Gathering PreOpeners 2 Fiesta


Male Cardinal

Image by GeorgiaLens from Pixabay


1. How long did the Hundred Year war last?

2. Which country makes Panama hats?

3. From which animal do we get catgut?

4. In what month do the Russians celebrate the October revolution?

5. What are camel hair brushes made of?

6. What are the Canary Islands in the Pacific named after?

7. What color is the purple Finch?

8. How long did the 30-year war last?


1. 116 yrs. 1337 to 1453

2. Ecuador

3. Sheep and horses

4. November [their calendar is 13 days off ours]

5. Squirrel fur

6. Dogs (the Latin name was Insularia Canaria, island

of the dogs.)

7. Crimson

8. 30 years, of course, 1618 to 1648



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