Brotherhood of Scouting

This skit has a Brotherhood theme and is well-suited to the older sections (Scouts and higher) and leaders, particularly in an all-sections campfire. It is best presented near the end of the campfire when things are winding down (and the children have settled down).

People required for the Skit: 6
Old Man with a Staff
Spirit of the Beaver
Spirit of the Wolf Cub
Spirit of the Scout
Spirit of adventure
Spirit of the Rover
(fewer people may be used by doubling up on roles)

Skit Setup: Index cards can be used by the Spirits if there isn't time to memorize each role. (Small Flashlight recommended!)

The Old Man is inside the campfire circle, walking slowly with his staff. He is slightly hunched over with age and leans on the staff heavily.

The Scouting Spirits are evenly spaced outside the campfire circle, just far enough back not to be seen. (They should speak loud and clearly).

NOTE: When the Old Man stops each time and looks into the fire, there should be 2-3 seconds of silence before the Spirits speak.

(The memories that the Old Man says aloud should be specific to the group, so they have relevance to the audience and can feel the full impact of the skit. Consult with other leaders/ youth for ideas.)

The Skit:

OLD MAN (Shuffling slowly around the campfire). "My life has been long, too long, and my Scouting years are behind me. My friends are all gone, and I am going to die alone. Old and Alone." (Stops and stares into the fire)


SPIRIT OF THE BEAVER: "I am the Spirit of the Beaver. When you were young, I taught you Sharing and Caring for the World."

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling slowly around the campfire). e.g., "Beavers. I remember Beavers. Riverbanks and the Beaver Pond, making crafts to take home to Mom…."


SPIRIT OF THE WOLF CUB: "I am the Spirit of the Wolf Cub. I taught you to do your best, I led your Pack through the forest, and you lived by My Law."

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the campfire). e.g., "Cubs. I remember Cubs. Hot Dog roasts in the bush, my first real camp-out, and of course the Kub Kar races…". (The Old Man stops again and stares into the fire.)

ALL SPIRITS: "On My Honor"

SPIRIT OF THE SCOUT: "I am the Spirit of the Scout. I taught you knots and how to camp without a trace, and together we explored the land."

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the circle). e.g., "Scouts. I remember Scouts. Long hikes and long camps, breaking lake ice for water in the winter. And then there was Jamboree…."

ALL SPIRITS: "Challenge"

SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE: "I am the Spirit of adVenture. I taught you leadership and set you free to test your limits to the skies."

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling around the fire). e.g., "Oh, yes, Venturers. Attending Jamboree as a Hikemaster, leading people from around the world into the Rockies. Getting my driver's license and trying to date Rangers…."

ALL SPIRITS: "Service"

SPIRIT OF THE ROVER: "I am the Spirit of the Rover. I led you to adulthood and self-destiny. We chose to give back the love we were given through Service."

OLD MAN (Resumes shuffling). e.g., "Rovers. I could never forget Rovers. Helping out at Dream-On, putting on District campfires. And then there were the Moots and Road trips. And camps, camps, camps." (Slows down and begins to sink to the ground. He is dying.)

ALL SPIRITS (Walk straight into the campfire circle from where they stand, if possible. They should all arrive at the Old Man's body at the same time. Wait a moment or two.)

"We are the brotherhood of Scouting". "If you grow up with Scouting, you are NEVER alone."


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