerful walk, arms flexed, bows to
audience and displays arm muscles one at a time.
Bends down and grasps an imaginary barbell with trembling arms,
lifts it overhead, lowers it, bows to the audience.
Adds a weight to the end, bends down and grasps barbell, strains to
lift it, only gets it off the floor a couple of inches, drops it, looks
Cups his mouth with his hand and pretends to call to an assistant off stage.
Assistant easily, with one hand, carries out a box with VITAMINS
printed on the side, puts it on the floor, and leaves. [It is funny if the assistant is very small.]
Strongman scoops several handfuls of imaginary vitamins into his mouth, wipes hands on sides,
leans over and lifts the barbell with great struggle, then lowers it. Bows to audience left and
right, flexes muscles high above, bows again.
Strongman turns to go, tries to pick up the vitamin box to take with him. Amazingly, he can
barely lift it, and finally struggles off stage with it.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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