Let Me Have It!

This is an old, old vaudeville stunt. It depends on the interaction between the players and the crowd.
Overacting and showing off should be encouraged. The only prop needed is a length of rubber tubing,
such as a piece of old bicycle inner tube. The skit should be practiced, both for the greatest effect and
for the protection of the Scout, who must know how to absorb the blow. The Scout turns his back to the
Master of Ceremonies. He bends partly forward and pulls the tubing over his shoulder. When the
tubing is released, he falls forward and rolls toward the opposite shoulder. If he holds the tube properly,
it will fly over his shoulder with a 'Snap!' He will not be hurt unless he takes the blow squarely. The
Master of Ceremonies should know what is going to happen and how he should act, but he does not
have to know when he will receive his long-distance phone call.
The Skit
The Master of Ceremonies is presiding over a Court of Honor or a campfire. A Scout runs onto the stage
and interrupts him dramatically, " I have a long-distance telephone call for you!"
The Scout has a length of rubber tubing. He hands one end to the MC, explaining that this is the phone
line. "I'll get the line straightened out and connect you. When I say 'Ring-Ring', you hold it up to your
ear and say 'Let me have it', and you'll get your call." The MC looks skeptical, looks at the Scout, then
at the tube, then at the Scout again, and finally agrees. The Scout stretches the line and says, "Ring-
Ring". The MC looks at the audience, then at the Scout, and plays dumb. "What was I supposed to say?"
The Scout walks back and repeats his instructions very patiently. He rehearses the MC, making him
repeat the lines.       They try again.   The Scout stretches the line further than before.     He says,
The MC forgets again.
The Scout goes through it all again. This time he gets the audience to help by saying the key phrase,
"Let me have it!" With a big grin for the audience, he repeats this several times. This time he stretches
the tube to its limits, turning his back to the MC, bending over, and holding the tube over his shoulder.
He looks at the audience. "Ready?"
"Ready!" "Ring-Ring."
The MC looks at the audience and grins. Now he understands. "Wait. What am I supposed to say?"
The Scout frowns at the audience, loses his temper, and calls out, "Let Me Have It!"
The MC lets go.


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